Week 228: Let’s talk 6.

  1. Chris dB
    Social Media Staff Member Apr 28, 2018

    Chris dB , Apr 28, 2018 :

    The Weekly Update has been privy to some great launches. We have spent less time in the socket, and more time in the pocket with the OnePlus 3, went beyond S with the OnePlus 3T, and captured clearer photos with the OnePlus 5 and 5T. No matter how many phones we launch, we still approach every launch with the same excitement and gusto we had way back when the OnePlus One saw the light of day. Which brings us to the OnePlus 6, and its fast approaching launch on May 16. Set to deliver the Speed You Need, this Weekly Update will look to keep things quick and easy.

    Look Who’s Here!
    Remember our Open Ears Forum on Software in San Francisco? While 90% of that day was about software talk, we reserved the final 10% for a very 6y surprise. On our way to the venue, we snuck some early prototypes of the OnePlus 6 aboard our plane. When we dropped those puppies in front of some eager, and understandably surprised, OnePlus community members they had plenty to say. Take a look at the video below

    Set for Launch
    Most of us will have to wait a little longer before coming face to face with the OnePlus 6. It all goes down on May 16! Joined by over a thousand members of our community, we will launch the OnePlus 6 at the Copper Box Arena in London. Did you manage to snag yourself a ticket to our event? You had to act pretty fast to get in on the action, as over a 1000 tickets were sold in a matter of hours. Didn’t get yours? Don’t worry, there’s always the livestream.

    Talking Let’s Talk
    Reading @Cheetosdust ’s interview with @Ruby G. taught me something important. Most people who speak to Ruby don’t end up in a 2-hour existential argument on the meaning of life and everything – that’s just me. That being said, this interview still contains an intimate look into our lives at OnePlus. Check it out if you’ve ever wondered what life at OnePlus HQ is like. (Don’t worry Mr. Cheetos, I haven’t forgotten about my own interview promise ;) )

    In the Mood for Love
    No, I’m not talking about the famous Wong Kar-wai film (although that movie is amazing, and should be watched, rewatched and watched again, by anyone and everyone.) I’m talking about @LightningXIII ’s inspiring anniversary present. Utilizing the great and world-spanning power of the OnePlus community, she showed her boo just how far her love reached. It’s a great message and I, for one, was happy to be able to contribute.

    About Design
    OnePlus 6 news can come from anywhere. But, you know things are about to get real when @Pete drops a deep-dive. In this feature, the OnePlus head honcho talks about the design philosophy behind the OnePlus 6. There’s a lot to dig into, from the all-new glass build, return of signature design elements, and refined curvature. Check it out for yourself now!

    Thank you all for reading the Weekly Update! Not just this Weekly Update, but the dozens of updates that preceded it. Since I donned the cape of ‘the Weekly Update guy’ back in January of 2016, I’ve tried to use the WU to bridge the gap between OnePlus the company and OnePlus the community. It has been a fulfilling journey, during which we travelled to the future, saw the world, and worked together to write a better kind of Weekly Update.

    This is my last week as the “Weekly Update guy”. It’s a heart-wrenching goodbye, made a lot easier knowing who’ll be taking over. Starting next week, the combined forces of @Ruby G. @David Y. and @Crystal Z. will make sure the Weekly Update doesn’t lose its flair. This does not mean I’m leaving OnePlus! I remain a copywriter through and through. As OnePlus continues to grow and excel, the amount of copy we need increases, forcing me to make the difficult decision to leave the Weekly Update in the hands of others. I’ll still lurk around the forums, looking to drop some serious sass on this lovely community. Thank you all for your support and readership! Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Devamgala
    Froyo Apr 28, 2018

  3. idkwhoiam322
    Nougat Apr 28, 2018

    idkwhoiam322 , Apr 28, 2018 :
    Thanks for the update! Hope y'all have a great weekend!!
    Oh man :( I'll miss you
    Pop in occasionally and take care, mate!!

  4. Tobikage
    Nougat Apr 28, 2018

    Tobikage , Apr 28, 2018 :
    Has she ? No she hasn't yet.

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  5. Tobikage
    Nougat Apr 28, 2018

    Tobikage , Apr 28, 2018 :
    You did okay though. Are you quitting ? Don't.

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  6. dsmonteiro
    Community Consultant Community Expert Apr 28, 2018

    dsmonteiro , Apr 28, 2018 :
    Sad to hear this. I've grown used to your weekly presence through these posts.

    If the amount of copy increases, they should hire me, not take the Weekly update from you! :sweatsmile:

  7. Lancelot_69
    Lollipop Apr 28, 2018

    Lancelot_69 , Apr 28, 2018 :
    Best of luck going forward! Thanks for being a great contributor here. Hopefully you will still be by once on a while.

  8. Chris dB
    Social Media Staff Member Apr 28, 2018

    Chris dB , Apr 28, 2018 :
    And I thought I was the sassy one. :eek: Not quitting, just focusing on other priorities while our talented community team takes care of the Weekly Update.

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  9. Tobikage
    Nougat Apr 28, 2018

    Tobikage , Apr 28, 2018 :
    Are you moving to the dev team ? Can we tag you in any bug related or update threads ? :D

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  10. LightningXIII
    Lollipop Community Expert Apr 28, 2018

  11. Tobikage
    Nougat Apr 28, 2018

    Tobikage , Apr 28, 2018 :
    Has your BF or his friends watched or subscribed to anything OP related ?? Will he see this before you can tell / show him ?

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  12. LightningXIII
    Lollipop Community Expert Apr 28, 2018

    LightningXIII , Apr 28, 2018 :
    nope! I'm safe :D

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  13. jimeetjim
    Eclair Apr 28, 2018

    jimeetjim , Apr 28, 2018 :
    Me too..

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  14. Hawmchang
    Froyo Apr 28, 2018

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  15. Cheetosdust
    Starting Point Expert Apr 28, 2018

    Cheetosdust , Apr 28, 2018 :
    Hey @Chris dB

    this is a bittersweet one for me. Thank you so much for the tag, it really means to me. Hope everyone get the chance to know a little bit better the awesome @Ruby G.

    The bitter part is reading this is the last update from you. Just know you were awesome at doing it and you really managed to recap really well the weeks - with nice threads on the forums and news from the company.

    You should be proud of all this work. To you, everyone at OnePlus and the community, a great weekend. Can’t wait to read the next updates and I can’t wait to check your “serious sass on this lovely community”. ;)

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  16. NeVeR_SeTTLe
    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer Apr 28, 2018

    NeVeR_SeTTLe , Apr 28, 2018 :
    Chris, good luck with all your successes at OnePlus :)
    Hope work will not consume you too much so you can have some time to visit lil' ol' us ;)
    Thanks for the updates!!! :D

  17. Shivang Joshi
    Starting Point Expert Apr 28, 2018

  18. Alvie
    The Lab - OnePlus 5T Reviewer Apr 28, 2018

    Alvie , Apr 28, 2018 :
    Will definitely miss your weekly updates :(

    But I'd definitely would like to see how the new weekly updates turn out, the more people the better :)

  19. Tobikage
    Nougat Apr 28, 2018

    Tobikage , Apr 28, 2018 :
    Tony dies.... I'm assuming

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  20. FlixbusLennart
    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer Apr 28, 2018

    FlixbusLennart , Apr 28, 2018 :
    Thanks for your services! Enjoyed every weekly update you dropped. I'm looking forward to reading from "the new ones" hehe ;)