1. cyanogen
    Stefanie Kondik Aug 16, 2014

    cyanogen , Aug 16, 2014 :
    Just a quick update on the power issue in 30O..

    Two issues that ended up in the build were identified and fixed. They weren't affecting everyone and were subject to hardware variations and timing, but our engineers worked quickly to get them resolved. The first issue was a very low-level system bus problem, while the second was a problem with how the proximity sensor is used to prevent false unlocks from gestures and double taps. We pride ourselves in the performance and low power consumption of 11S, and after these fixes our lab tests show improved numbers vs. 25R! This will go out as a small hotfix as soon as it's approved. Additionally, we are preparing another update in parallel that brings a few new features, a beautified lock screen, audio enhancements, polish on the new features in 30O, and of course bug fixes.

    Both of these new builds are in the final testing and approval phases. I can't give any ETA because we are subject to third parties, but you should see the power hotfix in the next couple of days with the bigger update right on it's heels.

    To ensure this doesn't happen again, we are bulking up our automated test systems to cover more cases, more often. Being a startup is both a blessing and a curse- while we can move fast on issues and updates, we are still building our automation and infrastructure. We depend on your feedback to tell us what we're doing right, as well as wrong! Additionally, we are working hard to reduce the time between updates even further so that they are more manageable.

    Hang in there for just a bit and that unkillable battery will make a triumphant return.

  2. maurini
    Nougat Aug 16, 2014

  3. Robert Jr
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 16, 2014

    Robert Jr , Aug 16, 2014 :

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  4. Vozze
    Gingerbread Aug 16, 2014

    Vozze , Aug 16, 2014 :
    Awesome work Steve!

    Issues occur but you're right on it. That's why CM rocks!

  5. mrjay
    Honeycomb Aug 16, 2014

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  6. topgun1984
    Honeycomb Aug 16, 2014

  7. jim64
    Eclair Aug 16, 2014

    jim64 , Aug 16, 2014 :
    Good stuff Steve ...I've had my ONE a few weeks and its .in my opinion the best mobile on the planet ...

  8. KrishPlusOne
    Jelly Bean Aug 16, 2014

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  9. bcskunk
    Froyo Aug 16, 2014

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  10. jerrah
    Jelly Bean Aug 16, 2014

    jerrah , Aug 16, 2014 :
    sounds awesome. i hope the updates after those work on the camera!

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  11. omarvel0us
    Honeycomb Aug 16, 2014

  12. topgun1984
    Honeycomb Aug 16, 2014

    topgun1984 , Aug 16, 2014 :
    It is cyanogen itself!!!

  13. KrishPlusOne
    Jelly Bean Aug 16, 2014

    KrishPlusOne , Aug 16, 2014 :
    Holy cow... I just googled him.. Sorry for the misunderstanding..
    Yeah he is Cyanogen itself:eek:

  14. Scarchee
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 16, 2014

  15. buzzam
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 16, 2014

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  16. tom5151
    Gingerbread Aug 16, 2014

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  17. kmunir
    Gingerbread Aug 16, 2014

    kmunir , Aug 16, 2014 :
    Great work guys. With this kind of support from you, I trust you more.

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  18. drmartin
    Moderator Moderator Aug 16, 2014

    drmartin , Aug 16, 2014 :
    Awesome work you guys are doing! Thank you!

  19. Mariusz.czaja
    Honeycomb Aug 16, 2014

    Mariusz.czaja , Aug 16, 2014 :
    Looking forward to get this update.

    BTW: the amount of bugs in 30O is very surprising - don't you test before public release?

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  20. kamrul
    Honeycomb Aug 16, 2014

    kamrul , Aug 16, 2014 :
    Nice sharing and also network issue

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