Update about Operating System in Mainland China

  1. mouzas
    Cupcake Mar 25, 2021

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    Cupcake Mar 25, 2021

  3. DanDope
    Cupcake Mar 25, 2021

  4. mouzas
    Cupcake Mar 26, 2021

    mouzas , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Mar 26, 2021 :
    Worth the Wait Or try oxygen 11 that just dropped?

  5. iamrj
    Ice Cream Sandwich Mar 26, 2021

    iamrj , via OnePlus 6 , Mar 26, 2021 :
    Due to their software lacks, Android 10 was released twice on OTA updates because after releasing twice yet rear camera, blur noisy pictures, zooming picture quality issues, while lines while clicking landscape pictures are yet to be fixed buddy!

    According to OnePlus they have updated twice, but most of the user know it was a disaster spoiling premium phones and to launch new smartphones in market.

    The main reason is also they stop production of OnePlus 6 then later OnePlus7 & 7T was launched, it's all about marketing and tactics played by OnePlus company which people will never forget.

    Truth is truth, no doubt on that buddy! 🧐

  6. Arjun_Choudhry
    KitKat Mar 26, 2021

    Arjun_Choudhry , Mar 26, 2021 :
    I have 3 OP 6/6T devices and none of them faced the issues you mentioned, even on Open Beta, which I always use.
    And OnePlus always stops the production of the older devices a couple of months before the launch of the next series. This has been the case since the OPO, and it's known to everyone who cares to search about the company policy

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  7. iamrj
    Ice Cream Sandwich Mar 26, 2021

    iamrj , via OnePlus 6 , Mar 26, 2021 :
    Yes, I read your threads that terms you might not face issues.
    After the latest updates released on OnePlus 6 they very first message is clearly writen by a user in simple english "please fixed the camera performance" all users aren't psycho writing such things on threads they also travel, they also have their families and friends just to fix this small issue why they keep waiting them for a long period like a 🐕, if they don't have to give further updates then atleast they can fixed rear camera. They themselves losing their own reputation but annoying customers and I feel pity on OP 5 & 5T users they expect something good in last then show EOL without fixing several issues I had a friend who had showed me his phone it was really disgusting and very very rude behaviour from this company not all users had faced issues but those who had faced issues had a very hard time deal with OnePlus !

    Dear @Gary C. and @Abdul B. please fixed all unexpected issues on our premium varient 256 GB it would be really great in the end we don't accept such pathetic services from OnePlus company, I feel sad to write such things on threads but can't help it. I hope you guys understand this. Awaiting a response from your 🔚 🙏🏻

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  8. Z1579352906569 , via OnePlus 8 Pro , Mar 27, 2021 :
    Eventually, will all BBK sister companies (including OnePlus, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, etc ) use the same OS? Is that the grand design?
    I don't mind, even if it means getting used to. Only thing is, that leaves OnePlus competing only on price points, as hardware differences are also getting smaller, and others are catching up.

  9. moishi71
    Cupcake Mar 29, 2021

    moishi71 , via OnePlus 6T , Mar 29, 2021 :
    I live in china , i ordered 3 devices in china ,
    the color os will be global system with all languages ? said:
    i will can change the os to oxygen ? Who can confirm it ?

  10. AlloTomato
    Honeycomb Apr 1, 2021

    AlloTomato , via OnePlus 8 Pro , Apr 1, 2021 :
    Brother Xiaomi is not a part of bbk, you might have mistaken realme with Xiaomi

  11. I1593116892027
    Cupcake Apr 4, 2021

  12. Immi007
    Gingerbread Apr 14, 2021

  13. Ali18
    Gingerbread Apr 15, 2021

    Ali18 , via OnePlus 8T , Apr 15, 2021 :
    Wonder how this will affect limited phones like the Cyberpunk that run HOS and is customized software for that phone only

  14. S.Nc
    Cupcake Apr 15, 2021

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  15. SyamKG
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 17, 2021

    SyamKG , via OnePlus 8T , Apr 17, 2021 :
    I've been using colour os for quite a while now...and I can reassure that it's a pretty solid OS out there. With oppo, realme having some bloatware apps like their own app market browser etc..

    But it is solid, robust and stable. By the way, Oxygen OS is no longer close to stock..

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