News Valorant is coming to Mobile!

  1. Bhaveee
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    Bhaveee , Jun 7, 2021 :

    Hey Community,

    I have very exciting news for all of you, especially for the gamers out there.

    On June 2, 2020, Riot announced their free-to-play, first-person shooter game Valorant for PC. The game went on to become a huge sensation and has been breaking records on platforms like Twitch – like “single-day hours watched record in a single game category” with 34 million hours watched since its launch.

    And now the game might come to the mobile platform soon.

    What is Valorant?
    Valorant is Riot's take on the first-person shooter genre.

    Riot is behind the famous games Legends of Runeterra and League of Legends. If you played any of them you'll know they have their own unique character abilities system and Valorant is no different. Some say it is like if Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and Overwatch had a child. Some say it’s just a CS:GO clone with more cartoonish graphics. But those who have played the game, always end up saying it is more exciting than any other FPS.

    EaAzJ_-WsAIg4KC.png EVplNU2UwAMQP0B.png wp6012388-valorant-wallpapers.jpg wp6012389-valorant-wallpapers.jpg wp6012391-valorant-wallpapers.jpg wp6012401-valorant-wallpapers.jpg wp6012404-valorant-wallpapers.jpg wp6012436-valorant-wallpapers.jpg wp6012451-valorant-wallpapers.jpg

    How does it play?
    The game has a similar game style to CS:GO. There will be 2 teams of 5 called Attackers (Terrorists) and Defenders (Counter-Terrorists). Attackers have to plant the Spike (bomb) in the planting sites and Defenders have to prevent attackers from doing so either by eliminating all or stalling till the time runs out. The game has two halves each consist of 12 rounds. The team that wins 13 rounds first wins the match. At half-time Defenders and Attackers interchange sides.

    valorant-color-changes.gif ThirstyConstantDarklingbeetle-max-1mb.gif valorant-spike-plant.jpeg breeze_1.jpeg haven4.jpeg bind4.jpeg ascent3.jpeg icebox_1.jpeg split3.jpeg

    Why is Valorant so “Hyped”?
    Valorant has a nice balance of team-play and solo play. Let me explain.

    Every character in-game (or Agents as they are referred to) has a set of unique abilities. Some can fly, some can produce smoke screens, some can throw Molotov (Mollies), and some can even reveal the location of the enemy by using something that resembles a wallhack. And if that's not impressive there's even an agent who freaking revives dead teammates and a ghostly agent that can teleport anywhere on the map!

    No one agent can do everything, as we have seen in CS:GO. You have to coordinate with your teammates to get that “W”. It also mixes the agents’ abilities well with the gunplay.

    jett.gif sova.gif omen.gif sage.gif EZr6ug0X0AAjrMj.jpg

    Why is the Mobile version exciting?
    Remember the PUBG days? Well, Riot has similar plans for their game. Unlike other competitive shooters, Riot has the vision to reach more people and the best way to start is a mobile version. Mobile versions of such games grab more attention as everybody can easily access the game without any dedicated hardware or a high-end gaming rig. It was also rumored that the game might end up in consoles but for now, we have no confirmation on that.

    I personally play Valorant and I am a SOVA main. For those who have played the game and are wondering, my rank is Silver 3.

    I am personally very excited to see if this move is equal if not greater to PUBGM. I am curious to see how players make line-ups, tips & tricks, and what new mechanisms and tactics are developed in this mobile version.

    So what do you guys think about this?
    Will it have a big impact on mobile gaming like PUBGM did?
    What do you think of the competitive aspect of the mobile version?

    Let me know in the comments below.
    Till then keep grinding those ranks and practice those crisp one-taps.

    That being said
    This is @Bhaveee
    GGs !!!!
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    robinsm , via OnePlus 5 , Jun 7, 2021 :
    Certainly.. nice thread

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    anunayC , via OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition , Jun 7, 2021 :
    I don't like this 😬😬 I play valorant on PC.
    And so does @Dibyajyoti Deb as far as I know :).

    Valorant as a game is very control driven game. And is also aim based like CSGO. There are a lot of controls on PC. Mobile is going to be even worse control wise.

    I don't see this going well tbh.

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    Iamutsav.p , via OnePlus 7T , Jun 7, 2021 :
    It's gonna be really big and really a challenge to BGMI and COD but considering that it's FPS compared to TPS, it'll have its own audience and play styles. It'll be fun to see when it's out!

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    There are a set of people who would disagree with this, for those, reality is more important than fake animation and fantasy like games.

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    Yeah...FPS games are often worse on phones...

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