Weekend Fun Time: Let's go on an adventure and explore the Thunder.

  1. BobbyV8_
    The Showcase Reviewer Nov 30, 2018

    BobbyV8_ , Nov 30, 2018 :
    WFT Thunder.jpg

    It’s weekend again and we’re ready to go on an Adventure to save the world. Join the teams and tell us what you’ve faced & how you’ll tackle it (show some pics or videos if you manage to capture). Tag along your friends to support you if needed. Successful guardians will get an invite to own The Explorer.

    What happened:
    Undercover agents of Uncle Peter (aka @Pete) reported that Earth is in danger of unidentified threat and needs to be saved. Peter’s LAB has come up with two weapons to get over this crisis.
    1. Mysterious Explorer backpack - He’s a backpack shaped grumpy guy whose abilities are yet to be discovered.
    2. Thunder Purple Electronic gadget
    @David Y. the commander has ordered 3 musketeers @Ruby G., @Crystal Z. & @Trista W. to get their teams on the job. Here are the teams

    @Ruby G. - Wormhole Travellers
    @Shivang Joshi, @GopalB.,@Dresa91, @Baymax, @BeingIncog, @Rusty NZ, @meatandy, @Cheetosdust, @Tobikage, @NeVeR_SeTTLe

    @Crystal Z. - Members of RNClub
    @Sharinnn, @script, @Rick Manders, @Matt 80, @djmfire, @ColinB63, @Mark Falsing, @cdnfarmer, @Akki, @Akhshay Srinivasan

    @Trista W.- BarONE Gang
    @tex87, @giuliorenault, @Lupolinux, @agoinfly, @pirata_1985, @Target 33, @markini, @MatDam, @ale.berto, @LucaF81

    Our news reporters / photographers are on the job to report us - @buntycubal @TibiTibi @Bouncer71 @RJBoss @woSch

    1. Read the post above you.
    2. Create a post with the text "reserved"
    3. Edit your post to include a scene that could reasonably happen afterwards. Feel free to write in your forum friends into the storyline. The scene should be no more than 4 sentences to keep things moving.
    4. Add 1-2 options of action.
    Note: Everyone can join this fun adventure, not just those tagged
    Thanks for letting me host this @Ruby G.
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  2. Ruby G.
    NA Community Manager Nov 30, 2018

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    Ruby G. , Nov 30, 2018 :
    Note: Text can only be reserved for 30 minutes. Otherwise a mod or myself will delete it to move the pace along~

    Thanks for organizing this, @BobbyV8_ ! Please start the story hehe and I'll follow your lead.

  3. buntycubal
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    buntycubal , Dec 6, 2018 :
    Breaking News

    The Santa Claus which our renowned photographer @TibiTibi had photographed has been Detained..

    Last night he'd seen in a Cops car , which he thought of his own Oneplus Customed McLaren car , after chasing for couple of miles he has been stopped by police & has been fined & released by police..

    Grinch has also been arrested by police for stealing Brand new OnePlus 6t McLaren edition phone from London site which is going to reveal on 11th December..

    Ship News ..
    Reports had came in , that after removing purple colour from their bodies , Ship ' Never Settle ' &
    Ship ' BarONE ' crews had continued their journey towards London together , but after 5 hours of journey new problem had arised , they caught up in Time Wrap..


    Video taken by @luigimario ..
    Both Ships crew ask @script to find a way to break the time wrap , Out of nowhere he take out his 10 pounds miami cuban link gold chain & put around his neck , put some designer hip hop clothes & start Gangsta rapping ..
    @Shivang Joshi , @GopalB. , @Zh_kilat , @Anubis 33 , @Dresa91, @Baymax , @the_o2 ji , @BeingIncog , @Matt 80 , @cdnfarmer , @Akhshay Srinivasan started making music by using dishes , spoons & cups , whereas @B_Wrath ji , @BobbyV8_ , @YASHPLUSONE. , @gcocucci , @agoinfly handled DJ equipments & @pirata_1985 , @Target 33 , @ale.berto , @TibiTibi , @Bouncer71 , @Cheetosdust & @meatandy started hip-hop dancing .. script with his Rhymes & Ship crews talent , they all come back from time wrap..


    Photographed by @NeVeR_SeTTLe
    They have now came out of time wrap , but they're still partying & drinking maple syrup made by @cdnfarmer , they all looked astonished & ready to set sail to their destination London for the launch of
    special edition McLaren oneplus6t on 11December..

    ( OnePlus Herald will be back with more news once we received some news from ship's crews )

  4. buntycubal
    User of the Year 2017 Dec 12, 2018

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    buntycubal , Dec 12, 2018 :
    Live Report from OnePlus Headquarters - falling stars wanted , it's also a much hyped topic on Instagram.


    News had just came in that some actors & music artists had join the race..

    John Lennon & Yoko Ono

    Seth Rogen & James Franco

    The winner will be receiving whooping $10,000 in cash from @Ruby G. own pocket. The above artists had pledges , if they win they will give the prized money to OnePlus community app developers so they can solve community app ' tag ' issue.

    Ship Reports

    As per the @luigimario reports ship ' Never Settle ' & ship ' BarONE ' had been through time wrap. As per his statement below..

    OnePlus Herald got some evidence of their time wrap journey..

    While on their time wrap journey , somehow @NeVeR_SeTTLe managed to click this above pic. where assassin of John F. Kennedy can be clearly spotted..

    This video taken by @Shivang Joshi while they're on moon.

    downloadfile.bin (3).gif
    This video taken by @YASHPLUSONE. When they're in Jurassic Park.

    To break the time wrap both ship crews ask @script to Gangsta rap & all the ship crews started making music from spoons , cups & dishes. Their music video surfaced online & from all over the world people started making music like them..





    A History in making..



    Both Ships ' Never Settle ' & BarONE ' has reached London, pics taken by @TibiTibi & @Akhshay Srinivasan ...
    just before reaching the dock both Ships started firing Cannon's , some shops & buildings got damaged & reports just came in they're going to send Legal Notice to both the ship crews..
    After reaching docks , Royal Family had came to welcome both the ship's crews..

    Pic.taken by Bouncer71.
    The British royal family with Queen Elizabeth II and General Aladeen of Wadiya.
    Yes , General Aladeen of Wadiya is the Dictator of Wadiya , who's Biography movie has been released in 2012 ' The Dictator ' which won several awards including The Oscars for best Movie & Best story which has been awarded to writer of that movie @script

    At The Venue..


    Xi Zeng and McLaren F1 formula drivers Carlo Sainz & Lando Norris announce the OnePlus 6T McLaren edition.

    images-1 (1).jpg
    Pics. taken by The lucky community members that won a trip to the McLaren launch event @INKlike

    After the launch event..
    Pic.taken by @Cheetosdust
    After the launch event @ale.berto , @Shivang Joshi , @luigimario , @Baymax , @cdnfarmer & @Bouncer71 had good time around OnePlus custom McLaren car which is customised by buntycubal..

    News had just came in that the both Ships 'Never Settle ' & ' BarONE ' is stolen ship's from German Maritime Museum , where German police is on their way to London to find the culprits behind this..
    In the meanwhile our community members just ditch those ship's & spotted at Heathrow Airport.


    That's all Folks it's our last edition , hope you enjoyed our news & OnePlus Herald also like to thank @Ruby G. & Mr. @BobbyV8_ for giving chance to OnePlus Herald to capture the journey moments..

    OnePlus Herald also like to thank @Trista W. , @Shivang Joshi , @GopalB. , @Dresa91, @Baymax , @BeingIncog , @meatandy , @Cheetosdust , @NeVeR_SeTTLe , @Matt 80 , @cdnfarmer , @Akhshay Srinivasan , @the_o2 ji , @luigimario , @YASHPLUSONE. , @B_Wrath ji , @agoinfly , @pirata_1985 , @ale.berto , @Zh_kilat , @Anubis 33 ,
    @TibiTibi , @Bouncer71 , @woSch & @script

    Take care , have some fun & keep OnePlus Community Rockin'..


  5. BobbyV8_
    The Showcase Reviewer Nov 30, 2018

    BobbyV8_ , Nov 30, 2018 :
    Uncle Peter kicks @BobbyV8_ out for leaking this.
    Ruby and wormies take me on board and @NeVeR_SeTTLe starts arguing on how to use TEx (The Explorer) as usual

    Having some insider info at Pete's office I suggest we should set sails and take route to Narnia. Now it's upto @Ruby G. to make a decision.

    @B_Wrath looks confused as to join the adventure or stay safe at bay
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  6. Ruby G.
    NA Community Manager Nov 30, 2018

    Ruby G. , Nov 30, 2018 :
    We set sail for Narnia. Where is it? No one knows, we're just sailing eastward because @BeingIncog told us to. Suddenly, we see off in the distance a great storm, raging in majestic purple

    A) Sail into the eye of the Thunder Purple storm
    B) Try to sail around the Thunder Purple storm

  7. B_Wrath
    Marshmallow Nov 30, 2018

    B_Wrath , Nov 30, 2018 :
    As the wormies gear up to set sail, the best wizard and sensei @Rusty NZ tells a fabulous story of how @B_Wrath 's uncle Peter once went on a wonderful adventure. Inspired by those words, @B_Wrath heaves his TEx and runs with hairy feet towards the wormies and the thunder purple storm.

  8. YRJ
    Marshmallow Nov 30, 2018

    YRJ , Nov 30, 2018 :
    we are immediately startled by the purple haze in the sky, we want to get close to it, but it could be dangerous.
    The colour gets intense and the weather fierce we slowly try to sail from the sides, maintaining safe distance from the storm but at the same time not missing out on a great view [e]1f609[/e]

  9. cdnfarmer
    Photography Expert Nov 30, 2018

    cdnfarmer , Nov 30, 2018 :
    We could hear in the distance... "Oh ahh.. wow!!! Look at that " from the RNClub especially @script @djmfire @Rick Manders @Sharinnn @Mark Falsing @ColinB63 and the wormie @Dresa91. Wait, let's "capture" that shot as @TibiTibi and @woSch holds a purple electronic device and clicks. While i suggest that @Drewbikscube joins us with his new fancy 6T, to capture some of the hidden scenes. Meanwhile, @BobbyV8_ throws @Baymax the purple device to:
    1. try and capture the energy from the storm.
    2. Beam radio waves to seek help from @Trista W. with the barONE gang or @luigimario or @meatandy.
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  10. buntycubal
    User of the Year 2017 Nov 30, 2018

    buntycubal , Nov 30, 2018 :


    A Ship called ' Never Settle ' has been seen set sailing towards eastwards , we have find out from our sources that the captain of this ship is @script , yes , the same guy who landed Airbus in New York's freezing Hudson River in 2009..
    Their has been rumours that this ship is heading towards to a place called ' Narnia '.

    Meanwhile , we somehow managed to get @B_Wrath hairy feet by spy camera when he runs towards the wormies and the thunder purple storm.
    Stay tuned for more Information...

  11. Dresa91
    User of the Year 2016 Nov 30, 2018

  12. YRJ
    Marshmallow Nov 30, 2018

    YRJ , Nov 30, 2018 :
    Suddenly, as we near the purple storm. We see similar faces on a wierd yet scary ship!
    Aha! Looks like these are the pirates of the sea,
    The lead is @David Y. Immediately behind is @gusuraman and also in the distance I can spot a distinct woman with the whips and chains looks like that is a wonder woman figurine, or is is @SoniaB
    But we are taken aback, they open fire possibly killing a couple cupcakes on our ship! , they were from the redundant lot, No time to lament the loss, CAPTIAN!!! @Ruby G. Hit the gas and chase the ship we are entering the storm, we aren't scared of the consequences anymore. It's a do or die.even before I finish @B_Wrath has jumped off the ship in a life boat reaching for the pirate ship!

    a distinct voice arises from the distance, "HAHAHAHA, DON'T YOU EVEN DARE"
    sound familiar but I can't recall, the figure comes closer and is finally seen.
    WHAAAAT? it's
    @Adam Krisko
    @Ruby G. turns back and says, " I never knew he would be here! what next team? "
    "but you left the clan, didn't you?"
    "what if I left it!?,once a pirate always a pirate"
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  13. cdnfarmer
    Photography Expert Nov 30, 2018

    cdnfarmer , Nov 30, 2018 :
    Oh wait @YASHPLUSONE. He is charging for the enemy ship! @B_Wrath '' hairy feet were very useful to keep his feet warm in the cold water. Meanwhile back on the boat, cdnfarmer and @Crystal Z. were searching for clues to answer why is @B_Wrath feet hairy??? So they found a few more pictures from @buntycubal and @Bouncer71. @Pete shoes were, well made for a giant.., (option 2 ruled out @Dresa91 )
    Next they found a potion bottle with weird symbols on it. It can easily be mistaken as "strengths" but it actually said "helps grow strong hair." At that point, everyone knew that @B_Wrath must have dranked it and thought he had the strength to take on an entire ship. @Android450 said" we must help him by
    1. Using the purple gadget to shine light and send signals to call him back or
    2. Send the sweetest and strong sailors to get him back
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  14. Akhshay Srinivasan
    Nougat Nov 30, 2018

    Akhshay Srinivasan , Nov 30, 2018 :
    Ofc yes but for @Pete 's astonishment the feet of him seems to be alright at the day and hairy all over the night :astonished:

    Researchers @cdnfarmer , @Crystal Z. were dumbstruck by looking at the daylight photo taken by @buntycubal and @Bouncer71.

    When we were in a confusion, @Dresa91 had asked us to take a review of the camera from @Shivang Joshi.

    So, we had gone to @Shivang Joshi to review the spy camera for a big fix.

  15. script
    Nougat Moderator Nov 30, 2018

    script , Nov 30, 2018 :
    Yes thats true. And not only from that ship...

    While @woSch was taking photos with his mysterious purple thingie, a fire has broken out.
    Script tried to plug in his super cool pilot headphone to call the fire fighters brigade sexy stripper men, and then..... Oh wait.....no jack. Thankfully @djmfire was again on holidays in that area and just blew out the fire. Problem solved. Script wanted to call someone else, but she was tired. So he went into the kitchen and made himself a sandwich with Nutella, always a life saver.

    Then something got near the boat no-one could ever have expected....

    A) @buntycubal shows us the incredible thing that came crawling over the plank

    B) @David Y. tells us in his own trusted words what he and @Crystal Z. Have seen in a hidden compartment with the secret word McLaren

  16. script
    Nougat Moderator Nov 30, 2018

    script , Nov 30, 2018 :
    (Obviously Script has missed three chapters while writing after @buntycubal 's chapter. How does the story continue? After @cdnfarmer ? Do we have alternative realities now?)

  17. YRJ
    Marshmallow Nov 30, 2018

    YRJ , Nov 30, 2018 :
    "WAIT! @B_Wrath get back into the life boat, you shouldn't get your feet wet they are hairy and it may take hours to dry em up! we don't have hairdryers here , we may lose the battle against the pirates"
    sadly, @B_Wrath pays no heed, his feet is drenched in water and alas! they have now become heavier due to the water held, his speed has decreased.
    we have to get our clan member back onto the ship, luckily @cdnfarmer takes another life boat and hurries to reach and get back wrath on the ship!
    what happens next?
    well let's hear it from @cdnfarmer
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  18. cdnfarmer
    Photography Expert Nov 30, 2018

    cdnfarmer , Nov 30, 2018 :
    I guess it will weave it's way back eventually... Otherwise , no worries, my story was trying to focus on the feet research results. Just continue from the previous post.

  19. Dresa91
    User of the Year 2016 Nov 30, 2018

    Dresa91 , Nov 30, 2018 :
    mine too :D :p

  20. cdnfarmer
    Photography Expert Nov 30, 2018

    cdnfarmer , Nov 30, 2018 :
    Well, we have solved (or have we?) The hairy feet question posed by @Dresa91 . @B_Wrath has returned to the ship. And @Shivang Joshi is reviewing the spy cam to see if it is really the magic potion or did Pete drink or eat something that made his feet become hairy overnight... Hmmm. Perhaps it's daylight... Pondered @Akhshay Srinivasan .
    @script confirmed that they saw McLaren burried in the ship's secret place.
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  21. YRJ
    Marshmallow Nov 30, 2018

    YRJ , Nov 30, 2018 :

    Well, we have solved (or have we?) The hairy feet question posed by @Dresa91 . @B_Wrath has returned to the ship. And @Shivang Joshi is reviewing the spy cam to see if it is really the magic potion or did Pete drink or eat something that made his feet become hairy overnight... Hmmm. Perhaps it's daylight... Pondered @Akhshay Shirivasan . @script confirmed that they saw McLaren burried in the ship's secret place.

    but the fear still exists,
    @David Y. Is confidently sitting on a sofa on the nose of the ship.
    @gusuraman is meddling with his infamous red coloured
    OnePlus branded Swiss knife.
    @superplus has his cigar in his mouth!
    and the wonder woman @SoniaB is ready with her whip and chains!

    they don't seem to be worried at all!
    maybe we need to switch to beast modes.
    @Ruby G. deploy the guns get those caliber guns ready!
    meanwhile @script we still haven't figured out on which team/ship you are in? [e]1f602[/e][e]1f602[/e]
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  22. script
    Nougat Moderator Nov 30, 2018

    script , Nov 30, 2018 :
    Sidenote: as it's the last day of the month, I am on the photo monthly thread mission and other things, so I will give my captain's hat to @cdnfarmer and get off that boat here