Unofficial Week In Review: Vol.2 Issue 30 - In Orbit

  1. Tokolozi
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    Tokolozi , Oct 24, 2021 :
    Unofficial Week In Review:
    Vol. 2 Issue 30 - In Orbit

    Hello everybody, another week has passed so it's time for another review. The topics were a bit slim this week, but I'll make the best of it.

    Welcome to the dark side.... Again

    For those under us lucky enough to own a PS5 (myself included) it seems like we'll still be able to get some dark side plates for our playstation after all. For those who missed it, Dbrand (you know the company that sells expensive electrical tape, run by robots) got sued by Sony for making some dark themed accessories for the PS5. However, it now seems like they have found a way around all the legal hassle with a re-design of their original dark plates.


    Not only will these new dark plates allow your PS5 to look all stealth and mysterious, it also seems to help with keeping it's head cool with added airflow thanks to the thoughtfully placed fan grids.

    What do you think of the redesign, would you get it for your playstation? For me personally I actually like the white PS5 looks, and have my playstation vertically mounted for better heat management. So I probably won't be getting them. However, I do think the older designs looked better, but I guess we will need to wait for Sony to actually release their own black version to see that again...


    The title might mislead you here, I won't be having it about Orbit just yet, first it's up for an even larger possible launch. Can you guess who's behind it? That's right, that scheming, data hogging android Mark Zuckerberg!


    As XDA reports here, Facebook has some big plans to rebrand their metaverse, having an overarching name for all their products that we know and lo(a)v(th)e such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus and more.

    As you may remember something similar was done some years ago with google becoming Alphabet, however I don't think this will change much for us on the user side.

    I don't think this will mean that your blue F app will suddenly change name. This kind of rebranding is usually more focused on the marketing and legal side of things. Probably partly to controll the damage that every "Facebook" scandal brings with it.

    Everyone's an Influencer

    With the online influencing market becoming more and more crowded, it's hard to tell who's the real deal and who's not.

    With people like MHBHD aka @meatandy pushing more and more products towards your face each day we might need to see what's actually worth it some other way.


    *Sarcasm On*
    Luckily there's some of these influencers right here in our own community we can ask for advice. Users like @J1634795667548 and their 2.7million followers are sure to give us a correct and accurate representation of the devices they use. I hope that OnePlus listen to his request here and grant him some of their devices for testing.

    *End Sarcasm*

    This is why I will nominate @J1634795667548 as our Genius Of The Week.

    Not only did he post this kind of request without any references or actual social platforms he's on, he also shared all his personal info, such as address, email and phone right there in the thread. This has since been removed for obvious reasons, but as a tip I will say that if the "Main Boss" of OnePlus aka @SJBoss (naughty, don't follow his example) asks you to share personal information on a public area... Don't do it, no matter what he promises you!

    Additionally, as an influencer, it might be good to promote yourself with a username and profile picture. Even though you might think a grey face and J-Numbers is good enough.

    Launch into Orbit

    After last week's announcement, Orbit went live today for more members. In typical OnePlus fashion this was done with an invite system, which promptly flooded most threads and socials I'm on with invite codes.
    I was "lucky" enough to be invited by @Zach X. Myself even though I wanted to use someone else's invite code.


    So far I've checked orbit on and off the past few days. While it certainly has potential, due to some critical missing parts I don't return to it as often as I do to the "old" community. The UI and idea is great, however I think they still have a lot to do for their final launch. Big functionality is still missing. Like tagging, picture posting (in comments) and a search function are some of my main concerns.

    The new thing added however is Circles, little sub-forums we are not to sure on how to use just yet. Rest assured, the UWIR-team already applied for a UWIR-circle where we'll post future reviews in as well. Be sure to join it if you don't want to miss any additional content from our side.

    What's your thoughts about Orbit, it's launch and the usability so far? Let us know down 👇 below, if I see an invite code, I will smash it.


    That's it for this week, there wasn't much else to report of interest this time around. However, as always if you think we've missed something or you see some good topics for future UWIRs let us know in the comments or by messaging our team. (@BobbyV8_ , @B_Wrath @BeingIncog @McJader @Shivang Joshi @SJBoss and myself)

    See you all next week!

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  2. Dresa91
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    Dresa91 , Oct 24, 2021 :
    Hey @Tokolozi and UWIR team:)
    Thanks for the update:)

    Orbit is great, I like this one:
    happy chewing everyone:)

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  3. Bobbie63
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    Bobbie63 , Oct 24, 2021 :
    Thanks again for my Sunday read, lovely as usual. :)

    As for Orbit, it’s just confusing me right now, so don’t know what to think of it.


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  4. McJader
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    McJader , Oct 24, 2021 :
    UWIR circle when?:(

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  5. Bobbie63
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    Bobbie63 , Oct 24, 2021 :
    After you filled out the request form to start a circle in quadruplicate. Get your “proof of good conduct” and send them to the OnePlus Main Boss for review.

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  6. McJader
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    McJader , Oct 24, 2021 :
    Already did that.
    Main boss @SJBoss doesn't want to approve it:(

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  7. Bobbie63
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    Bobbie63 , Oct 24, 2021 :
    Just pull @SJBoss from his throne and get someone else on that cruch

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  8. puccellino
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    puccellino , Oct 24, 2021 :
    Nice write up, always enjoy your updates.
    I hope @Bobbie63 got a hold of that telephone number for his collection.

    I heard a rumour that Apple is creating a new user forum and they are going to call it .......

    UWIR is a square peg trying to fit into a round hole.

    Well, I guess you are totally bug(gered)....not literally I hope. I quoted here not to go off topic in that thread

  9. Dresa91
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    Dresa91 , Oct 24, 2021 :
    Haha 😂😂😂

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  10. Tokolozi
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    Tokolozi , Oct 24, 2021 :
    He could even fill in the adress field this time!

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    SJBoss , Oct 24, 2021 :
    How about a shiny new community tag? :rolleyes: just give me your credit card no. and cvv :rolleyes:
    When will I get the promised 9 peru :rolleyes:
    I let my minions take care of these unimportant things.

    Sincerely, OnePlus Main Boss

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  12. Bobbie63
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    Bobbie63 , Oct 24, 2021 :
    They're all like this I heard:


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