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    Tamashi , Apr 15, 2015 :
    Living in Belgium, Couldn't wait to upgrade, so just downloaded the update and installed it on the boot screen. No technical knowledge or modifications required. Just follow the instructions on screen. I just checked the build I downloaded, and it matches exactly with the OTA build. So those who don't want to wait, just attach your phone to the computer, download the update and reboot while holding down the lower volume button.\

    Edit: Here you go: https://forums.oneplus.net/threads/cm12s-now-available.296365/

    It's better to download it with your computer than with your phone anyway. Your computer will download it much faster than your mobile network.

    Edit again: Be sure to back up your phone before doing the install. You might lose everything on your phone if you have no backup. At least, if you follow the given instructions on the download page. They are as follows:
    1)Download the zip
    2)Place it in your phone memory.
    3)Reboot into recovery(I flashed it with TWRP)
    4)Wipe Cache(Factory Reset) and Install the zip.
    5) You are done!!!

    I didn't wipe my cache, neither did I do a Factory Reset, and I kept everything I had on my phone before. What takes the longest is the applications to update, including the Google Store. I had about 143 apps to update, including system files.

    I didn't see a change log yet, but from what I can tell, I like the update a lot so far. Haven't ran into any bugs yet.
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    Niels_Andersen , Apr 15, 2015 :
    No, you're just a retard trying to protect useless threads that are 100 times duplicate and obiously you didn't even realize that the OTA does not depend on location, nor on build date and that senior members and mods already asked to please not open this kind of threads cause they are misleading to not so experienced members.
    But as you don't get this, how should you understand the rest?
    You can be so proud cause your're no snitch, you're a bullshit protector, a really worthless member of the community, congrats!

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