We need wireless charging for the 8t even if its not warpcharge


Would you pay $2-$5 more to future-prove your phone with wireless charging?

  1. Yes, its nice to have for the times i might need it, which makes it worth the extra price.

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  2. No, i will probably never use it, its not worth the extra price.

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  1. Christian B
    Cupcake Apr 21, 2020

    Christian B , Apr 21, 2020 :
    One plus phone have gotten more and more expensive over the years, which is in a way understandable when you consider how much more expensive new parts are getting, but there is one key feature still missing from the standard one plus 8. I admit not everyone need wireless but it could really help you out if the time comes where your at an public place and dont have your charger with you. Many think that its really expensive to implement but there have been diy wireless charging mods for years now for $5-$10. This is sadly no longer possible since you cant remove the back glas panel without damaging you water resistance. Adding ws in mass production should cost almost nothing and there are phone under $400 that support it. Also really import, for me at least, is reverse wireless charging. Many of us use true wireless earbuds which also support wireless charging, sometimes you just forget to charge your headphones before going somewhere and reverse wireless charging is always the perfect backup in thees cases. Do you also believe wireless charging should be standard in an $700+ phone? Vote down bellow.

  2. [GG]
    Jelly Bean Apr 21, 2020

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  3. Christian B
    Cupcake Apr 21, 2020

    Christian B , Apr 21, 2020 :
    If you would pay $2-$5 more for the 8t for it to have wireless charging

  4. Loveit
    KitKat Apr 21, 2020

    Loveit , Apr 21, 2020 :