Unofficial VoLTE is here in CM14

  1. divyansh11
    Froyo Sep 21, 2016

    divyansh11 , Sep 21, 2016 :

    using cm14 and still cursing... such hypocrisy ;)

  2. Ranjithsmart
    Jelly Bean Sep 21, 2016

    Ranjithsmart , Sep 21, 2016 :
    CM 14 really going to rock:D

  3. bhavijayjethva
    Cupcake Oct 13, 2016

  4. sivaramks
    Cupcake Oct 14, 2016

    sivaramks , Oct 14, 2016 :
    Reliance JIO works for me only if data through LTE is on. If I use my home WiFi network for data, then JIO4GVoice will get disconnect. Hope to get VoLTE for OP2 will not happen near soon.
    Is it OK to load CM14 on OP2.
    Any complications?

  5. sivaramks
    Cupcake Oct 18, 2016

    sivaramks , Oct 18, 2016 :
    When I type *#*#4636#*#*, it is opening Testing Screen
    Then I opened Phone Information.
    I found an option "Turn Off VoLTE Provisioned Flag".

    Not sure whether VoLTE is on or off.
    Is there any possibility to turn on this functionality.

  6. himanshu24
    Froyo Nov 3, 2016

  7. lparihar9
    Honeycomb Nov 4, 2016

    lparihar9 , Nov 4, 2016 :
    Bro, I've created a video tutorial () to enable volte that works perfectly for Cynogen OS13, can you please follow that n let me know if this is valid for CM 14 as well if you are on CM 14 ?
    I'm not on CM 14 at present so cant test it, anyone who is using CM 14 can test and reply me please ? ? ?

  8. naman.kapoor
    Gingerbread Nov 5, 2016

    naman.kapoor , Nov 5, 2016 :
    Still waiting from OnePlus for VOLTE update. Did anyone try the new CM14 unofficial update?

  9. joesweeney413
    Jelly Bean Nov 27, 2016

  10. acharyarev
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 28, 2016

    acharyarev , Nov 28, 2016 :
    flash h2os or firmware of h2os which will then change firmware they clean flash CM 14.1

  11. superrajj
    Eclair Dec 30, 2016

    superrajj , Dec 30, 2016 :
    Hello guys!
    I just tried and tested two ways for getting VoLTE on OnePlus 2. I know many ppl will roll eyes and say we said so but I will share anyway.

    Scenaro 1: VoLTE on H2OS (Hydrogen OS 2.5.1)

    In this scenario, you can download and install Hydrogen OS for your OP2 and then start using VoLTE

    Scenario 2: VoLTE on CM 14.1 via Hydrogen OS

    In this scenario, you need to flash the modem of latest H2OS (v2.5.1) and then flash CM 14.1. That's it. CM will detect VoLTE and display HD Calls message in notification.

    Remember due to a bug, the second SIM gets LTE configuration. So, in this case, first go to SIM manager and SIM 2 network settings and select network type as GSM only.

    Then go to SIM1 network settings and select LTE (only) as the network type and you will get an option for use enhanced 4G LTE mode under network.

    That's it.

    Hope this helps the thousands of fellow OP2 users here in India and across the world. :)

  12. vyshakhj
    Donut Dec 30, 2016