[US and Canada] Extra Stuffing Giveaway - Tell us one way to make OxygenOS even better!

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  1. JHeier
    Cupcake Nov 21, 2019

    JHeier , Nov 21, 2019 :
    My biggest idea would be making individual updates from all OnePlus devices that are oriented around the phones specs and features. Like the fingerprint sensor on the 5T and the swiping functions. The older models of phones could be scaled down and easier on the dated hardware, but still implemented nonetheless.

  2. Cheetosdust
    Starting Point Expert Community Expert Nov 21, 2019

    Cheetosdust , Nov 21, 2019 :
    I would love to celebrate Thanksgiving here in Portugal, but we don't have Turkeys with the size of baby elephants :p

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  3. 604Derek
    Donut Nov 21, 2019

    604Derek , Nov 21, 2019 :

    A password locker would be amazing

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  4. TmobileExpert
    Cupcake Nov 21, 2019

    TmobileExpert , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Nov 21, 2019 :
    I would love to be able to hide icon that I do not use but need to be on the system for a cleaner look. on that same note a way to make folder or tabs in the app drawer would be amazing!

  5. Arnab_1997
    Froyo Nov 21, 2019

    Arnab_1997 , via OnePlus 5 , Nov 21, 2019 :
    Buy ONEPLUS 5 THEN![e]1f602[/e]

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  6. O1560733906345
    Donut Nov 21, 2019

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  7. Arnab_1997
    Froyo Nov 21, 2019

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  8. O1560733906345
    Donut Nov 21, 2019

    O1560733906345 , Nov 21, 2019 :
    oh sorry mate I meant on my one plus 7pro I don't see the time. I can get percentage.

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  9. Xoroxa
    Cupcake Nov 21, 2019

  10. godeajinkya
    Cupcake Nov 21, 2019

  11. R1574005656633
    Cupcake Nov 21, 2019

  12. alteredtech
    Froyo Nov 22, 2019

    alteredtech , via OnePlus 7T , Nov 22, 2019 :
    I would like a better phone app like on the iPhone where you could just tap on the icons next to their name for video calling and messaging. I want to get things done quicker and I want the experience to be simple.

  13. Sandman68
    Cupcake Nov 22, 2019

  14. DiscountJohn
    Cupcake Nov 22, 2019

    DiscountJohn , Nov 22, 2019 :
    Just completely theming the device, custom backgrounds, accents (I know that exists), all that good stuff. Good lock equivalent for Lock Screen and recents menu especially, all that good customization stuffs.

  15. 1plus_batman
    Gingerbread Nov 22, 2019

  16. shannonxtreme
    Eclair Nov 22, 2019

    shannonxtreme , Nov 22, 2019 :
    I would like to see OnePlus work with more carriers to provide VoLTE and Wifi Calling support. I'm on Koodo in Canada and I'm surprised to see neither of these are supported.

    On the Koodo forums, one staff member mentioned that the roadblock is that OnePlus has not expressed interest in submitting devices to be certified for these features. Would be great to see that happen!

  17. enkendu
    Cupcake Nov 22, 2019

    enkendu , Nov 22, 2019 :
    Personally I would love to have a feature that gave exact details of all information that was being collected from my device from using Android OS along with ALL apps, so I know who and what data is being collected from me, and then giving me the option to block that data from being collected, even from the point of making my smart device seem anonymous to anything trying to collect my data. I would feel more secure that way in every way. knowing who and what was listening in on my device and what data they were gathering... This would basically be an extension of the already awesome feature that lets me allow apps to use my location only as long as I have that app opened...

    When I say anonymous, I mean blocking apps from knowing my phone's unique Guids, numbers, (IMEI?), etc that can be collected whenever you connect to a wifi... this data I find intrusive and I do not like people like Google, Facebook, etc knowing always where I am and what I am doing simply by connecting to wifi anywhere. I do not know all the implications of this request, but I do like having control of who is buying and selling my data of all kinds...
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  18. Antonio_Luis
    Froyo Nov 22, 2019

    Antonio_Luis , via OnePlus 7T , Nov 22, 2019 :
    Something that I would love to see added to Oxygen OS is the ability to force 90hz on a PER APP basis. This would give us a little bit control over what we'd want to have in 90hz as well possibly save battery life for the apps we'd like to keep in 60hz. There are some apps that I would love to have running at 90hz all the time and some that I feel I don't really need it to. this would be an amazing addition to the OS.

    I'd also love for you guys to bring back the option on Android 10 to hide the notch. [e]1f60a[/e]


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  19. MosheG1
    The Lab - OnePlus 8 Pro Reviewer Nov 22, 2019

    MosheG1 , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Nov 22, 2019 :
    great idea!

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