Week 1872: We Capture Cyberspace, Voyage to Mars, and Enable Telepathy

  1. lutti
    KitKat Sep 30, 2017

  2. AntMunny
    KitKat Sep 30, 2017

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  3. sinnedeelyvad
    Donut Oct 1, 2017

    sinnedeelyvad , Oct 1, 2017 :
    Slavery starts all over again. If, you can't contribute intellectually to space traveling then, you will made to do all the many dangerous things in outer space for the intellect. Mark my words.

  4. anupritaisno1
    KitKat Oct 1, 2017

    anupritaisno1 , Oct 1, 2017 :
    When oneplus runs out of stories for a weekly update and instead say hey Chris post that cool extraterrestrial story Carl wrote

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  5. Dukkied
    Honeycomb Oct 1, 2017

    Honeycomb Oct 1, 2017

    RSPBLR , Oct 1, 2017 :
    Quite liked my new oneplus36 . I liked the way it holds my hand and walks with me. You could improve on its cooking skills.Doesnt wrap the kebab well. It drives my car well. At times it makes some errors, can't you make it perfect after taking so long ?.
    Please bring back OIS in op37. Op36 , while it can take great pictures reading my mind with telepathic clicks, it sucks in taking videos during dronemode flyshoots.
    Btw, when is it getting android AC update ?

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  7. _DEDSEC_
    Jelly Bean Oct 1, 2017

    _DEDSEC_ , Oct 1, 2017 :
    Someone needs to slap @Chris dB with a Back To the Future gif.

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  8. ppedersen8008
    Cupcake Oct 1, 2017

    ppedersen8008 , Oct 1, 2017 :
    There are several things I like about my latest OnePlus, first, the breathalyzer feature is helpful. I was enjoying Haagen-Dasz last night (despite FDA warnings on its sugar content) and this morning I found myself feeling a little sick. However, my OnePlus (aka my Jimmy) recognized the growing bacteria and had ordered my immune booster to arrive first thing this morning.

    But there are still some AI problems maybe OnePlus can fix. When I asked my Jimmy what was on my calendar today, he said he booked my flight to New Delphi for later today. I asked why and he said in yesterday's call with Pradeep I said "I would love to see you Sunday" -- I swear I said "someday." Anyhow, my ticket was booked and I was checked in already. So I had to figure out how to reverse it all quickly. My blockchain wallet was depleting quickly and got an alert on unusual payments. Yeah, obviously!

    So, I also can't figure out why my Jimmy waits until the morning to tell me my car battery is low and asks for permission to go recharge. I mean, most cars nowadays don't need permission to recharge while I am sleeping. This caused a 10 minute delay this morning. Quite annoying.

    Oh, also, I got annoyed and said "Whoa Jimmy, you're causing me a heart attack" and he goes "I'm sorry, I don't recognize any heart problems, but I will urgently send a message to your doctor with the details, sending in 5, 4, 3... I'm like, "Excuse me?!" Metaphors still don't do well.

  9. tasawwur_12q
    Gingerbread Oct 1, 2017

  10. Han Arts
    Gingerbread Oct 1, 2017

    Han Arts , Oct 1, 2017 :
    Maybe, in 2049 I will buy my next Oneplus, maybe.... But for now ditched them.

  11. SMIT222
    Gingerbread Oct 2, 2017

  12. SFCable
    Cupcake Oct 2, 2017

  13. cyberdroid
    Cupcake Oct 2, 2017

    cyberdroid , Oct 2, 2017 :
    Yeah, I think we will at last reach the technological singularity. I'll copy my consciousness to the net and there I'll be creating my own universes. I'll remember to plane "NEVER SETTLE" mantra in my digital life.

  14. blackshogun137
    Cupcake Oct 2, 2017

  15. gaster
    Lollipop Moderator Oct 2, 2017

    gaster , Oct 2, 2017 :
    Thanks for the update Chris. I really missed a part of my pass that is the OnePlus One, but i have hopes for the future as well. Do your best and create great things again to be loved in the near future and later being another one favorite part of the past :D

  16. afr0dactyl
    Gingerbread Oct 2, 2017

  17. Louioo
    Honeycomb Oct 3, 2017

    Louioo , Oct 3, 2017 :
    You take the blue pill and the story ends. You wake in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill and you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes. Remember - all I am offering is the truth, nothing more.

  18. rajaspardeshi
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 4, 2017

  19. surajvines
    Cupcake Oct 5, 2017

  20. F_Dries_Suetens_suzY
    Eclair Oct 5, 2017