Volte and VoWifi problem via OnePlus 7T

  1. Manjeet988
    Cupcake Sep 28, 2021

    Manjeet988 , via OnePlus 7T , Sep 28, 2021 :
    After the new update I'm having problem with my OnePlus 7T device it's volte vanishes after every 1-2 hr I already have contacted the local network but they said it's your device issue. If anyone had or resolved this issue help me

  2. mjrtoo
    Eclair Sep 28, 2021

    mjrtoo , via OnePlus 7T , Sep 28, 2021 :
    Same problem, along with Bluetooth and media audio issues. I believe it all stems from the phone thinking in a call when I'm not. If I use the volume control I this state it shows I'm adjusting call volume.


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  4. Digvijay.24
    Cupcake Sep 29, 2021

    Digvijay.24 , via OnePlus 7T , Sep 29, 2021 :
    Same issue but with Jio, and when someone calls me, they hear that I am on another call..when i am not.
    Another issue is with the bluetooth connectivity, hearing disturbance with OnePlus wireless z neckband

  5. Hectorponce235
    Cupcake Sep 29, 2021

    Hectorponce235 , Sep 29, 2021 :
    Yo actualize mi oneplus9 a la versión anterior y fue un desastre no funcionaba nada se fueron muchas funciones reinicios aleatorios muy frecuentes gad tuve que enviarlo a reparar y lo desinstalaron ellos por qué yo tampoco pude volver a Android 11