OxygenOS Unwanted automatic do-not-disturb mode all evening

  1. halacs Cupcake Dec 7, 2017

    halacs, Dec 7, 2017 :

    I am a OnePlus 3T user with the most recent OS (Oxygen OS 5.0, Android 8.0.0).

    I noticed that the do-not-disturb mode is automatically turn on about 10-11pm and turn off at the morning.

    Do anybody have any clue why?

    According to my best knowledge there is no scheduling application installed what could do this neither I found suitable option in the settings.

    I want to turn this unwanted do-not-disturb scheduling off or at least change the time when it happen.

    Thanks & br,

  2. Trevor.Hawkes Honeycomb Dec 8, 2017

    Trevor.Hawkes, Dec 8, 2017 :
    This should allow you access to the DND settings causing your problem.

    Please note, this is what I did and I tell you this in good faith.

    Ok. First download Nova Launcher. I use the free version.
    Set Nova as your preferred launcher.
    Goto the home screen.
    Long press in an empty area.
    Select Widgets.
    Long press " Activities". Which is one of the first row of widgets on mine.
    You should then see a list of headings.
    Scroll down to and touch "Settings"
    Underneath settings you should now see another list of headings.
    Scroll down to and very briefly touch the second "Automatic rules"
    This should take you back to Home where you should now see a blue green bell called Automatic Rules.
    Touching this should take you to DND settings.

    Either use the existing settings or create one of your own if you want to use automated DND or turn off any settings that are active to get rid of your present problem.
    I then set oneplus launcher as my preference because I like using that. I would think you could delete Nova but I haven't tried that.
    Good luck and I hope this helps

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