[UNIFIED] OP6 Battery/Heating Issues and Tips: Share Your Stats, SOT & How To Improve Battery Life !

  1. Sc1ence_G
    Froyo Jul 10, 2018

    Sc1ence_G , Jul 10, 2018 :
    But not all 8gb models are affected.
    I own the 8gb model and have no problems with heat during intensiv gaming and at all.

    I noticed that the mobile data is automatically turned off during incoming calls til the end of the call.

    So if I play an online game and i am within a match, the connection is immediately lost when the phone rings.

    This can't be normal ! I have had a couple of devices ; last was a Xiaomi mi mix and never had this issue.

    i.e. if someome phones me and I have to look up something on Google it's not possible because there is no mobile data.

    Maybe this could also play a role in battery draining ?!
    Anyone has the same issue ?

  2. D1530034988839
    Cupcake Jul 10, 2018

    D1530034988839 , Jul 10, 2018 :
    one plus pls give an update

    battery is draining very quickly

    pls fix the this ASAP

    battery life is not good ...At the early stage of phone s life ..

    the battery s draning very quickly...pls fix this bug ASAP ..Its a humble request ..otherwise one plus users will be switched to some other devices ..

    in order to maintain the sale of one plus 6 ... pls give an update

  3. Dodkrake
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 10, 2018

    Dodkrake , Jul 10, 2018 :
    I'm not happy or unhappy, I'm saying it's normal. You're reaching that usage while using something that already heats up the phone: Wireless data.

    Your charging temperatures are within recommended and operating standards: http://batteryuniversity.com/index.php/learn/article/charging_at_high_and_low_temperatures

    You also seem to be forgetting that OnePlus fast charge technology uses 4 amps to charge the device. 42 degrees during summer is nothing on a battery. Also, if the phone is on a case it will heat up more because there is less heat dissipation.

    It's also worth asking at what point during charge you notice the (ab)normal temperatures: is it early in the charging cycle? is it up to 80%? Is it after 80%? What are you running when charging, apart from wireless connectivity?

  4. apaul2
    Cupcake Jul 10, 2018

    apaul2 , Jul 10, 2018 :
    apparently you don't read my posts.

    1. I do not use the phone while charging most of the time. it overheats even when I am sleeping. I wake up to see it hot like a desert rock. I mentioned this before.

    2. I am a physicist. I know what an amp is. I know exactly how much power is being pushed and all the details of the circuits. I don't need you to tell me about it. I can send you detailed calculations too.

    3. I wrote before that I don't use a phone cover.

    4. my computer goes up to 60-70*C and sometimes 100*C while running simulations. It's normal for a computer. For a phone, designed without a fan, normal idle charging temperatures should not cross 50*C when the ambient temperature is 25*C.

    5. I do not trust a website called "battery university". I work in a real University and I. physics labs. Thank you.

  5. Dodkrake
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 10, 2018

    Dodkrake , Jul 10, 2018 :
    1. You said it yourself that the phone heats up more when Wi-Fi is on. You didn't mention about the phone not being in use.
    2. You could be Thomas Edison for all I care. Send those "detailed calculations" because, so far, all you do is claim something without even a screenshot to prove it.
    3. I didn't say you did. Maybe learn how to read before putting words in my keyboard. I charge my phone on top of a carpet. It heats up more when compared to charging it on my desk. This is expected (in my particular case).
    4. It's not normal for a computer to reach 100 degrees celsius, you'll be reaching thermal throttling by the time it it's 80+ (if it's a laptop). For a Desktop anything over 70 degrees will be outside the recommended temperatures (depending on your processor). May I ask what processor you're running in your machine? Also, you mentioned nothing about normal idle charging temperatures crossing 50 degrees, you mentioned 42. (see below).
    5. I do not trust a random dude claiming something without substantiating anything. If you want help people are willing to help. If your whole goal is to claim stuff without backing it up (and lying, apparently) then you'll have me on your tail. Also, Battery University is part of http://www.cadex.com/en. Still, is this better? https://www.nature.com/articles/srep12967


  6. apaul2
    Cupcake Jul 10, 2018

    apaul2 , Jul 10, 2018 :
    look up MacBook pro benchmarks. 100*C at peak is acceptable.

    Besides, you seem happy with overheating phones. So be it.

    I have better things to do in life than correct you. Adios.

    As for Nature ... I publish in it. Do you do anything useful for a living or just rant on the internet...?

  7. Dodkrake
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 10, 2018

    Dodkrake , Jul 10, 2018 :
    49% of my battery left, 3h 45 min of screen on time so far. Not a diehard fan, this is my second OnePlus phone after the OnePlus one. Do you know what can be draining your battery?

    Usage statistics (disable them)
    Wi-Fi scanning (this is a battery hog)
    Having Location, 4G and other connectivity permanently on
    Poor network signal

    With the same usage patterns I had in my Mi5 I get 2 to more in Screen on time. The battery life is not bad, the phone may have a bug somewhere but so far I didn't encounter any issues with it. So your claim that I'm dumb (LOL) and you're the smartest tool in the shed seems exaggerated and factually incorrect. I'm gonna be nice this one time even after your sad insults: https://forum.xda-developers.com/oneplus-6/how-to/guide-battery-optimization-guide-t3802225

    You're welcome.

  8. Dodkrake
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 10, 2018

    Dodkrake , Jul 10, 2018 :
    1. 100 degrees peak on a Macbook pro means you're thermal throttling your machine. Do you know why it thermal throttles? Because it needs to cool off fast before it fails. You don't get peak performance in ANY Macbook Pro nowadays: www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TWbXV5xeYE&t (an example).

    2. I'm not. But you didn't substantiate your claim that the phone is overheating. I've showed you that 42 degrees is acceptable on a battery level. If it's a bug or not it's not my problem to figure out, but it is within operating ranges.

    3. You didn't correct me, you just make claims. I've been correcting you.

    4. I work in CERN. See how this works? (I do actually have a proper job, just want to prove a point)

  9. apaul2
    Cupcake Jul 10, 2018

    apaul2 , Jul 10, 2018 :
    if you're in CERN then maybe we are friends already. Send me an email, we'll discuss this further.

  10. Dodkrake
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 10, 2018

    Dodkrake , Jul 10, 2018 :
    I'm pretty sure you don't understand sarcasm and that you're a petty liar, but sure, send me a message with your business email and I'll be more than happy to email you.

    Also, I'm waiting for you to provide screenshots, information on where your phone charges (mine is over a carpet) and what app you're using to measure the battery temperature, as well as coherent and replicable steps so that I can test this issue myself. Are you going to provide your is your next claim something in the lines of "I was the first man on the moon"?

  11. apaul2
    Cupcake Jul 10, 2018

    apaul2 , Jul 10, 2018 :
    <emails removed by moderator>

    don't spam me... looking forward to your email.
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  12. Dodkrake
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 10, 2018

    Dodkrake , Jul 10, 2018 :
    I would remove your email from a public place. That's just me. Someone may grab any of them and spam you.

    Edit: Emailed. Let's see the reply

  13. Elaitscha
    Eclair Jul 10, 2018

    Elaitscha , Jul 10, 2018 :
    When releases 5.1.10? Still waiting for it and having problems with my 5.1.0 ...I'm mad at the moment

  14. xbonnaire
    Eclair Jul 10, 2018

    xbonnaire , Jul 10, 2018 :
    There are at least two models A6000 and A6003. I am trying to make a survey of the op6 issues according to the model and os version. If you want to participate use the following link.


    I have just some few answers but at this time, nearly all the people that have issues have an A6000 model. Those with a A6003 do not have any problem like me. So I am pretty convinced that this is a hardware problem which may hopefully be solved by an update.

    View attachment 803955

  15. Dodkrake
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 10, 2018

    Dodkrake , Jul 10, 2018 :
    Why don't you update to 5.1.18?

  16. Waterpas
    Cupcake Jul 10, 2018

    Waterpas , Jul 10, 2018 :
    Hi guys. Do any of you guys still suffer from terrible battery life on your oneplus 6?

    Mine is still draining much and much quicker since the last updates. Especially when location service is on. Phone gets hot and is at 35% before I reach 3:00 pm

  17. DeluxeNoone
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 10, 2018

  18. Waterpas
    Cupcake Jul 10, 2018

    Waterpas , Jul 10, 2018 :
    Yes I have the EU version too. Bought it at the pop up store. I'll check out the link see if there are some updates there

  19. NeVeR_SeTTLe
    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer Jul 10, 2018

    NeVeR_SeTTLe , Jul 10, 2018 :
    May you post your battery stats?

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  20. DeluxeNoone
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 10, 2018