USB C to USB C cable not supported

  1. jejecule
    Cupcake Jan 19, 2022

    jejecule , Jan 19, 2022 :

    I recently got some charging issues with original warp charger on my two years old Oneplus 8 pro.
    Fast charging is not working anymore and charging is random, sometimes it works sometimes not.
    I bought a USBC charger and usb c to usb c cable, but when i plug the phone, it won't work either, phone starts flickering but does not charge.
    If i plug the phone on the usb c port of my Mac same issue. So only way to charge the phone is with a standard charger and usb A to usb C cable.
    Is this a compatibility issue of the Oneplus 8 pro battery, is it a battery issue that need to be changed?

    Note that same cables and chargers are working with Xiaomi or Huawei devices.

    Thanks for your support.

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