Update about Operating System in Mainland China

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    deepakmohank , via OnePlus 8T , Mar 23, 2021 :
    I prefer OnePlus mainly because of OOS. I've used Mi phones, Android One & Moto devices and what I felt is OOS is smooth, near to stock with less bloatware and only necessary features like dual app, schedule restart etc to name a few.

    People who refer 'Indian Users' should not be bothered.. They'll choose MI phones by just looking at spec sheet and price. MIUI is heavily bloated, has Adware and every version has bugs, they doesn't resolve previous bugs, also MIUI is heavily customised and you wouldn't notice android version update as MIUI version update is what matters.

    Oxygen is far better than any other skins in Android. If they bring Color OS to Global users then there is no difference between them and any other China OEM. It'll affect prospective buyers.

    If a person want to buy a clean UI device and with high end specs then OnePlus is the only option. No other OEM release Snapdragon 8 series devices with least bloat and near stock android.

    There were many people who tried to tarnish OOS 11 by saying its One UI like. Just the layout and minimalist approach of settings page is similar; this doesn't mean entire OOS 11 is like OneUI. It misguides people. I have my OP3 on A9, OP6 on A10 & 8T on 11. There is no major shift nor added bloat to these versions.

    I remember there was a Color OS version available for OPO which was used to unbrick device like Msmdownload tool.

    If you ask me why buy OnePlus devices:

    1. Clean, less bloat OS
    2. At least 2 more Android version upgrade
    3. Good built quality, bettet than Mi comparable to Galaxy S Series.
    4. Fast charging
    5. Ease to unlock, root, unbrick.
    6. Great community
    7. Value for money: If you look into the quality of parts then they are far better than Mi, Realme, Poco devices.
    8. Camera is not superb nor thrash.. It's somewhere in between.

    So OnePlus is a total package and the little compromise on camera is definitely make up by Oxygen OS. Majority of Indian users who are accustomed to MIUI like OSs doesn't care. They will look for price, then spec sheet. The UI is which a person deals with the phone for anything and everything. So sticking yo cleaner UI will always benefit OP.

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    Cheetosdust , Mar 24, 2021 :
    Regarding the the transition from HydrogenOS to ColorOS in China, according to Gizmochina, there are going to be a few previous devices updated to ColorOS 11.2, namely:
    • OnePlus 8
    • OnePlus 8 Pro
    • OnePlus 7T
    • OnePlus 7
    • OnePlus 7 Pro
    • OnePlus 7T Pro
    • OnePlus 8T
    As we already knew, the OnePlus 9 Series will have ColorOS out of the box in that region.

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    Bivekg12 , via OnePlus Nord , Mar 24, 2021 :
    No option for 5G not getting said OTA update 😒😒
    1616610987241.jpg said:
    Oneplus Nord AC2001 has no option for 5G network selection. As you promised that user 1616610987212.jpg
    will get 5G network option via an OTA update....but when you will provide such update?

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  11. DanDope
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    DanDope , via OnePlus Nord , Mar 24, 2021 :
    Please 🙏 I'm begging OnePlus not to switch globally over to ColorOS pretty please, I'm a new OnePlus convert and the only reason I switched was purely for Oxygen OS, I was brought over from the Dark side (IOS) and don't want Darth (Tim Cook) Vader to capture me again PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE

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  14. Dunonores , via OnePlus 8 Pro Onyx Black , Mar 25, 2021 :
    I have the same question. Bought my 8Plus in China and the best thing was to switch to OOS.

  15. J1616587202706
    Cupcake Mar 25, 2021

    J1616587202706 , via OnePlus 8 Pro , Mar 25, 2021 :
    Indeed it will be a good decision for the China mainland users,but there are a lot users outside china,they love the Oxygen OS,even I'm one of them,I bought the 8 pro just because of Oxygen OS,but now this news is bad for me,bacause I use a chinese variant and I don't want to use Color OS forcefully. Please include this option that the users can use either Oxygen or the Color OS,based on their will,it will be a great relief for the users outside China mainland please consider this @Gary C.

  16. J1616587202706
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    J1616587202706 , via OnePlus 8 Pro , Mar 25, 2021 :
    Global versions will have Oxygen,color os is for the China mainland and chinese variants only

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    roopzez , via OnePlus 6T , Mar 25, 2021 :
    Please don't give them ideas. Colour os is nothing compared to Oxygen os