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  1. Mike_Routso Donut Jun 22, 2019

    Mike_Routso, Jun 22, 2019 :
    Summer In Greece
    OnePlus 7 pro
    9.5.7 software.

    *i think with 9.5.8 the camera got worst.

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  2. MR.BEN312 Honeycomb Jun 22, 2019

  3. BhavyaMehta0786 Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 22, 2019

    BhavyaMehta0786, Jun 22, 2019 :

    I found this poor, little guy starving outside my coaching class. (I was kinda surprised to see how fearless and photogenic he was when I went extremely close to him to click his picture.) That poor guy was so malnourished that he could barely walk and for some reason I was not able to find his mother anywhere. I would bring him something to eat and some milk everyday. He grew stronger by each passing day. One day, my crush (the one who must not be tagged) saw me taking care of the stray cat and asked me if she could take care of him too and because of that cheeky little guy I could get to know her better. After about a month of hard work I was able to nurse him back to full health and in that time I grew so attached to him that I decided to keep him as a pet even though I already had a cat named Felix. After some initial resistance from my parents I managed to convince them and after a quick trip to the vet I brought my new friend home. He and Felix immediately became great buddies(quite a rare behaviour for cats) and would absolutely love to play and sleep together on their favourite place, my stomach. I miss both of them a lot as I live in a hostel with a strict no pet policy and I can only see them once every month. I absolutely love both of them.

    PS. As an added bonus (or maybe I should say to flex)here is a photograph of them sleeping together with Felix on the right side and Cupid, named so because of reasons known or unknown(cough cough, ahem ahem, *starts choking on water*) on the left. I guess I will end this right here or I will probably end up crying.(*already has tears in his eyes*). I miss those guys and their antics, tantrums, lick attacks a lot(Cupid used lick on Bhavya, Critical hit, It was super effective, one hit-ko.)
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    PPS. Don't they look like twins? They are so freaking adorable
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  4. BhavyaMehta0786 Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 22, 2019

    BhavyaMehta0786, Jun 22, 2019 :
    if that's what you want,


  5. MR.BEN312 Honeycomb Jun 22, 2019

  6. Azriel.Hugh Cupcake Jun 22, 2019

    Azriel.Hugh, Jun 22, 2019 :
    A photo of my cat Uriel. He's an adorable cat but doesn't like affection too much (as most of all cats), but what is sweet about him is he always greets me when I arrive home from work. He allows me to hold him for a minute or two then struggles to get away from my arms. Last thing is he always stares at me as I go to sleep, I don't know if I should feel secure for he is guarding me or feel sacred because he's going to murder me in my sleep. Still I love him and treat him as my family.

    Shot from OnePlus 6
    Stock Camera
    Edited on Snapseed

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  7. A1559194371591 Cupcake Jun 22, 2019

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  8. selatez Cupcake Jun 23, 2019

  9. Shayzee21 Cupcake Jun 23, 2019

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  10. jellis1793 Cupcake Jun 23, 2019

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  11. cschmid44 Donut Jun 23, 2019

    cschmid44, Jun 23, 2019 :
    I just got a OnePlus 7 pro
    nightscape mode

    this was after 2 weeks of not having a phone

  12. teduslie Froyo Jun 23, 2019

    teduslie, Jun 23, 2019 :
    My wife and me spent our holiday recently in Club Med Cherating, and we found this little sight-seeing balcony on the side of the cliff, facing the beach.


    If you zoom in picture above, you can see the balcony on the dark cliff just above the left side of the volleyball net.

    We went up there, and the view was breathtaking. Spot a couple (with same build as me and my wife) walking through the beach line, and couldn't help but snap them.

    We shared them on social media stating that they were us in the photo (sorry, unknown couple )

    View attachment 1043931

    Taken with stock Oneplus 7 Pro Camera without editing.

    P.S. until now our friends and families still believe we took that photo ourselves with timer and a lot of running here and there

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  13. X1553695729129 Cupcake Jun 23, 2019

  14. teduslie Froyo Jun 23, 2019

    teduslie, Jun 23, 2019 :
    Last week's business trip allow me to see nature's glory from 1000 feet above sea level (see below photo for the shoulders of the pilot and co-pilot, along with the altitude indicator).

    Taken with Oneplus 7 Pro Tele lens inside the seaplane.


    Taken with Oneplus 7 Pro stock camera without editing.

    P.S. Landing on sea water was fun, but i have it in video instead of photo, so can't share here.

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  15. Ropey Cupcake Jun 23, 2019

    Ropey, Jun 23, 2019 :
    Weekends are for little explorers to discover the world and life around them. Getting more confident each day. Photos and memories that will last forever.


    Shot on OnePlus 7.
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  16. Adi2002 Froyo Jun 23, 2019

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  17. _Harnoor_Singh Eclair Jun 23, 2019

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  18. BeingIncog Marshmallow Jun 23, 2019

    BeingIncog, Jun 23, 2019 :

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  19. AMALRAJU Cupcake Jun 23, 2019

    AMALRAJU, Jun 23, 2019 :
    This was a great moment to me. I was waiting for my mom from her work place she said she is already it so I ran from my office to her place but she didn't come so I just take my phone just to call her before plachig it back I just look all over and I captured this beautiful picture by my new OnePlus 7 pro. She just gave me this wonderfull shot .

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  20. W1560595882011 Cupcake Jun 23, 2019

    W1560595882011, Jun 23, 2019 :
    At the time it was just a cool pic of a couple nearly empty drinks sitting in a beach side cabana in St. Croix with my brother. Little did I know that it would be our last pic "together". He past away 2 days later from an undiagnosed aneurysm in his brain. Sad story but a great and enduring pic I'll always have of our last couple days together.

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