Week 208: We Brace For Winter, Give Gifts, and Don't Die

  1. Chris dB
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    Chris dB , Dec 8, 2017 :

    The night draws an infinite obsidian sheet, mottled with stars and laced with frost, over the world. A song of ice and snow is sung for all to hear, and leaves fall for needles. All will know that winter is coming. Good thing we’ve got some great stuff lined up for all you OnePlus fans out there. So settle in with a hot cup of cocoa and get set for an all-new Weekly Update.

    Face On
    We all know a great portrait is taken by a great photographer, but what else does a portrait need to succeed? A camera’s a good place to start. With Portrait Mode on the OnePlus 5T, we aim to give all would-be shutterbugs the tools to snap wonderful portraits wherever they go. A lot has to happen before your portrait is ready for the world, however. @Louis S. shares all in a new deep-dive. Go give it a read (and a thumbs up, if you enjoy what you read).

    Get Giving
    Gift giving is hard, guys. Every year, I end up spending several hours trying to find an ironic t-shirt for all of my friends and family. Considering my hours of gift hunting rarely earn me more than a mild chuckle, you might think I should start switching it up. Our special holiday accessory offer is doing its part in convincing me. When you spend between $40 and $60 on OnePlus accessories in our store, you’ll receive $5 off. Go one better and spend $60 on accessories, and you’ll get $15 off (Which is just about enough to buy you an ironic t-shirt).

    3 Years Later
    A lot has changed since we launched the OnePlus One in 2014. Many of our original users still swear by our original device however, and we know there’s a lot to love about our debut release. But, how does the OnePlus 5T compare to the very first OnePlus device? Mrwhosetheboss took a look in this extensive comparison video.

    Join the team!
    The OnePlus team needs your help! With every passing day, we grow a little bigger. With so millions OnePlus users across the world, there’s always more to do for us to achieve our boldest dreams. To do so, we’re looking for real super humans to join our team. If we could describe the ideal OnePlus team member, he or she would look a little like this: The spirit of a tiger, the enthusiasm of a spider monkey, the resilience of a rhino, and the stamina of an ostrich. If this description fits you, we’ve definitely got a spot for you! Just check out our careers page.

    Home Sweet Home
    It didn’t take you long to start customizing your OnePlus 5Ts. This funky thread by the @Funk Wizard , is already overflowing with great home screen setups. Some are minimalistic, while others are flamboyant, and they’re all incredibly impressive. Think your home screen measures up to the best in the thread? Be sure to share it.

    How Not To Die
    At OnePlus, we don’t shy away from the difficult questions. While visiting Slush in Finland, Carl attended a panel to share his thoughts on the journey of OnePlus, while mixing in some meaningful tips for budding entrepreneurs. Take a look at his interview now! You might learn something new.

    Finally, we would just like to give a very special shout-out to @Adam Krisko who became a father this week. We were excited to hear Olivia and her parents are all doing great. Congratulations, Adam! Make sure to leave a message in the thread by @Mr. BG !

    That’s all for this week, friends. We’ll be back next week with an all-new Weekly Update. Thank you for reading.

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    First time I see You looking for staff via the forum.

    Good round up.

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    Good update.

    OnePlus is so good to their costumers that it teaches us how to not die. Well, I guess it's not called OxygenOS for nothing.

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    wrong place Cupcake... WRONG PLACE!

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    You're not getting Q from OnePlus.

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    Thanks @Chris dB for bringing this to the attention of the community.

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    Also leave a thumbs up on my comment, if you support what i stated.