Washed out colors even on AMOLED Wide Gamut


Washed out colors on the OP Nord ?

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  1. Wacu
    Eclair Jul 29, 2020

    Wacu , Jul 29, 2020 :
    coming from the Oneplus 6 the colors seem super washed out to me. They change little to nothing when switching between the display modes. I know the OP6 AMOLED colors where bit punchy so i expected them to be more evened out but right now it just looks like its more of an grey layer over everything.

    Anyone else experiencing similar?

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  2. guesty
    Cupcake Aug 1, 2020

    guesty , Aug 1, 2020 :
    Same experience here coming from the oneplus 5.. any idea if that's a software issue or just one of the tradeoffs of a cheaper phone?

  3. Wacu
    Eclair Aug 1, 2020

    Wacu , Aug 1, 2020 :
    Hopefully something they can fix with software but not 100% sure. I thought the panels they use are decent so I'm surprised it looks this bland.. TBH I don't understand how it made it through reviews like this...

  4. guesty
    Cupcake Aug 1, 2020

    guesty , via OnePlus Nord , Aug 1, 2020 :
    Haha yep same thought here. Feels like an okay phone (good for the price?) but a bit of a disappointment when I loved the 5 so much.. Fingers crossed for some updates. Maybe some more balanced reviews will come out in the meantime too..

  5. Does!Compute
    KitKat Aug 1, 2020

    Does!Compute , Aug 1, 2020 :
    The OP6, after the Android 10 update, somehow messed up the calibration, I guess. It was way too punchy. I used to like the screen saturation till android 9, but android 10 made it look like those old Samsung flagships with crazy saturation, which ended up looking cartoonish. My 8 Pro initially felt a little undersaturared, but over a couple of days, I felt it was a lot easier on the eyes, and still vibrant enough.
    Do try making the colour temperature cooler, as it makes the colour pop a little for, atleast for me

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  6. guesty
    Cupcake Aug 2, 2020

    guesty , via OnePlus Nord , Aug 2, 2020 :
    Thanks for the cooler temperature tip. You were right, you do get used to it.. Think part of the issue is auto brightness doesn't set the screen quite bright enough for me but maybe that's also something I'll get used to..

  7. telemekon
    Donut Aug 2, 2020

    telemekon , Aug 2, 2020 :
    Coming from OP3 here and sadly have to confirm the same. It's immediately noticeable that colors are darker / less saturated, especially in launcher and apps. In my case it's not that evident when watching videos or photos.

    Switching color modes changes very little and cooler/warmer temperature doesn't affect the darker colors.

    Browsing online I came across multiple reports blaming Android 10 and calibration on different OnePlus models, but it's not clear to me if it's possible to be addressed with software update.

    I'm attaching example photos taken with regular camera in full darkness. Not sure if they picture the issue well enough - it seems that it's even more noticeable in reality. Pay attention to reds - they seem to be the most annoying.


    It's also worth pointing out that maximum brightness is lower in general, even if full sunlight. Not bright enough for my tastes for sure.

    May be just me, but it's super annoying :)

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  8. Ruqhaiya Taskeen
    Ice Cream Sandwich Staff Member Aug 3, 2020

    Ruqhaiya Taskeen , Aug 3, 2020 :

    We'll definitely work on the issue reported and we'll do our best to help you. We've got in touch with you via direct message. Looking forward for your response!

    Ruqhaiya Taskeen

  9. Topper_Gas
    KitKat Aug 3, 2020

    Topper_Gas , Aug 3, 2020 :
    I'm noticing the same problem coming from my OP3, TBH I'm finding the whole Nord experience is somewhat MEH, it's disappointing that in 4 years smartphones don't seem to have made hardly any progress, about the only improvement is the under screen FPS but now that means I can see even more washed out real estate! Not sure there's a lot the Nord will do what my OP3 wouldn't if it had the latest Android 10 updates plus a brand new battery.

  10. ahdc
    Eclair Aug 9, 2020

    ahdc , Aug 9, 2020 :
    I've already ordered Nord, by giving into the claims that Nord has 1000 nits of peak brightness and 700 nits of sustained. However, reviewers have tested it to be around 400~ which is about at par with 6T (which is already significantly lower than most flagships). Do you think, the brightness can be an issue for bright sunny environments?

    Also, do you think the whites on the Nord are not as neutral white as they are on the OP3?


  11. telemekon
    Donut Aug 11, 2020

    telemekon , Aug 11, 2020 :
    The whites balance can be adjusted in settings (advanced calibration) so I had no problems with that. I have no idea how to verify these 1000 nits, but the general feeling is definitely that Nord has lower maximum brightness than OP3 and most definitely sets it pretty low when in adaptive mode. In super sunny situations I tend to turn the adaptive mode off and set it to maximum - it's inconvenient, but looks acceptable.

    The biggest problem for me is the color balance that I wasn't able to fix with advanced calibration. No matter if I choose Vivid or other preset and no matter how I fiddle with it, they're always washed out and dull compared to OP3. Much less vibrance and saturation - that I dislike the most.

  12. Awxaiis
    Donut Aug 12, 2020

    Awxaiis , Aug 12, 2020 :

    I'm coming from a OP3T and I've also noticed that on the Nord the whites are less popping. I mostly noticed that on the Nord the keyboard and the notification center/quick settings panel seem to be of a warmer tone compared to chat text or battery percentage of other components which seem to be of proper white balance. This seems to adjust itself 10% of times but the remaining 90% appear to be of a warm tone. Not sure if this issue is related to the vivid screen calibration or adaptive brightness, I've updated to the latest Oxygen Os v 10.5.4 and the issue still persists.

  13. Vignesh1303
    Froyo Aug 20, 2020

    Vignesh1303 , via OnePlus Nord , Aug 20, 2020 :
    The screen just has an yellow and pink shades on light theme and a greenish pink tints on dark theme... But this issue is only on low brightness.. some times the video we try to play goes flickering.. and this happens occasionally

  14. Madhan916
    Cupcake Oct 6, 2020

    Madhan916 , Oct 6, 2020 :
    Bro am having OnePlus 8 pro .comin from samsung s7 edge..this non neutral white and dull colours are annoying.display is not vibrant and punchy in any modes.what to do?

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