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  1. Swejuggalo
    OnePlus 9 Series Expert Community Expert Oct 28, 2020

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  2. Gio567full
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 30, 2020

  3. YRJ
    The Lab - OnePlus 7T Reviewer; Community Hero 2020 Oct 30, 2020

    YRJ , Oct 30, 2020 :
    Can I "pretend" to be in Europe? :D
    It's the WFH era anyways. :p

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  4. MrWapakels
    Cupcake Oct 30, 2020

  5. Mr. BG
    Community Hero 2020 Oct 30, 2020

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  6. mojoyoyo77
    Assistant Head Moderator Assistant Head Moderator Oct 30, 2020

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  7. Vito B.
    Digital Media Manager Europe Staff Member Oct 30, 2020

    Vito B. , Oct 30, 2020 :
    Hi everyone,

    Selected users will be contacted shortly ;-)

    Thank you all for your participation and take care.

    Never Settle

  8. Mr. BG
    Community Hero 2020 Oct 30, 2020

    Mr. BG , Oct 30, 2020 :

    Have a good weekend, hope you can still go outside...

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  9. Gio567full
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 30, 2020

    Gio567full , Oct 30, 2020 :
    What good news!!:grin: Let's hope well, we care a lot.

  10. SeanPlus
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 30, 2020

    SeanPlus , Oct 30, 2020 :
    Thanks for the update @Vito B. I've been checking my inbox (and junk mail, just in case) every other hour. 😅
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  11. daavid1995
    Eclair Oct 30, 2020

  12. V1604075890954
    Cupcake Oct 30, 2020

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  13. philos64
    Community Hero 2020 Oct 30, 2020

  14. Niklasg85
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 30, 2020

    Niklasg85 , Oct 30, 2020 :

  15. M Mihai Tudor
    Froyo Oct 30, 2020

    M Mihai Tudor , via OnePlus 8 Pro , Oct 30, 2020 :
    Dear ONEPLUS,

    I have a Oneplus 8 Pro EU IN2023, running Oxygen OS 11 Stable build 11.IN11BA.

    On a 1000 euro phone that supports VoLTE, VoWiFi and 5G, I have neither of them.The phone launched more than 6 months ago and it still doesn't have the features you advertised in the specifications list.My contract is 5G enabled with VoLTE and VoWiFi at Digi.Mobil Romania.

    I switched from a Huawei P40 Pro 5G, which had EVERYTHING (5G, VoLTE, VoWiFi, better camera, better battery life) working perfect, except GMS. I depend on the Google Mobile Services for my job.

    I paid 50% more than on the Huawei, for a Oneplus 8 "Pro" with a larger screen that crushes colors in low light environment, bad battery life (at 60 Hz) compared to Huawei, OK-ish camera, NO 5G, NO VoLTE, NO VoWiFi, NO visible speed difference compared to the Huawei, weaker signal, etc...

    How long should we wait for something that should have been available out of the box?


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  16. vishnubkm
    Eclair Oct 31, 2020

    vishnubkm , Oct 31, 2020 :
    @GaryC aren't you ashamed to make fake promises..One plus has really turned into a horrible local cheap chinese brand....Even a road side mobile repair shop guy can learn coding and develop an OS in 5 months.but your so called 'high end' developers can't even fix some bugs even after 6 months...I am really shocked and feel pity...Mark my word the downside of Oneplus has already started with Oneplus 5/5T....

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  17. Niklasg85
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 2, 2020

    Niklasg85 , Nov 2, 2020 :
    Please report it under suggestions in the community app.
    link to report tool here -> https://forums.oneplus.com/feedback/

  18. Niklasg85
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 2, 2020

    Niklasg85 , Nov 2, 2020 :
    Have you been reporting thoose bugs? Can you see that anyone elE has reported the same bugs?
    Had you tried to reinstall the phone.

    you can report it here -> https://forums.oneplus.com/feedback/

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