Week 25 : Pete and Carl on CNBC Young Turks, Customer Support gets a Boost, Milestones and Pets

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  1. Vikas A.
    General Manager of OnePlus India Staff Member May 23, 2015

    Vikas A. , May 23, 2015 :
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    Good Evening Friends,

    A recap from the week gone by :

    Pete and Carl get featured on CNBC Young Turks

    One of CNBC-TV18’s longest running shows, Young Turks puts the spotlight on young entrepreneurs both in India and around the globe. This week, Young Turks heads to Shenzhen, the innovation capital of China to showcase and bring to you, an inside look at our company. Don’t miss Carl and Pete’s interview on the same today at 7:30 PM. If you do miss it, there is a re-run on the same tomorrow at 12 PM.

    Customer Support : New Service Centers

    Last week, we talked to you briefly on ramping up customer support in resolving long-standing customer issues in the country as voiced by a lot many of you on our forums and social channels. To give you another update, we are close to resolving all escalations that have originated till April and this should be completed within this week. In our quest to make further headway relating to CS, we are introducing 13 new service centers across the country (Ranchi, Goa and Patna being the new ones) bringing the total to 50 which should help minimise service related delays and ensure better support to our customers.

    Milestones and Happiness Sale on Amazon India

    This week, we complete a momentous 25 weeks of operations in the country. Six months in, we have brought forth a fantastic start-up to life in a burgeoning market filled with endless possibilities and a fan-base that continues to grow and evolve with every passing day. As a token of our sincere appreciation, OnePlus in partnership with Amazon brings to you the “Happiness Offer” where you get a ₹ 2000 gift card along with the purchase of a new OnePlus One device till May 31, 2015. What are you waiting for? Go fulfill your happiness quotient today and get yourself a OnePlus One only on Amazon.

    New best friend in-bound

    We love dogs. Period. To the fans who follow us closely, you already know that we have “Una”, a Shiba Inu as our mascot back in Shenzhen. Well, we want one as well! As simple as that :) A pup from Una will be here soon to give us company in Bangalore. Stay tuned for more canine news in the days ahead!

    Hear Ye Hear Ye : OnePlus wants you!

    As Jim Collins rightly said, “Great vision without great people is irrelevant”. And we totally agree. OnePlus are on the lookout for Android Developers who are passionate about pushing mobile technologies to the next frontier and to design and build the next generation of our mobile applications. If you think you’ve got the chops, write to us at connectwithus [at] oneplus [dot] net.

    Forum Conversations

    Lastly, I would like to tell our dear fans who keep regularly contributing on the forum that you haven’t been forgotten. Though my presence on the forum has been limited to my posts on the weekends, I will strive to connect with each one of you who have written to me in the coming days.

    Never Settle!

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    Armsheezy , May 23, 2015 :
    Dude @Vikas where is the Bamboo StyleSwap? I'm glad you guys are not launching it because it will be an overpriced sh1t. I really doubt if anyone would actually buy it even if it's priced 3k, *considering the budget friendly Indian market*. Better launch the White and Black StyleSwap.
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    Armsheezy , May 23, 2015 :
    You wait for this guy's (the so called GM) update. Lol dude. :D

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    Pup :D
    in last update you said just friends

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    S RAJESH , May 23, 2015 :
    You should give 2000 rs Gift vouchers to all those who bought the phones and who are waiting at the service centers. Its 25 weeks after you have launched in Our country and even now the service centers are pathetic going by the number of fans complaining about the service centers.

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    Armsheezy , May 23, 2015 :
    You are expecting way too much from this company.

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    Armsheezy , May 23, 2015 :
    Willing to pay 3k for a plastic bamboo cover? ?

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    Funk Wizard , May 23, 2015 :
    The feel the look... Totally worth it.. From a certified buyer

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