Weekend Fun Time: Let's go on an adventure and explore the Thunder.

  1. BobbyV8_
    The Showcase Reviewer Dec 2, 2018

    BobbyV8_ , Dec 2, 2018 :
    My weak brother got sick seasick after all the sailing and purple world thingy.

    @TibiTibi find a cure, wrap the interview quick.

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  2. TibiTibi
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  3. NeVeR_SeTTLe
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  4. Cheetosdust
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    Cheetosdust , Dec 2, 2018 :
    We still couldn't believe how sharp the quality on the TV was.

    "Is that the brand new OnePlus TV?" - questioned @NeVeR_SeTTLe
    "Nah, that's the new Samsung", explained @Carl, while contemplating how would it cost to change the Samsung logo for a OnePlus one in every unit sold.

    The news on the brand new SOnePlusung TV (Carl botched the logo changing procedure) were alarming: "...and after the asteroid hit in two days, we estimate half the population will be transformed into stuffed animals," reported @Ruby G., now working for MSNBC News because she thought it meant "More Strawberries, Not Because Carl".

    Were you lead the group:

    a) to the beach, trying to escape the asteroid but risking not getting there in time
    b) to the ivory tower, trying to escape the asteroid but risking to face a better version of yourself
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  5. YRJ
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    YRJ , Dec 2, 2018 :
    to the ivory tower, he said!
    the purple threat was still on, how could we face the world in a such a state?
    wouldn't it look like a zombie apocalypse?
    in the distance a speed boat approaches our ship!
    "do not get too close, lest you'd be blown!"
    shouted @cdnfarmer on the announcer, while being careful onto not be sighted!
    "worry no more, we mean no harm, we are from America!, No more purple for us!" He sobbed
    "So?" Asked @Akhshay Srinivasan
    "We have recieved information on our DUCK, that you've turned purple!"
    "WHAT THE DUCK!!" exclaimed @Cheetosdust
    with a trembling voice, @Ruby G. says, hey you racist, it's just our colour that has changed! nothing more nothing less~"
    "I feel you!" said the newcomer "I have been through similar experiences, I can help you! there is a way at the far end of the majestic waters, you shall find a tower next to a flashing light tower, enter the tower! you shall find a crystal (not @Crystal Z. ) stand in front of it and right when the light from the lighthouse shines on it you will get back your colour!
    I take your leave"
    he left even before we could thank him.
    I just hope @buntycubal or @NeVeR_SeTTLe caught him on cam. He may be a part of the NSA!
    Let's talk about what to do next, Aha! we do have a few "let's talk" experts here who can shed light

    1. continue to the ivory tower.
    2. the beach!
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  6. Baymax
    Starting Point Expert Community Expert Dec 2, 2018

    Baymax , Dec 2, 2018 :
    "Let's continue towards the ivory tower!" he exclaimed.
    The crew keeps heading towards the crystal (@Crystal Z. ) in order to regain their color back since it would have taken the force of a Thunderstorm to change the color otherwise. As they all get closer they notice a large spiraling staircase surrounding the perimeter.
    The crew looks back at the beach to see something written in the sand but it may need to be viewed from above as it was written in very large text.

    1. continue up the staircase
    2. forget it all and go to the beach and watch the sunset
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  7. giuliorenault
    Nougat Dec 2, 2018

  8. LucaF81
    Froyo Dec 2, 2018

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  9. Bouncer71
    OnePlus 7 Pro Sample Shot Photographer Community Expert Dec 2, 2018

    Bouncer71 , Dec 2, 2018 :
    Since the intermission is still going on lets play a song...

    we're all purple people...

    Not to say purpleized.... :D

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  10. TibiTibi
    Photography Expert Dec 2, 2018

    TibiTibi , Dec 2, 2018 :
    Finally after 2hours Pete finished watching the video. He did not noticed that he had enabled endless loop.
    And now he want to tell us something important...
    But somebody muted his mic.

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  11. Young_Blood
    KitKat Dec 4, 2018

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  12. buntycubal
    User of the Year 2017 Dec 4, 2018

    buntycubal , Dec 4, 2018 :
    Breaking News

    Our reporters has done the unthinkable again , they interviewed the most powerful villain in Marvel Universe ' Thanos '.


    Thanos also featured on OnePlus People magazine cover issue of this month , who has also been accused for killing Rapper ' Tupac ' in 1996.
    During that interview he started asking questions to Tibi & producer GopalB about how to use In display finger print scanner of OnePlus 6t , @GopalB. & @TibiTibi somehow find out that Thanos OnePlus 6t is actually belongs to @Ruby G. which Thanos had steal it during OnePlus 6t launch from Ruby G Oneplus Travel Messanger Bag..

    images-1 (1).jpg

    After some punching & kicking by @TibiTibi & @GopalB. , Thanos apologize & return that phone..

    News from Ship OnePlus ' Never Settle '


    Here is the picture of ship ' Never Settle' in purple storm which has been click by our renowned photographer @woSch . There are reports of ship crew turned purple because of that storm..




    Pics taken on ' Isle of Rum ' where the crews halted after the storm to remove purple colour from their body but instead , they started partying & emptied all the Jägermeister bottle crates of @Bouncer71 & @script , Zywiec beer crates of @NeVeR_SeTTLe , & Smirnoff vodka crates of @the_o2 ji..
    After becoming sober in couple of hours they all headed towards their ship ' Never Settle ' .
    While on ship @Shivang Joshi , @Baymax ,
    @Matt 80 & @G_plusone find a dead Bug tangled upside down on one of the sailing pulley ropes..

    May this Bug Rest In Peace..
    While @YASHPLUSONE. , @cdnfarmer , @Akhshay Srinivasan & @B_Wrath ji getting rid of that bug body , a speed boat approaches towards the ship & he advised to find a Crystal in a light tower & to stand in front of that crystal to get the body colour back. The rumours are that the speed boat person is none other than @Hydra Bob from ' The Land of Opportunity ' who is also heading towards London for the launch of special edition McLaren OnePlus 6T on 11th December.


    This is the only pic.of @Hydra Bob taken by our invisible photographer @BeingIncog ..
    With the help of @meatandy weather thread , @script , @Cheetosdust & @BobbyV8_ take control of the ship & heads towards the tower , while @Baymax , @Dresa91 , @luigimario , @Zh_kilat & @Anubis 33 started singing ' Bohemian Rhapsody ' ..

    downloadfile.bin (2).jpg

    After reaching the tower they find the BarONE gang on that island partying , after that , contact from the ship has been lost , we wil keep you updated ASAP.

    - Is @agoinfly secretly dating katy perry ?
    - @ale.berto spotted with Cara Delevingne in Italy..
    tuned in for more information.

  13. YRJ
    The Lab - OnePlus 7T Reviewer; Community Hero 2020 Dec 4, 2018

    YRJ , Dec 4, 2018 :
    you never fail to impress me [e]1f60d[/e][e]1f60d[/e]
    you do the best job at editing and documenting.
    @Ruby G. You got a competitor!
    haha have a great day @buntycubal and thanks for making my day great.

  14. the_o2
    OnePlus 9 Series Expert Community Expert Dec 4, 2018

    the_o2 , Dec 4, 2018 :
    Damn, this is epic :D:D:D

  15. Bouncer71
    OnePlus 7 Pro Sample Shot Photographer Community Expert Dec 4, 2018

    Bouncer71 , Dec 4, 2018 :
    Freakalicious... 8D

    This one it to you @buntycubal...


    Cheers.. ! 8D

  16. NeVeR_SeTTLe
    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer Dec 4, 2018

  17. agoinfly
    Marshmallow Dec 4, 2018

    agoinfly , Dec 4, 2018 :

    Unfortunately, not yet
    Cause I'm still stuck in the island Ogygia
    Where the sea nymph Calypso is detaining me
    After I was losing my ship and my army to the monsters of Italy and Sicily

    Is Calypso:

    - the myth of diversion
    - the eternal temptation of passion?​


  18. .Deleted_Member.
    Nougat Dec 4, 2018

  19. Anubis 33
    KitKat Dec 4, 2018

  20. BobbyV8_
    The Showcase Reviewer Dec 5, 2018

    BobbyV8_ , Dec 5, 2018 :
    @buntycubal is the best, no competing with her.

    That'll be done soon brother, let the fun roll for few more days