[Video] Unboxing and hands-on with the JBL E1+ headphones

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    K.P. Smith , Nov 19, 2014 :
    Hey Everyone -

    Here is my video regarding the JBL W1+ headphones for the OnePlus One. If you enjoy my videos please be sure to thumbs up the video on YouTube, and subscribe to my YouTube channel. Enjoy!

    In the video I don't give an actual opinion of the headphones so I'll share that here; personally, I'd buy two pairs of the silver bullets or two pairs of Xiaomi pistons before i buy another pair of these. The plastic feels really cheap and the knurled metal so close to your ears (which are very sensitive skin) was a stupid design idea. A couple of times now I've accidentally bumped the knurled metal against my ear and it's annoying.

    EDIT - I pushed an annotation to the video but Vol + seems to work for taking creeper shots using the inline controls.

    If volume + and - only zoom in and out for you then you probably have the zoom function associated with the volume action. Open CM camera > Settings > General > uncheck volume zoom.

    Also, this functionality should work with most (all?) headphones with inline controls made for Android devices.
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