United by Hope: A #ShotonOnePlus Documentary

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    Joel Jacob , Sep 4, 2020 :


    And we're live! Watch the documentary on our YouTube channel



    The past couple of months have been a testing time for us as a community. We’re experiencing a global pandemic that has had implications on all our lives.

    In April, during the onset of a global lockdown, we decided to embark on a project, along with our friends at Vice India, to document the lives of people in this period. What started as an experiment to gain an understanding of the change in individual lifestyles, resulted in a story with one constant theme – one that encapsulated the change we’re going through globally as a community – an emotion that brings us together amidst feelings of uncertainty and fear of the unknown: Hope.

    We wanted to bring together a diverse set of perspectives that tie together the idea of how we’re dealing with the current situation as a community, and more importantly, how we can look at this in a positive light, with hope for the future. This is United by Hope.

    This documentary brings together accounts from 12 different individuals in this period. We’ve captured their thoughts and activities from the start of the pandemic, to lifestyle changes during the pandemic and views on the way forward. All of this captured on OnePlus devices, including the OnePlus 8 Series 5G, by people like you and me.*

    Here’s a look at the cast. We’ve reached out to people from a diverse set of backgrounds, geographical locations and industries.
    • Abrar Amin - Motorcycle Test Engineer and Racer
    • Bhaichung Bhutia - Former Captain, Indian National Football Team
    • David Woolley – Community Moderator, OnePlus
    • Dinesh Karthik – Cricketer Team India, T20 World Cup Winner, IPL team captain
    • Dr. Harjit Singh Batti - SR, Medicine, Manipal Hospital
    • Dynamo - Professional Gamer
    • Hanumankind - Rapper
    • Kubbra Sait - Actor
    • Raghu Karnad - Journalist and Writer
    • Richa Chaddha - Actor
    • Shubham Dharmsaktu - Traveler and Content Creator
    • Supriya Joshi – Comedian

    These 12 individuals have become accidental filmmakers over the course of the last couple of months, and together, they form the narrative of United by Hope. We have a lot in store for you as you’ll see when we release this documentary on the OnePlus India YouTube channel on the 11th of September.

    Teaser: United by Hope

    Trailer: United by Hope

    Keep an eye out for more on the documentary on our social media channels in the coming days.

    Until then, stay tuned and stay safe.

    Never Settle.

    *Scenes depicted before the onset of Covid-19 includes some archival footage that has been shot on other cameras. Post the introduction mark (5:45 onwards), footage featuring everyday lives of the cast post the onset of Covid-19 / during the pandemic is completely Shot on OnePlus.

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    Excellent. I look forward to this.

    Hope to see the pandemic slope now flattens soon and comes to an end.

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    That will be an interesting watch!

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    Bad luck.

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    Well I'll still stick to my words. Bad luck. OnePlus's technical support was awesome 1 yr back. It all deteriorated since the pandemic. Logs are in most essential to back your claim of a bug. I agree not everytime one can send logs, but you have to do what needs to be done

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