Vape VS Cigarette

  1. AlexLandryS
    Jelly Bean Aug 20, 2014

    AlexLandryS , Aug 20, 2014 :
    Our government is working on reforming the law about that, but as you might guess, the tobacco lobby is pretty strong and working agaisnt any change... So...

  2. Mr Majestic
    Honeycomb Aug 20, 2014

    Mr Majestic , Aug 20, 2014 :
    Neither, used to smoke - stupidest thing ever! Why not just suck on an exhaust pipe of a running car?
    And now this whole vape/e-cig nonsense is just glorifying smoking. People should harden the FK up and take giving up smoking seriously (took me a few attempts but i got here) instead of using placebo products.