Untold stories behind the OnePlus 5 - (A Short!) Interview with the OnePlus 5 Product Manager

  1. David Y.
    Jelly Bean Aug 2, 2017

    David Y. , Aug 2, 2017 :
    Vito, who has worked at OnePlus since 2013. (Photo shot by ifanr)

    Each generation of OnePlus products wouldn't be possible without the passion of each member of the OnePlus family. We created this product together. There are lots of untold stories behind our latest flagship. So, I directly reached out to @Vito L. , the product manager for the OnePlus 5 to ask him some questions and dug up some juicy details on the OnePlus 5. (We often go to gym together so the conversation went pretty straight)

    David: So, how do you feel these days?

    Vito: Lol. I am exhausted. We have focused on so many details in this product from the beginning till now. From feature details like reducing noise while calling to aptX HD support for wireless headphones to screen calibration and brightness management.

    We closely followed the development of new features like reading mode. We didn't have any reference example because we're the first ones to develop and achieve a mode like this. After we perceived and looked deeper into this need, we added the RBG sensor interface and kept tuning it to adjust for different environment lights. We have put huge efforts into this feature.

    David: For how long?

    Vito: Couple of months. We had developed more than 20 versions. In the beginning, there was just a little bit of light color, then slowly we had some visual effects that started to look like an e-reader. We had to let the entire color temperature curve work perfectly with the ambient temperature curve, and text processing. And then tweaked it again and again. I remember once, when I was at home, I felt that there were some problems with the color temperature, but there was no desk lamp with same low light temperature in my lab, so I just took the lamp directly to the lab and better tested them.

    Reading Mode.jpg

    David: Who came up with this idea first? Was the goal always the same for this feature?

    Vito: It really was a group effort. We aimed to offer users a more eye-friendly display solution in certain scenarios. We knew yellow wouldn't always be the best choice. There could be a huge visual contrast for instance, when you are under a cold light temperature environment with a yellowish screen, which might make your eyes feel uncomfortable and tire easily. And vice versa, would do the same. That inspired and encouraged us to offer an advanced solution that could be eye-friendly, and match your device environment.

    As we can see from the subway or other public transportation, people spend a lot of time reading on mobiles. Some people may be dedicated enough to carry a Kindle for reading. That also inspired us to offer a similar solution like reading mode, so that you can comfortably read longform content on your phone and switch easily to other tasks. However, we did not expect this feature to cost us so much time to develop. It took even longer than the improved night mode and DCI-P3 screen calibration.

    David: Any reasons for the "global network" support?

    Vito: Two reasons. First, we have thousands of users across the globe. Second, global network support can help us better manage stock.

    The antenna has to support 34 bands, more than 100 CA combinations and higher order modulation in one global version. Many new techniques like 2X2 MIMO for dual WIFI were added into it, so this set super high requirements for the antenna, which included the challenge to better place components.

    One of the biggested challenges with the antenna involved industrial design. The antenna design required a large opening, which directly affected the ID. When we nailed all the above challenges, we found that we couldn't support the NFC antenna into it. We couldn't figure out an acceptable solution until one of our structural engineers hit upon a great idea: to place the NFC antenna in the middle of the camera module (this is patented btw, haha). This approach greatly enhanced the overall beauty of the back. That's why, as you can see, the NFC antenna is subtly inlaid as a vertical line above the camera ring.


    David: Which feature are you most proud of in this product?

    Vito: Performance – Snapdragon 835, 6GB/8GB RAM, and UFS 2.1. Hard to choose one, all are attractive. Users like to call the OnePlus 5 is a performance beast. But more than that, I am proud of its overall experience. We have improved and enhanced so many features not only in hardware, but also in software. Vibration, audio or speaker may not sound like big selling points, but we've sweetened these features to improve the overall experience. We spent lots of time tuning these features, so that you can feel them when you're hands on with the device.

    David: Community users have been asking for water-resistance since before the launch. What's your take on that?

    Vito: Yup, we did see that. To be totally transparent, we have done some basic water protection for the OnePlus 5. No IP rating, but better than our previous products. To increase the product's reliability, also to avoid risks that come from the occasional accident like getting your phone wet on a rainy day or dropping into a sink. We have not precisely identified the extent of this, so that's why we don't talk about it a lot or cover "liquid damage" in our warranty policy.

    David: What's your hope for this product?

    Vito: I hope everyone who is either interested in OP5 or has questions about it can really have it in their hands to better experience it on their own. I am confident about it. I also believe users will pay for good, solid products and recognize its real value. That's why we trust our community and spend a lot of time gathering real feedback from our users, and constantly improve our products. To make them the best the world has seen.

    And that was all the time that Vito had! He was so tired that the next day after we finished the talk, he took a break from work to explore the beautiful Tibetan Plateau. And he shared one of his best #ShotonOnePlus shots with me. (He's back at the office now!)

    Vito@Tibetan Plateau.jpg

    Do you have any product-related questions that you want to ask Vito? If so, directly drop your questions below and I will pester him to answer them. Maybe we can get some secret info from him hehehe...

    (What Vito will probably say to this: No way, buddy.)

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  2. David Y.
    Jelly Bean Aug 2, 2017

    David Y. , Aug 2, 2017 :
    Vito: We have different mockups in the engineering period. Red, blue, purple and some funny colors. Personally, I think RED is very cool. But I am not sure whether we will release this color in the future or not. ;)

    Vito: I am afraid that we didn't said the OnePlus 5 has 2X optical zoom. The fact is the dual camera zoom of the OnePlus 5 is a combination of optical zoom and our multi-frame software algorithm.

    Vito: Nah…it was shot on 5. (@David Y. see, I told you you will make people confused

    Vito: ……copy, bad luck, fault, why all are negative words, my friend? To be honest we’re proud of this product, that’s the best we can make. As I said in the interview, I strongly recommend you to hands on it. Internet is a shortage in this situation and it makes me sad. :(

    Vito: Safety is a top priority when we plan, design and produce our products. We are very radical in specs, but when we talk about safety, we prefer to be the most conservative brand in the market. We have tried our best to minimize the risk of battery using, however battery explodes for many reasons, there are always higher risk when user misused third party charging cables or adapters which don't pass the local quality test.

    Vito: Morning! PenTile display is one of the most advanced technics in Samsung's OLED product line. This technic has been widely used in other flagship handsets (also headsets), such as the Galaxy S8 and many upcoming phones. Will we get better screens? There are many definitions about the word "better", what's yours?

    Vito: Making a product is an art of balance.

    Vito: ......could be, you'll see.

    Vito: I'd say is the screen. We want to have the infinity display to be built in the OP5, however we were limited by supply chain.

    Vito: Thanks @Nithin_Joseph for asking above tough questions..

    1) What our CS said is correct, this is a subtle visual effect. I have no further comment on this question.
    2) The reason for no OIS is because we have to balance the overall product design with the camera bump.
    3) We did things like these back to early 2014, you can better understand this by looking backwards.
    4) We didn't aim to copy any brands in the market, the reason for the camera set up position is that is the best spot to place the camera module when we also need to consider the camera bump problem.
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  5. saikiran4ever
    Jelly Bean Aug 2, 2017

    saikiran4ever , Aug 2, 2017 :
    Thousands of users are talking about Jelly effect on the forum. Why hasn't anyone from the product team directly answered it so far? These users are finding answers on the internet which are published by some news feed sites. Why does Oneplus respond to only these people?

    Why can't Oneplus reveal the truth itself to clear all the confusions?

    Do you know how many people have returned their OP5s just because their phones had jelly effect? I hope Oneplus will not lose future customers with this...
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  6. youbi
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    youbi , Aug 2, 2017 :
    Always great to see some insight stories shared here in the forum and not just in some interview of some random tech site. :) I do hope this is the first of many. Community should always come first. :p ;)

    Welcome to the forum @Vito L. , hope to see you around often. :)

    Now tell us some of those obscure and funny stories about the development of the op5. :D

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  7. malidan
    Nougat Aug 2, 2017

    malidan , Aug 2, 2017 :
    This is HYPE

    we have done some basic water protection for the OnePlus 5. No IP rating, but better than our previous products. To increase the product's reliability, also to avoid risks that come from the occasional accident like getting your phone wet on a rainy day or dropping into a sink. We have not precisely identified the extent of this, so that's why we don't talk about it a lot or cover "liquid damage" in our warranty policy.

    If you don't know the extent of the protection and have no certification why mention it?
    Its like saying the device has 2x optical zoom to find out its 1.6:rolleyes:

    Update: Carl Pei(OnePlus Co-founder) confirmed this via Twitterthat OnePlus 5 doesn't have 2x Optical Lossless Zoom & they're not advertising 2x Lossless Zoom anymore
    But still they say 2x Lossless Zoom which isn't true because they use digital zoom

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  9. Nithin_Joseph
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 2, 2017

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    Lollipop Aug 2, 2017

    Lancelot_69 , Aug 2, 2017 :
    How come photos not #shotononeplus5

  11. G_plusone
    Nougat Aug 2, 2017

  12. varma246
    Lollipop Aug 2, 2017

    varma246 , Aug 2, 2017 :
    Welcome to community @Vito L.

    Mounting the screen upside down is intentional ?
    Or just happened due to copying the iPhone device?(Most of the people thinking)
    Or it's just bad luck that you guys cought up?
    Or it's fault of engineers and product management team?

  13. ShortyEx
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 2, 2017

    ShortyEx , Aug 2, 2017 :
    Hi @Vito L., welcome to the forums.

    Just wondering... does the OP5 have one of them explosive batteries as well?
    And if one of his new toys explodes, will @Carl take the time to respond (opposed to when "discontinued models do")?

    Just asking because...
    OnePlus One
    OnePlus Two

  14. p2p
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    p2p , Aug 2, 2017 :
    Mmmm.... In all that time this man did not think about ois and the correct orientation of the screen??

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  15. Dunnow
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    Dunnow , Aug 2, 2017 :
    First lie... Samsung had this since Android 4 onwards...

    In fact i'll say more... I think MIUI had it since Android 2.3 onwards...

    Hey @David Y. you know what would be a good untold story?

    The story of how OnePlus 2 went from flagship killer to recieve Nougat to the total and absolute silence from this company

    I'd like to get a tag on that too, so I don't miss it, thanks in advance!

    Samsung has reading mode since Android 4... but OnePlus was the first to do so...

    or the crap camera EIS, the lack of OIS, the reason why the phone only uses 6gb of 8 of ram (why are we paying for it if it's not gonna get used?) and so on

    They did reply to the issue. They stated it's something normal to have and that other phones also present such issue.
    Which is totally a lie.
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    Nithin_Joseph , Aug 2, 2017 :

    Spot on! You're on a roll today! :D

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    youbi , Aug 2, 2017 :
    Posts merged. No need to do five posts in a row. :confused: You know that you can multi quote don't you. ;)

    He didn't said that he had invented that "reading mode", he said that it was the first one that worked like that. ;)

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  19. Ak@oneplus
    Gingerbread Aug 2, 2017

    Ak@oneplus , Aug 2, 2017 :
    That's why i love oneplus. Really impressed with the amount of work done by team and their attention to details. Hatsoff!!!

  20. meatandy
    Oreo Aug 2, 2017

    meatandy , Aug 2, 2017 :
    Shot by op6 5ySsWCx.png

    Seriously @Vito L. Is white the next color?