Week 127: We Enjoy A Surprise Visit, Break A Curse and Question a Question

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  1. Chris dB Social Media Staff Member May 21, 2016

    Chris dB, May 21, 2016 :
    What’s a week without a Weekly Update? We’re back to give you all the ins and outs that have kept OnePlus HQ talking this week. New developments are a constant over here, and there’s always something new to talk about. Of course, the team is still hard at work to get a series of exciting new developments ready to be shared with you. Please stay tuned!

    This week, HQ was delighted by a surprise visit by @Matt G. , the fuzziest game-loving social media lead you’re likely to ever find. He’s held HQ in its thrall with a never-ending slew of clever one-liners and novel new ideas. If there’s one thing we learned over the past couple of days, it’s that Matt’s a very loving person. And who are we to keep that love to ourselves?

    Last Friday definitely deserved the moniker of ‘unlucky.’ We were all in big trouble in our own way, chainsaws, cursed pendants and more kept us out of from getting a good night’s sleep for days. So, what was this curse all about? And who managed to finally put an end to the fear mongering? Find out in @Nicole Q. ‘s thread explaining everything.

    We heard you liked questions. So we’re asking you a question about our question, so you can answer questions about answering questions. This week the modfather @Adam Krisko wants to hear your opinion about the Question of the Week. This is your chance to let him know what you think should change in the future of the Question of the Week, don’t miss out.

    You still haven’t given your mom anything for Mother’s Day? You monster! Not to worry, you’ve still got a few days left to benefit from our special Mother’s Day free priority shipping event. If you want to surprise your mom with a OnePlus upgrade, don’t miss out on this awesome offer.

    You might remember hearing us talk about taking over the Trocadero in Paris earlier this month? Well, the right person to tell you all about that event has taken to the forums to give you the full scope of what’s been going on. So hover on over to @Akis E post!

    That’ll be all for this week. Prepare yourselves friends, something exciting this way comes.

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    OTA? o_O MinnesOTA? pOTAto? rOTAtion?

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    Well done :D

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