Unlock OPO using PC?

  1. beelily
    Cupcake Jan 2, 2018

    beelily , Jan 2, 2018 :
    My screen is unresponsive and I can't unlock my phone. I am trying to transfer files to my PC until I can repair my screen, but I cannot switch my phone out of USB charging. Does anyone have a suggestion? Please and thank you.

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  2. mshahmoo
    Gingerbread Jan 3, 2018

    mshahmoo , Jan 3, 2018 :
    Connected a mouse through the phone USB port so you can now control the phone without the screen.
    Then, install an app like "WiFi file transfer" and run it. You can then download files from your phone to the pc

  3. neokostas1
    Gingerbread Jan 6, 2018

  4. itsgannu
    Cupcake Feb 6, 2018