Week 56: CES, The Abstract, "You Name It" Contest Results, and Awards

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  1. Jacob B. Honeycomb Jan 10, 2015

    Jacob B., Jan 10, 2015 :
    Time flies and much has changed since our startup first began, but as we venture into the third week of 2015, one thing hasn’t. We still love our fans just as much as we did on day one, and we’d love to share what’s new in week 56 with you.

    This week found us across the world in Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show. CES was an exciting time for our startup, and we enjoyed meeting our fans and interacting with the media and our industry partners.


    On one of our blog posts this week, we curated a list of accolades that the OnePlus One has received this past year. You might have also noticed our newest weekly series with the launch of The Abstract, featuring the newest tech and lifestyle news that keeps the world spinning. We hope you enjoy reading it, and as always, we love hearing from our fans for improvement.

    …but wait, there’s more! This wouldn’t be a OnePlus weekly update with nary a mention of freebies and contest results now would it? Now that our “You Name It” ROM contest has ended, the OnePlus team has selected our 10 semi-finalists from our original list of over 75,000 submissions! Thank you for your participation, and congratulations to the Power Bank winners!

    As OnePlus continues to grow and plant its flag worldwide, we’ve also decided to unify and conquer. As such, we have recently altered the back covers of all OnePlus Ones to feature a cleaner and more unified look across all regions. On the Silk White editions, we've added a small nub to the back cover—a design feature that helps prevent scratches and wear.

    All in all, week 56 was a good week for OnePlus and we’re ecstatic to share it with you. It’s always a new day here at OnePlus filled with new adventures, new lessons, and new friends; so let me take a brief moment to introduce myself. I’m Jacob, the new digital marketing guy here at OnePlus.

    P.S. We’ve recently been nominated for Best New Startup of 2014 in the Crunchie Awards from TechCrunch, and every vote counts!

    P.P.S. As a special shoutout to our friends in India, check out this new video chronicling our launch event back in December!

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    Maximus Decimus Meridius, Jan 10, 2015 :
    Coool, thanks for update @Jacob B

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    No pics?

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    r6174, Jan 10, 2015 :
    Welcome @Jacob B :)

    Don't name it as 'carbon' as ,in india we already have a mobile brand called 'Karbonn' ...I know that spelling is different but sounds same if some one says OPO runs on 'CARBON' , people MAY think that OS is by 'KARBON' -so one down to india :)...

    No to karma Check this
    http://uncrate.com/stuff/karma-go/ - 2 down
    -8 to go
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    krshnaan, Jan 10, 2015 :
    Welcome Jacob!

    Edit: Good job with getting the shortlisted ROM Names out on time. Picking one/ten name(s) from 75000 is like looking for a needle in a haystack.You/OnePlus were never gonna have it easy with the name the rom contest, and this timeframe. Remember, OP's fans Never Settle.

    You've picked what you've picked, but something called Muse UI ROM already exists in XDA...
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    FBIL, Jan 10, 2015 :
    Carbon already exists as a very fine ROM I run it on and old s2