[UNIFIED] OP6 Battery/Heating Issues and Tips: Share Your Stats, SOT & How To Improve Battery Life !

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    Has anyone replaced the battery in op6 with a replacement from China? I found 4650mah batteries and I think it's worth it. Maybe some advices? Cause my battery is the biggest disappointment in this phone :D

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    Seeing as it's a device with higher than average charging current I would NOT recommend any unofficially batteries in the device. Also lots of these "higher" capacity batteries from china only have a real higher capacity written on the sticker.

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    As mentioned above, almost certainly fake (and most likely dangerous). As well as that, don't you think there's a good reason that the battery of the 6T is 3700mah instead of a higher capacity?

    Samsung Note 7 fiasco springs to mind here 🔋🔥

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    Can't guarantee that it'll be better, but it will be 100% safer.

    Try optimising your existing battery first. Battery life in my 6T is still excellent, admittedly it's now primarily my work phone not my main device. Battery life is usually mostly affected by the usage and optimisation of the device.

    There's loads of threads in here regarding improving battery life.

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    Is there anybody lives in India willing to send me an original OnePlus battery to Sri Lanka? I'm more than happy to pay for the battery and delivery charges. There are no official service centers here in Sri Lanka. I recently replaced the battery from a local repair center and it wasn't a original battery as they told me. I'm using the phone connected to a power bank so It's much appreciated if anyone could help me.

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  16. SriHarsha1522 , via OnePlus 6T Mirror Black , Feb 9, 2021 :
    Heating issue is one of the main problems for many phones out there. But this problem can be easily handled without much changes.

    1. Always use Oneplus curated Wallpapers since they have designed very well to make sure it accounts to less battery pressure. ( Use oneplus wallpaper )

    2. Clear Background apps Regularly ( Background apps usually use high RAM which affects battery)

    3. Battery Optimization ( Batter optimization setting is available in settings app of your device)

    4. Adaptive Brightness (Screen uses most battery make sure you use adaptive Brightness or atleast keep it a certain level).

    5. Donot Overcharge (Once your battery gets full if the charger is still plugged it would increase strain on battery leading it to overheat in many cases)

    6. Use Oneplus charger only. your device is designed so that the charger fits the device.

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    There has been a drastic change in the battery drain since the recent 10.3.8 update on mh OnePlus 6. Earlier too the battery wasn't performing that great, although now the phone starts to heat quite often during trivial tasks like video calling etc.

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