[UPDATE]A horror tale of One plus customer service , Its common !!Op8 pro (Indian unit)

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    Sensei_RJ , Jun 18, 2020 :
    1594325867998.jpg 1342070-558375b9f9d168c64fe729dc73979e6c.jpg 20200617_154858.jpg 1594325867963.jpg address bill.jpg 20200617_155101.jpg
    They put you at ease, saying that you can replace it within 15 days, but this is how they actually behave!
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    1342070-558375b9f9d168c64fe729dc73979e6c.jpg address bill.jpg 20200617_155018.jpg 20200617_155101.jpg 20200617_154858.jpg

    UPDATE - After struggling; I manage to get my replacement device on 24/06/2020. Black bar is still visible (ohk) but to my shock, now I have tint issues and I am still testing and trying to capture it in videos and photo's in 15-30% brightness level. It all started on 16/06/2020 and still I have not got the product, I paid for. In my free time, all I am doing is editing and capturing issues to proof. I am tired of this now.

    video link of issue - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_eQtbM8hPlY6gp09LhnDH96JbWZqypPu/view?usp=sharing

    Please Check out my experience below "NEVER SETTLE"

    Oohh boi that's gonna be long So,as an Indian user and OnePlus consumer from OnePlus one. I have waited for more than 1 months to get device but due to limited stock or fake sale idk , I could not buy device with amazon (pre booked) so I eventually bought it from OnePlus store (Indore) 22°45'17.8"N 75°53'46.5"E , here I came to know I did a big mistake.

    Now hold your beers this is gonna be interesting.

    So on 16/06/2020 I came to know, there is Oneplus 8 pro available at OnePlus store in glacial green 8/128. I was searching for blue 12/256 but I can't do flash sale things so opted for what was available 8/128 green. I skipped my 1k pre order because I trust OnePlus for their services, but sadly I was wrong. So I went to store around 5:30 pm IST and bought the device. So after backing up my old device until midnight I realized there is a dark status bar line showing in the settings panel (vibrant tint theme).

    I remember users from outside India have had those problem named burn in/image retention. I quickly searched forums and asked about this to my mates outside India as India still doesn't have that many devices. They hold completely fine phone without any display issue. As i already knew some have issues and some don't and many have had their devices replaced due to these issues.

    I was confident that I could also do the same at the OnePlus store. I captured some random shots of issue and videos and called them at 10am next day. They told me they would open at 11am , so I went there and tried to exlplain the display issue to OnePlus store staff. Firstly he said its status bar sir (my mind- ohkkkk). Then I showed him some forum post by other users. I knew that can come that's why I already prepared for this type of stuff, never settle.

    Then the OnePlus store staff member told me to go to diagnose it with their service people on first floor. I thought finally, I can make them understand as they probably know about phones (biggest lie). I went to the girl sitting in front of her computer and re-told the same story. I asked them to please replace my unit. She said they can't give a new device on the same day. I was comfortable then she took my device to their 2 guys, who probably fix OP devices (assembling, disassembling).

    They didn't get what I was telling them. then i told them to go in dark environment to see the issue, I went along with them and pointed out the issue which is easily visible to human eyes. Again He said it's status bar sir (I was like nani...) then I showed them again those forum posts, then I went to lady at the counter to let them understand it's display issue, till then it was already 12 pm (1 hour). She went and talked to repairing guy and The service guy formatted the device...

    They think It's software issue and still those bar were visible. Then, they came to conclusion that "Sir, it's common!!!!"
    Like it is an expected acceptable issue in their OnePlus 8 phone !!!!!
    My inner soul said to me "let's commit suicide".

    I told them that sir, the issue is there I am not satisfied with it, just give me a replacement unit. Answer was, yes sir but we need to complete procedure. I again went to the lady at the counter and explained that there are 100 of complaints on the forum for the same issue. So while it it's common for you guys, I paid 55k for something, then the lady told me to give picture and videos on there whatsapp number which I did it.

    Then after struggling for 1 hour 24 minutes they finally generated my token number-R12 at 12:24 pm.
    Again the waiting period started. They asked again where is your device sir which they already had. Again my inner soul started screaming for death.

    I pointed them it's right there with your guys only, and this happened once again later, I am dead AF till then.

    I asked the lady at 1 pm (2 hours) how much time it would take to get permission. She said I tweeted to technical department they didn't responded. My mind - tweeted??? Why the hell they are tweeting. Well, whatever, I thought. Finally I will get my new unit, but she told they would inform me later in the evening as it was already 1:15 pm (2 hours 15 minute).

    I went to my home and after 10 minutes I got a call from them, that they denied my request.

    I called the customer care and the conversation was more epic, Later Emailed oneplus care .It's been 30 hours they didn't even replied to me.

    It was 30 minute long so will be sharing a audio clip of some great part with our style. In short, they think it is a common!!! issue, not a fault. And that it is a software related issue.
    Like users who posted in April and May didn't get the update yet ?.

    In chats they give you confidence, saying that you can replace it within 15 days(A user SS in attachment ), but this is how they actually behave!
    All display issue images are in attachment do check them out..Don't settle with their words..because "NEVER SETTLE"

    Customer call audio link with my style - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1li-lsGoyF-2qxBOT47_FToNS0sLHo0Fd/view?usp=sharing

    Display issue video link - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HQPcdJRMqgPAZekq1_mVqyla0SGbddXk/view?usp=sharing

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    Akshayv97 , via OnePlus 7T , Jun 18, 2020 :
    Oneplus Quality control and customer support is in a tough competition with Xiaomi.......who has the worst customer service and quality control. 1+ shouldn't bother releasing 4 devices in a year if they can't get their quality control right.

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    SoniaB , Jun 18, 2020 :

    Hey there

    Can you please PM me your case ID or original order number and I will pass this to India CM

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    jd2016 , Jun 18, 2020 :
    @SoniaB You can't do anything . OnePlus have completely failed us actual customers . they have made a rubbish device in the 8 and 8 pro with lacking quality control . they should have announced a 100% recall to these devices and actually sorted the problems out .

    You Sonia are just a pawn in their crappy service .

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    VeLLyJaTT , Jun 18, 2020 :
    You deserve a replacement.

    Never settle for a defective product.


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    Vasishta Reddy , Jun 19, 2020 :
    Wow!! I was about to buy a blue 256 gb op8p thanks for saving my money and time ...... You deserve a refund man ... I see that 80% of op8p devices have screen issues , Oneplus should have released a refreshed batch in India .... If they continue to harass their customers by not replacing/refunding then its time to say good bye to oneplus . I have used every oneplus device except oneplus 2 and oneplus 5. Quality of the product is decreasing and the price is increasing .

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    Kldreams , Jun 19, 2020 :
    I spoke with three different people about my phone and got three different answers. My phone had been in the service center for a month and after speaking to the last person yesterday, they assured me that it would be repaired. When I opened my email tonight, I have two messages from the Ft. Worth, Tx service center saying that my phone wasn't repaired and that they were returning it to me. The second message had a payment link that didn't go anywhere. DEAD LINK. I have been on hold for the past hour waiting for someone to pick up and speak to me about this. I am so upset with the customer service of this company right now, not to mention the issues I have had with my phone. Purchased new and NEVER worked correctly. Continually froze up and the only thing that would fix it was a HARD RESET. I lost ALL of my information everytime I had to do this. This shouldn't happen to a NEW PHONE. And, the company should do more that dodge my emails until the warranty period is up.

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    Kriti Karna , via OnePlus 6 , Jun 19, 2020 :
    In the last 2 sales I could not buy 8 Pro even after much effort, Was very upset.....Now feeling good, could not buy.....But regret is also about the fact that when I saw the display problems in the international market in the review, it seemed that it would be one of the first stocks. In India, everything made now will be fine.... Was quite sure that there is no problem in the Indian unit. But I was wrong....... Well oneplus should have understood its biggest Indian market.....

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    ankitgondalia , Jun 19, 2020 :
    Damn, not buying a 8 Pro after reading what all that you've gone through. This is definitely a hardware issue and OnePlus should have recalled all the devices.

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    Sensei_RJ , Jun 19, 2020 :
    you lucky that you bought from amazon.. you can easily ask for replacement. They have good policy unlike oneplus.

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    SoniaB , Jun 19, 2020 :
    Granted, there is not much I can do. But my role as forum moderator is to try and assist community members the best I can.

    With regards to this thread I can only escalate this case to admin and I have done so.

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    Boycott all the Support threads ! Let the sheeple suffer :rolleyes:

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    Boycott all the Indian boycott threads! :rolleyes:

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    How dare you ! :eek:
    We invented boycotts !

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    Will looking at some cute cockroaches make you happy ?:p