Warning about OnePlus 9 Variant Officially Sold in India

  1. kKoI1233
    Gingerbread Apr 16, 2021

    kKoI1233 , Apr 16, 2021 :
    Here's another difference between US/GLOBAL and the IN version, the IN version has dual SIM and the US version doesn't

    Not really in favor of the narrative here but I do hate that OnePlus is starting to make artificial limitations based on regions rather than limitations by model (which would allow us the users to choose what limitations we agree with and which ones we don't)

  2. vamsi_mohan
    Eclair Apr 17, 2021

    vamsi_mohan , via OnePlus 6 , Apr 17, 2021 :
    When a pro version is launched you get the older version for cheaper price, those who bought it early feels deceived. This is the trend from 6T. Launching different variants with different features increase their sales(with/without wireless charging). Let the consumer decide what he needs, how come OnePlus decide based on country or whatever their reasons are.

  3. Loki9553
    Froyo Apr 17, 2021

  4. Saberoth
    Cupcake Apr 18, 2021

    Saberoth , Apr 18, 2021 :
    Let's look at a situation when I travel out of India. Does your statement indicate I buy a new phone ? Your logic has no sense and stop defending it.

    OnePlus should have been upfront about the fallouts. Being a hard-core fan of OnePlus and owning almost every other series, it's truly disappointing. The cost of OnePlus has been on the rise with every series. When companies are introducing gimbal stabilizers these days, OIS has been removed from the 9 series. Pricing depends on various facors like import durties, location etc. Even the competition has different pricing in different countries, so let's not justify that as well. Launch the same model worldwide, true fans would buy it even if it costs a few thousands more. The issue is not about whether the 15W wireless charging capability was included or not (I am sure at least more than half of us wouldn't use it), it's about hurting the sentiments of the people in a country. Sorry, I feel like we are being side lined with Carl Pei's exit. Hope this gets into your thoughts for the future.
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  5. vivekgokulraj
    Honeycomb Apr 22, 2021

    vivekgokulraj , via OnePlus 9R , Apr 22, 2021 :
    Ha ha. Does cost of living in uk and india are same?? Which is the biggest market to OnePlus other than china?? What is the average per capita income of individual in uk compared to china. All this are considered for pricing. Don't plainly compare phone pricing by taking conversion rate into account. If suddenly (not going to happen anyway) indian currency gets stronger and what if 170 euros gets equal to 170 rupees.?

  6. The fraggle
    Honeycomb Apr 22, 2021

    The fraggle , Apr 22, 2021 :
    Uneducated. The UK doesn't use euros so I couldn't care less.

  7. vivekgokulraj
    Honeycomb Apr 22, 2021

    vivekgokulraj , via OnePlus 9R , Apr 22, 2021 :
    It's doesn't matter to me either on whatever currency uk uses. Sorry for being uneducated scholor

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