Unlock Your Speed - Win OnePlus devices for life!

  1. kapadiataha77
    Cupcake Oct 19, 2018

    kapadiataha77 , Oct 19, 2018 :
    same thing happened with me how long does it get suspended?

  2. dadoudidouda
    Froyo Oct 19, 2018

    dadoudidouda , Oct 19, 2018 :


    same thing happened with me how long does it get suspended?​

    I don't know exactly, OnePlus only says "a few hours"...

    Edit: it looks like it means 3 hours
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  3. Pym C.
    Europe Team Staff Member Oct 19, 2018

    Pym C. , Oct 19, 2018 :
    Hi everyone,

    Today's update!

    Firstly, our anti-cheat is in a fairly good place right now. Most common cheats are being prevented and we are keeping an eye out for any more sophisticated methods. If you believe you are still seeing the "are you a robot" box when you shouldn't, please refresh the game. The fastest here in our London office are able to tap as fast as they can without seeing it!

    A reminder that Unlock Your Speed has lots of different ways to win something (as well as more information about upcoming products): there's the overall grand prize, individual challenges and mini games. Yesterday, we launched our first mini game, The Lucky Tapper, the lucky winners will be contacted soon.

    We have just launched our second mini game, The Fastest Tapper. Like with most games, some are so determined to ruin the fun for everyone, that they will always find a a way to do so. So, to participate in this game we want people to film themselves playing to ensure no foul play.

    In order to enter:
    1. Open the game on your phone by visiting unlock.oneplus.com
    2. Film yourself (or get someone to film you) tapping as many times as you can in 60 seconds
    3. Tweet the video with the number of taps you did and #UnlockYourSpeed
    This challenge ends Sunday October 21 7PM BST.

    Good luck tappers!

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  4. dadoudidouda
    Froyo Oct 19, 2018

    dadoudidouda , Oct 19, 2018 :
    Great !
    Thanks for the info.

    I have one question : I'm playing on my OP6 and the capacitive screen can register all 10 of my fingers tapping at the same time. What are the rules, should we be using only one finger at a time or is it okay to use multiple fingers ? (knowing that playing with all ten fingers gets you temporarily banned from the game by the anti-cheat system).

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  5. Mlzz
    Cupcake Oct 19, 2018

  6. I1538420878498
    Cupcake Oct 19, 2018

    I1538420878498 , Oct 19, 2018 :
    I honestly think the legitimacy of this competition has been compromised. Look at the leaderboard and see how fast those figures are moving. As one who has been honestly & seriously tapping night & day & only gotten to over 200,000, its impossible for a human to tap that fast and reach those figures. I must say i'm rather disappointed .

  7. FAB1150
    Gingerbread Oct 19, 2018

    FAB1150 , Oct 19, 2018 :
    cool! can I tap with 10 fingers again or I'll be blocked? :D I don't want to risk it for the contest..

  8. kunal4
    Gingerbread Oct 19, 2018

    kunal4 , Oct 19, 2018 :
    So, by filming myself does that mean I have to show my face? I just used a screen recorder app and used 10 fingers, don't want to go through it again!

  9. FAB1150
    Gingerbread Oct 19, 2018

    FAB1150 , Oct 19, 2018 :
    when I use 10 fingers my points get reversed back to the previous score.

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  10. Linuz_
    Donut Oct 19, 2018

    Linuz_ , Oct 19, 2018 :
    I do think that you have to film yourself taping your screen (but you don't have to show your face), because just recording the screen does not proove you don't use a bot ;) They just want to see it's a human taping the screen. So you should show your original score on the phone, then tap, then show the final score :p

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  11. kunal4
    Gingerbread Oct 19, 2018

    kunal4 , Oct 19, 2018 :
    Ah well. Probably later then.

  12. Aman sohi
    Cupcake Oct 19, 2018

    Aman sohi , Oct 19, 2018 :
    got the email but clicking on email again brings me to signup page..i had signed up for about 15 times but game doesnt started

  13. sathishkumar saty
    Cupcake Oct 19, 2018

  14. FAB1150
    Gingerbread Oct 19, 2018

    FAB1150 , Oct 19, 2018 :
    i want to be as fast as possible for the contest lol

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  15. sathishkumar saty
    Cupcake Oct 19, 2018

    sathishkumar saty , Oct 19, 2018 :
    3 lakh tabs they need [e]1f62d[/e][e]1f62d[/e][e]1f62d[/e]

  16. FAB1150
    Gingerbread Oct 19, 2018

    FAB1150 , Oct 19, 2018 :
    @pym c technically got 2688 pts, but it immediately reset because I used 10 fingers.. does it count?

  17. anjelpatel54
    Gingerbread Oct 19, 2018

    anjelpatel54 , Oct 19, 2018 :
    My score was stuck 3 times for tapping with 10 fingers...what am I supposed to do. Even now, its frozen.

  18. mopsert
    KitKat Oct 19, 2018

    mopsert , Oct 19, 2018 :
    I am sorry, but this is a typical OnePlus miss. Remember the Ladies First contest?

    In times when we should be conserving energy, OnePlus asks their Fans to waste energy for a stupid contest! After my phone used up 7% of battery life for 6000 taps while the brightness was set to the lowest setting, I stopped.

    If you consider the 3 billion taps up to this point and only calculate 5% of battery charge used for 6000 taps that correlates to 25,000 full phone charges!

    Really sad to see OnePlus does not care about the environment!

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  19. sathishkumar saty
    Cupcake Oct 19, 2018

  20. ashukv
    Cupcake Oct 19, 2018