Sound voice on phone calls is garbled

  1. gperotin478
    Cupcake Oct 24, 2019

    gperotin478 , Oct 24, 2019 :
    Updated to 10 on my 6T Mclaren, phone calls are garbled. not able to understand person on other end of phone.

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  2. Coquettto
    Donut Oct 25, 2019

  3. Fkhawaja
    Cupcake Oct 26, 2019

    Fkhawaja , Oct 26, 2019 :
    I'm having the same issue on my OP 6t since upgrade.. Any suggestions? I'm in Simple Mobile network (that goes off of T-Mobile).

  4. Thetoolmandar68
    Cupcake Oct 28, 2019

  5. Michael.G.K
    Froyo Oct 28, 2019

    Michael.G.K , Oct 28, 2019 :
    Yes this is occurring with me also.
    The other party cannot understand me - voice on regular calling is unintelligible.
    Other voice applications (e.g. Google Duo are fine).
    This is a phone (6T) purchased from Oneplus on T-Mobile network upgraded to Android 10 open beta. I've tried disabling VOLTE and VOWiFi but nothing fixed the problem.
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  6. Coquettto
    Donut Oct 29, 2019

  7. Michael.G.K
    Froyo Oct 30, 2019

    Michael.G.K , Oct 30, 2019 :
    On another forum, the fix was given as turning on/off the speaker function on a call. I tried this and it worked.

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  8. Coquettto
    Donut Oct 30, 2019

    Coquettto , Oct 30, 2019 :
    I will check it out...thanks

  9. Coquettto
    Donut Oct 30, 2019

  10. Michael.G.K
    Froyo Oct 30, 2019

    Michael.G.K , Oct 30, 2019 :
    When you make a call, there's the ability to use the speaker (speaker icon)

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  11. Coquettto
    Donut Oct 30, 2019

  12. Michael.G.K
    Froyo Oct 30, 2019

    Michael.G.K , Oct 30, 2019 :
    You don't have to keep it on, you just need to toggle it. (and I think it's just once ... maybe after reboot but I don't know)

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  13. RDaneel2
    Cupcake Jun 1, 2020

    RDaneel2 , Jun 1, 2020 :
    For anyone finding this in a search, I just had this identical problem with the Android 10 "final" release for my 5t... and the suggestion of toggling the "speakerphone" button on and off works great! :)

    As an additional detail, people on the other end of the call heard me fine - but all I could hear was something like an insect buzzing - very much like the old Star Trek episode with the civilization running at greatly increased speed. ;)

    Note that this [apparently] only has to be done once after the update - the "fix" sticks.

  14. G_Vladimir_Kroz_UJSz
    Cupcake Jul 13, 2020

    G_Vladimir_Kroz_UJSz , Jul 13, 2020 :
    Worked for me on 5T model. Thanks a lot an advice!

  15. dpaden50
    Cupcake Jul 20, 2020

    dpaden50 , Jul 20, 2020 :
    Worked for our 5T phones too! Thanks RDaneel2!

  16. riprapzap
    Cupcake Jul 22, 2020

    riprapzap , Jul 22, 2020 :
    I have 6t with 10.3.4 OS and also have bad quality call sound on my earpiece.
    I tried the toggle mode, but nothing changed.
    I also hard reset the phone...
    I didn't pay attention to it, but I believe after the update to 10.3.4 OS started this.
    Any other suggestions?

  17. riprapzap
    Cupcake Aug 2, 2020

    riprapzap , via OnePlus 6T , Aug 2, 2020 :
    I have updated os to v. 10.3.5, on my earpiece sound is same, it's hard to understand what the caller from other end is talking, sound is bad.

  18. Caomhin
    Lollipop Aug 2, 2020

    Caomhin , via OnePlus 6T , Aug 2, 2020 :
    Do a Full Factory Reset

    This will restore you to a fresh installation of Android. So you will need to backup your phone.

    After Backing up the phone.

    Go to Settings,
    Reset Options,
    Enable Erase Internal Storage.

    Then click on the Delete All Data button.

    Once done, use the phone for a couple of days without adding apps to check for issues with just the raw fresh OOS only.

    Only introduce previous 3rd party apps gradually over 2 weeks to see if any particular app or apps drain the battery

    For more info on how to backup your phone, check the solutions here.


    And here


  19. riprapzap
    Cupcake Aug 2, 2020

    riprapzap , via OnePlus 6T , Aug 2, 2020 :
    I did a hard reset last week or so already, sound is the same. Checked with SIM from another provider, on Facebook messenger and what's app voice call. I will do another hard reset tommorow, but I tend to believe that the earpiece is broken. So I will send it for warranty.

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