Week 8 Update: Guess who just moved into a new office?

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  1. royetd Eclair Aug 7, 2014

    royetd, Aug 7, 2014 :
    Office must be cold, every one's wearing a jacket while working :rolleyes:

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  2. rdjg22 Honeycomb Aug 7, 2014

  3. bbelmont0018 Gingerbread Aug 7, 2014

    bbelmont0018, Aug 7, 2014 :
    Congrats on the progress! Looking forward to many more decades of success! Even with regard to your offices Never Settle!

  4. rzzach Honeycomb Aug 7, 2014

    rzzach, Aug 7, 2014 :
    Never been a fan of iOS but its impossible for any tech enthusiast to not agree apple computers are top notch build quality. Osx is very efficient and macs are the best windows computes you can buy.

  5. Hasaan12 Jelly Bean Aug 25, 2014

    Hasaan12, Aug 25, 2014 :
    Correct me if I'm wrong, you were the seventh person to join this forums

    *my jaw is on the ground*

  6. yohanespatrick Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 25, 2014

  7. oo00I00oo Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 25, 2014

    oo00I00oo, Aug 25, 2014 :
    Maybe you can now have a look at my open service-ticket as nobody seems to be taking care of it.
    (For almost two weeks !)

  8. anmoliitrabcd Donut Aug 26, 2014

    anmoliitrabcd, Aug 26, 2014 :
    Hi admins, I need your help as my OPO got returned to the warehouse instead of my US address I am a fan from India so wanted someone else to ship it here. I have received no communication from your side and it is very disturbing. Can you please tell me what the status of my order is?

    Or can any of the admins reply to the messages I have sent to them?

    I really need help and any communication from your side will be really helpful.

    Disturbed fan from India.

  9. m.pratham Jelly Bean Oct 16, 2014