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    Hello everyone,

    A young man, freshly out of college, is waiting in a room looking sharp, with a suit, hair combed and nice new shoes. There is a big clock and some big letters with the name of the company where the room is. A corporate woman comes in and invites the young man into another, smaller room. There are four other young people waiting there, half of them men and the other half women. They are sitting around a table, and there is a board game in top of the table (i.e. Monopoly). The young man takes seat. The corporate woman tells everyone that they have to play the game as part of their interview. They will be watching how they act through a camera, then she leaves.

    They start playing, and we start seeing the different personalities of each one of them. There is the one that cheats, the one that reads very carefully the rules and applies them very strictly, the one that takes fifteen minutes to decide what to do in his/her turn, etc. They all are very competitive, and they start arguing and it all ends up with a big fight that includes pulling the hair, hitting with the high-heels, ripping of shirts, an so on (it is intended to look funny).

    Finally, we see the young man, with a bruised eye, his shirt torn apart and very dirty, seating in front of a person inside an office. The person looks at him coldly, and then says: we will call you.

    aleixforcada_storyboard_1.png aleixforcada_storyboard_2.png aleixforcada_storyboard_3.png aleixforcada_storyboard_4.png aleixforcada_storyboard_5.png aleixforcada_storyboard_6.png aleixforcada_storyboard_7.png aleixforcada_storyboard_8.png aleixforcada_storyboard_9.png aleixforcada_storyboard_10.png

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    I love this kind of stories. Funny without crossing the border between reality and pure sci-fi. It remembers me to the kind of humor some movies from the Coen Brothers and even some scenes of the Tarantino movies in the early 90’s. I also find some of the most human impulses treated as funny as possible. can’t avoid to see the face of Cary Grant in the las scene at the office with his typical face of, “it seems like this is the way it is”.
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    Can’t wait to see it! Great rhythm! I love your drawings, hope you get it! A suit story ;)

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    Yeah, that’s the point. The perfect equilibrium.