Week 248: We get cracking, introduce a new accessory and other fun stuff

  1. David Y. Global Community Manager Staff Member Sep 14, 2018

    David Y., Sep 14, 2018 :

    Hi everyone,

    Another weekend is ahead, so comes the Weekly Update. For this week, we’ve cooked up following news for our community!

    Crackables: Prepare your mind
    "Greetings, Wanderer!" You may have noticed the teasers on our social media channels. Teaming up with our friends at Google, we’ve prepped a fun and challenging puzzle game for you to play. The doors will open to crackables.oneplus.com starting September 18th. Get ready to dive deep into the world of puzzling. A $30,000 gaming throne awaits the winner, along with some other great prizes. Time is limited, so seize the moment, and most importantly, prepare your minds ;)

    Introducing the Type-C Bullets
    Recently, we introduced a new pair of bullets to our Audio product family. Based on the well-received Bullets V2, we have made several solid improvements to the Type-C Bullets. Check out our product manager @Jaden C. ’s post [HERE] to learn more. We can’t wait to share the OnePlus Type-C Bullets with you in following months.

    US Ambassadors wanted
    We’ve had such an amazing journey with our US users since 2013. At our latest Open Ear Forums in San Francisco, we collected so much valuable feedback on software from our users in America. Recently, two amazing users @keithnyc and @wissou050987 came up with an idea to get the community even more involved. And who better to introduce OnePlus to new faces than all of you? If you’re based in the US, we invite you to apply for our OnePlus Brand Ambassadors program [HERE] for the chance to impact the direction of our US community and our company!

    As always, software updates!
    Our software team is working around the clock every day, to offer our community a fast and smooth OxygenOS experience. This week, two Open Beta updates have been rolled out: one for the OnePlus 6, the other for the OnePlus 5/5T. We look forward to sharing everyone tasty pie soon.

    To end this weekly recap, I would like to share a lovely staff interview [HERE] made by @Ruby G. . It’s a nice read even if you missed the bingo game. Alright. Have a sweet weekend friends. Stay tuned for more big news and the epic Crackables game next week.


  2. keithnyc Lollipop Moderator Sep 14, 2018

  3. GopalB. Nougat Sep 14, 2018

    GopalB., Sep 14, 2018 :
    Damn!!! Its that time of the week already!!! :eek:
    Have a great weekend everyone... :D

  4. DeluxeNoone Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 14, 2018

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  8. sunil1491 Honeycomb Sep 14, 2018

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  9. srinivas0301 Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 14, 2018

    srinivas0301, Sep 14, 2018 :
    Weekly updates are boring boring ,I thought there will be an stable update for OP 6 after 5.1.11 n compared to Hydrogen OS ,Oxygen OS sucks . OP seriously messing up with customers pushing this kind of weekly interviews and not more about updates . These interviews will be more fun for the community staff n user like me need only updates for the device .

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  10. friday051 Froyo Sep 14, 2018

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  11. G_Karothikeyan Honeycomb Sep 14, 2018

    G_Karothikeyan, Sep 14, 2018 :
    Thanks for the update and Happy weekend @David Y.

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  12. gaster Lollipop Moderator Sep 14, 2018

    gaster, Sep 14, 2018 :
    Great Friday news David! Luckers of the US :) Thank you for the update.

  13. woSch Lollipop Sep 14, 2018

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  14. marinobiagio KitKat Sep 14, 2018

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  15. luigimario The Lab - OnePlus 6T Reviewer Sep 14, 2018

    luigimario, Sep 14, 2018 :
    Thanks for the update David! I'm looking forward to the crackables contest.

    The bingo game is starting in about 50 minutes so everyone should join in if they can. :D (shameless plug, I know)


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  16. _DEDSEC_ Jelly Bean Sep 14, 2018

    _DEDSEC_, Sep 14, 2018 :
    I hate it when y'all act like you don't know something like removing the Headphone Jack (Jack the giant Slayer) and start talking about something else like it never happened in your fictional world.
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  17. Tobikage Nougat Sep 14, 2018

    Tobikage, Sep 14, 2018 :
    Shhhh ! You'll learn to forget it. :rolleyes:

  18. eye842 Lollipop Sep 14, 2018

    eye842, Sep 14, 2018 :
    They will silence it out as they always do. I'm pretty sure they will argue that the fans have spoken and the overwhelming sales of bullits wireless speaks for itself........

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  19. Nojuzz33 Gingerbread Sep 14, 2018

    Nojuzz33, Sep 14, 2018 :
    Don't worry. Lollipop+ rank OnePlus forum police will silence you for sure. I'm pretty sure they prepared some arguments to defend OnePlus's every move.

  20. youbi Portuguese POC Assistant Head Moderator Sep 14, 2018

    youbi, Sep 14, 2018 :
    Thanks for the update. Curious to see what that game will be about. :p But not sure if I could win that prize. I think my wife wouldn't let it enter our house. :oops::tearsofjoy:

    You are completely missing the point of what this weekly updates are. They are meant to be a catch up of what happened on this community this week. And never just news about updates. If you have read this weekly updates since a while you would know that by now. ;)

    The obsession around here about updates and requests of ETA's is really just crazy and really ends up ruining this community for the rest. :confused::oops: The updates are published when ready, and I'm sure Oneplus is the one that wants that to happen as fast as possible. But in the real world you can't just snap your fingers and its done, there's a ton of work needed to offer the smooth and bug free experience everyone expects from Oxygen OS.

    So posting a ton of threads/posts about it everyday doesn't really changes anything on the process, the only thing that does changes is the will of the rest to participate in this community. :oops: