Virtual Audio Cable for / on Android?

  1. KiLiBoSZ
    Gingerbread Feb 8, 2017

    KiLiBoSZ , Feb 8, 2017 :
    Hi there,
    I've asked myself if there is a "Virtual audio cable" app for Android out there ?

    Best regards,

  2. Mr. BG
    Marshmallow Feb 8, 2017

    Mr. BG , Feb 8, 2017 :
    I've been wondering if there is a virtual nose hair clipper app.

    Or what about a virtual Ferrari app, so you can look cool on Saturday night?

    Also, I'd really like that virtual bombshield app to protect me while in the middle East.

    Great ideas, right?

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  3. Bartnl
    Lollipop Feb 8, 2017

    Bartnl , Feb 8, 2017 :
    A google search learned me in 5 seconds that there isn't, as you need to edit core files of you Android phone.
    Have a google for it and you can read a lot more about it

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  4. KiLiBoSZ
    Gingerbread Feb 8, 2017

    KiLiBoSZ , Feb 8, 2017 :
    Dude, I've searched a lot about vac but haven't found an solution ( easy ) so I wanted to ask the community here if they know... I don't need to ask you guys if I can google it....
    Makes me sad to be offended for a simple and, in my opinion, interesting question!

  5. KiLiBoSZ
    Gingerbread Feb 8, 2017

    KiLiBoSZ , Feb 8, 2017 :
    A simple "I DONT KNOW" or "NO" would have been enough.

  6. Bartnl
    Lollipop Feb 9, 2017

    Bartnl , Feb 9, 2017 :
    It was not meant to be offended.
    Just trying to explain that with a search you could have read that his is a Windows thing, and that there is no alternative for Android for the reason I gave in another post.
    That's all I was trying to explain to you.

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  7. KiLiBoSZ
    Gingerbread Feb 9, 2017

    KiLiBoSZ , Feb 9, 2017 :
    Thanks a lot :) Wasn't meant to be angry or something like that :)

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