Unofficial Week In Review: Vol 2 Issue 6 - Life Goes On

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    SJBoss , May 9, 2021 :

    peasants People! Welcome to another WIR! Last week @B_Wrath was complaining about his week being boring and uneventful, this week turned out to be even less interesting that I had a hard time thinking about what to write and I firmly believe it's somehow B_wrath's fault so thanks for that Pal :rolleyes: Anyway, Let's just

    Online OEF Returns : Theme Store
    OnePlus is holding another online OEF and the topic is Theme Store, As @McJader said people may have mixed feelings about it because largely, themes are associated with bloatware all thanks Color OS and MIUI and almost any "OS" that isn't Pixel UI.

    For me, themes are nostalgic and takes me back to Symbian OS days (remember that?) Sharing themes on Symbian OS was all the rave back then. On Android, themes are a whole new level of customisation, that's why I believe theme store could be a great addition to Oxygen OS If done right, My suggestion would be to add Classic OOS UI as a theme or even make it the default one. Whoever wants One UI Lite can apply it via theme store, Even better if third party Devs can add their work to the store.

    If You have any ideas or suggestions please sign up and make yourself heard. But as @dsmonteiro said it's still under investigation and may or may not make it to the OS, Don't get your hopes high and refrain from creating threads titled "Theme store where?" :rolleyes:

    OnePlus Watch gets AOD : Or Did It?
    In its first ever Update OnePlus watch gets AOD and some other features along with bug fixes While AOD seems to be the most awaited and a welcome feature it's still restricted to a single watch face/dial and people aren't very happy about it, I still don't get why OnePlus didn't go with Wear OS instead, Even Samsung is rumoured to ditch Tizen in favor of Wear OS on Galaxy Watch 4 despite Tizen being a very capable platform.

    Also, the very first post on the thread suggests a user bricked his watch despite very clear instructions on the opening post itself :rolleyes: sigh.

    Clipt from OneLab : Share Files Faster
    Y'all remember OneLab right? Of course you do thanks to @Cheetosdust , OneLab is back with their first ever App called Clipt (Please don't misspell it :rolleyes:)

    Clipt is a new seamless way to share files between devices, It aims to help you avoid the hassle of emailing, using WhatsApp or cloud to share files between your PC and Smartphone.

    In order to make it work you'll need Clipt App on your phone and an extension on Chrome. People who tested Clipt said "It Works well" and that's a good sign for an App that just went live.

    Personally, I don't consider using cloud a hassle since I'm still using an app for the same purpose and Microsoft's Your phone get things done with ease, specially with Samsung devices. Still I'm going to give Clipt a go and see how it fairs against these.

    What's The Point : To Each Their Own.
    Have you ever wondered what's the point? At some point in our lives we all did. Yes, Everyone knows the answer to the Universe, Life and everything is, well, 42. Still, once again the title of that thread led me to think about my life choices for a bit, Curious and Intrigued by the title I jumped into the thread in hope of getting an answer and the user eventually got to the point.
    Oh well :rolleyes: , not something we'd expect from a thread with that kind of title but hey, atleast he knows what's his point is and I hope he gets it.

    Humanizing Usernames : Cheetos Back At It Again
    Ever wondered what @dsmonteiro does when he isn't dsmonteiring around on the forums? Thanks to his permanent stalker @Cheetosdust we've got some insights head over to this thread and get to know him a little better. You can even ask him questions about himself.

    Apple vs Epic : The Epic Battle.
    If you aren't familiar with the matter here's TL : DR Epic filed a Case against Apple and wants Apple to either lower their Commission (30% on all purchases) on App Store or let Apps introduce another in-App purchase method, which for Apple means no money at all. So far, Apple has shown no signs of complying or even negotiating with Epic. instead, Apple warned Sony And Xbox that if Epic gets away with it more ecosystems will fall. Funny enough Epic roped in Xbox as a witness.

    They've been discussing various aspects of things like "what's a game?" or "What's the difference between General purpose and special purpose devices" you know how these legal battle goes they get ridiculous, stupid and love to discuss Semantics.

    Whatever the outcome there's too little for consumers but It may help third party Devs to earn a little extra for their efforts.

    Conclusion : Apple Inc. = Evil, greedy and a bully.

    Battlegrounds Is Back : With A twist.
    Ever Since PUBG was banned in India. there has been "News" of it's return almost every week, news sites even used clickbait headlines to lure people into clicking their links only to end it with "There's no official announcement yet" But now Krafton Games has announced PUBG mobile's return in the country with a slightly different name (from PUBG mobile to Battlegrounds mobile India) we're yet to know the in game differences If there's any, but some things are certain, one being isolation from global server and various restrictions for under 18 gamers which includes Parental Controls, reduced purchase and gameplay limits. So, it's probably time for Indian gamers to say their farewell to VPNs and shady tricks to play the title.

    Genius Of The Week : A Mystery
    This guy replied to his own post from 2018, Yes, Now you might laugh it off but It's not that simple, Some say he's a Necroposter, some believe he's having a very slow conversation with himself But... Hear me out... What if he's a time traveller? He travelled 2.5 yrs in future after his first reply? Look at his username, looks like a Time traveller ID to me. You're all welcome to make your own guess and solve the mystery behind it.

    Before I go, We'd like to thank each and everyone here who donated to help India overcome the ongoing situation.

    Don't forget to Tag @Shivang Joshi @BobbyV8_ @B_Wrath or me If you find anything WIR worthy

    Aaaaaaaaaaaand That's a Wrap!

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    McJader , May 9, 2021 :
    Disagreed, you got loads of good stuff:cool:
    Thanks for the WIR, job well done.

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    Punk_69 , May 9, 2021 :
    Made the most stupid hardware related decisions ever in mobile phone history...

    Some good ones include camera related stuff, face ID, LIDAR

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    otto2 , May 9, 2021 :
    Well written again.
    I d like to add some words regarding this new clipt app-instead of using some coding skills or the skills of KDE connect coders the one lab used Google s ecosystem. So that data gets through Gdrive and Google s data kraken services. I m not sure if Oneplus is forced to use this service, or lf they re just too lazy or... to use a more secure way? At least some more detailed informations, if and how our data is getting encrypted while going through Googles services would be mandatory.

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    the_o2 , May 9, 2021 :
    Will it have 120fps option just like Game of peace have in China :rolleyes:

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    B_Wrath , May 9, 2021 :
    No. It's always @GopalB. 's fault:p
    Gib theeem sture plox :p
    Something about the team being a small one and we're forced to use existing API. There was some explanation in the original thread.

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    SRD. , via OnePlus 7T , May 9, 2021 :
    And My favourite part arrives WIR. I don't think it should be Unofficial anymore, please declare it as an Official WIR.

    Apple may ditch Epic games anyday, I don't know about the market share, but Apple sucks in terms of game play, XBOX & PS5 already taking the lead.

    Themestore indeed is a great idea. I wish it's simple,. But with some great customisation option.

    Clipt is also a welcome addition.
    I don't know but I felt like it was @Starcommander 's idea of wireless file transfer.

    About OP. Watch, it really mademe disappointed. Even an OPPO upgrade could have done the job.

    Great job @SJBoss.

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    otto2 , May 9, 2021 :
    Now, this excuse is something I hear since the OnePlusOne times., 😉 They should open up the code instead, so community of coders can contribute and help.

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    Yash Pratap Singh. , May 9, 2021 :
    Ahh, a lil late....thanks for this amazing roundup @SJBoss

    Nice try :)...better than @BobbyV8_'s header lol:rolleyes:
    Ahh, but you still wrote some amazing content...noice;)
    +1 :cool:
    Honest question here-
    Would you rather get a OnePlus TV 32Y1 or a OnePlus Watch, since they cost the same :oops:
    I chose the 32Y1, at least it has a Play Store:rolleyes:
    Its good...no major bugs, and a clean UI
    How dare you disrespect the holy words (and wish) of a governor? :mad:
    A question, is it "D S Monteiro" or "Desmonteiro"....AMA question @dsmonteiro
    Indeed...if you open the apple park circumference wise and straighten it up, it'll actually look a lot similar to this -
    I'm deeply disappointed....dem electrons, I'm feeling a little heavy
    @OnePlus Tester1

    ------------------Nothing good below this line------------------------

    You mean you found it funny right now?o_O
    Can we see some of your content?
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    That explains it. Leave him alone fellas.
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    BobbyV8_ , May 9, 2021 :
    We not serving beer here! Let him go

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