Week 206: We Pop Up, Set a Record, and Review

  1. Chris dB Social Media Staff Member Nov 24, 2017

    Chris dB, Nov 24, 2017 :
    Since the OnePlus 5T officially dropped in New York, it has set off a storm of sales, reviews, and user stories. The Weekly Update is jumping right into the thick of it with this week’s stories. Of course, we’re talking about our record-setting new device, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have time for Black Friday, the Lab, and cats (I. Love. Cats.) Let’s get right to it.

    Record Breaker
    It takes about 6 hours to fly from New York to San Francisco, in that same time the OnePlus 5T managed to become the fastest selling OnePlus device. Since sales opened, we’ve been keeping a close eye on social media for your first impressions. To say “so far, so good” would be a massive understatement. The OnePlus 5T has already dethroned the fastest smartphones out there as the true king of performance , managed to overcome a dip in the water , and been unboxed in spectacular fashion. We’re thrilled to see how excited you are about our latest flagship. Whenever we release a new device, a wave of anxiety runs through the office. It’s like we’re back in high school, waiting for our grades to come out.

    Super Charged
    When he’s not writing the Week in Review, @Baymax spends his time performing some lit charging comparisons (Among other things, that’s not all he does, that would be crazy). In a recent charging comparison he made just for the OnePlus community, our very own Dash Charge was once again met with a challenger. You’ll have to check out the thread to find out what happened.

    Game Over, Man
    Game over. It’s easy to get swept up in the Black Friday hype when it approaches, but have you ever stopped to wonder why those massive discounts only take effect on one day of the year? At OnePlus, we offer fair prices year round. When we sell a device, you can rest assured that most of it is going back into the development of our phones (with the rest being set aside to feed our staff and their families.) Say no to games this Black Friday. Okay, say no to some games this Black Friday. It’s not like I’m going to stop gaming. Learn more about our Black Friday campaign right HERE

    Like Pop-corn, But With OnePlus
    Our pop-ups rock! That’s not even our opinion, that’s just an objective fact. And the reason they rock, is you. For the launch of the OnePlus 5T, we pulled up in some of the biggest cities around India and Europe. Thousands of OnePlus fans met us in Paris, Belfast, Berlin, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Milan, London, and a host of cities across India. With plenty of free swag to go around, plenty of OnePlus 5Ts, and lots of excellent company, these pop-ups were once again unforgettable. Thanks for turning up everyone. But the party doesn’t stop here! OnePlus is touring across Europe in another Eurotour. Check the thread to find out when we’re in a city near you!

    Cute Cat
    This Wednesday, the entire OnePlus Community was enamored by the most adorable cat photo shot by @G_Amith_Nagh_PEZD . Shot in a beautiful catspect ratio of 4000:9, this shot has to be seen to be believed. Just hope he managed to rescue that kitty before it fell out of the tree. Got any beautiful cat photos of your own? Share them with us on shoton.oneplus.net or on Instagram by tagging #ShotonOnePlus.

    Lab Coats? On!
    The Lab is back in full force for the OnePlus 5T. For the launch of our latest flagship, we sent the ten best reviewers the OnePlus community had to offer a OnePlus 5T to review. Work on their reviews is on-going, but if their first impressions are any indication, these reviews are worth a read. Check out our designated OnePlus 5T for their reviews so far. From in-depth reviews by long-term forum members like @dsmonteiro , to beautifully presented reviews like the one by @justinmullet , there’s a lot to take in here. So, get reading!

    Sea It
    In the hands of a true master, 4K videos recorded on the OnePlus 5T are indisputably resplendent. Gio Gargiulo has long been an avid OnePlus user and camera specialist, and with this beautiful 4K video shot at sea he once again proves his pedigree. Just take a look and try not to be amazed.

    Lights, Camera, Action
    Speaking of the OnePlus 5T camera, we are remit to place a spotlight on Alessandro’s camera review. If you want to find out how the OnePlus 5T’s camera performs in varying conditions, this is the review for you. Beyond the camera, he also shares his thoughts on the other aspects of our latest and greatest. The review also showcases a lot of his finest photos taken with the OnePlus 5T. So, if nothing else, you should check out his blog for the eye candy. Find his review HERE

    That’s all for this week, friends. It’s been another frenetic and unforgettable launch, and we’ll have many more stories to share with you in the weeks to come. Were you a part of any of our launch experiences? Or did you get the chance to pick up the OnePlus 5T for yourself? Share your stories in the comments below, and we might just feature you in next week’s update.

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    Hahahaha, it's clearly a dog lol

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    I was about to shut down the 4000:9 picture thread yesterday, but well good I dint.

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    really not good that one plus forget his old model one plus 5 which is also a flagship killer phone..

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    Thanks for the feature @Chris dB

    It was fun conducting that test even though I was quite unprepared for what happened.

  13. Baymax Starting Point Expert Nov 24, 2017

    Baymax, Nov 24, 2017 :
    They haven't forgotten it. It is still going to be updated and such.

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    Baymax, Nov 24, 2017 :
    No! Can't you see it is clearly a white cat stuck in a tree? It even started to snow. Someone help that cat!

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    I would agree with you Chris there has been alot of buzz going around the OnePlus forums.

    Thanks for the update and mention about the thread @Baymax started , I hadn't seen it yet.

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    Baymax, Nov 24, 2017 :
    Just watched the video and unfortunately he said the front camera is foggy. I guess water got in there. I would say "mostly overcome" because of this.
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    I'll probably have to go to the opticians again ;)

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    I hope they can rescue Una from that tree

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