VoLTE Testing after upgrade to 3.2.1

  1. lkosova
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 5, 2016

    lkosova , Aug 5, 2016 :
    Can you please report back in a few days with update. I sideloaded with 3.2.1 and all seemed improved then a few days later......... Issues returned.

    I agree with something about the Ota..... Just went with Ota and now will have to sideload. I sent logs in also etc but never heard back and no response when pm-img them which they said to due..... Listening Adam and Tom? o_O

  2. dwlimf
    Froyo Aug 5, 2016

    dwlimf , Aug 5, 2016 :
    OK will report back after a few days.

    I am hoping for the best outcome no more issues.

  3. lkosova
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 5, 2016

    lkosova , Aug 5, 2016 :
    Good luck...... Could you or someone help me out. So I followed the instructions. About 1.5 weeks ago OP tech support helped me sideload since things were not working. I have adb etc on computer. We had to use miniadb and fastboot since the main one would not work on my windows 10 computer.

    My device is recognized and have developer section turned on. When I go to command prompt I type in adb sideload oxygenos.zip with zip renamed from download. Press enter and nothing. I try to drag and drop or copy or paste into command prompt and nothing. Tech had issues also and forgot how he got passed this but......

    On the command prompt (it is run as administrator) it says system 32.....I think that is the problem and don't know how to get to the correct command prompt.....

    Any insight would be great. All drivers etc from like 2 weeks ago are on the computer.


  4. dobiegillis
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 6, 2016

    dobiegillis , Aug 6, 2016 :
    I sideloaded 3.2.2 yesterday evening. So far so good but I didn't make many calls today. I'm still fighting a bit with Bluetooth in my Chrysler 300/Uconnect but may be unrelated.

  5. lkosova
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 6, 2016

    lkosova , Aug 6, 2016 :
    I use Soundbot Bluetooth since an older car without blue tooth and it works great with OP3

  6. prashant sahni
    Jelly Bean Aug 9, 2016

    prashant sahni , Aug 9, 2016 :
    I am running stock os

  7. dobiegillis
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 9, 2016

    dobiegillis , Aug 9, 2016 :
    I turned VoLTE back off. It worked better after a sideload of 3.2.2 but still had calls cut in and out while driving.