Weekend Fun Time - The Appreciation Thread

  1. camohan
    Marshmallow Moderator Sep 7, 2019

    camohan , Sep 7, 2019 :
    More often than not, it is a natural human tendency to think about what one does not have instead of appreciating and thanking what one has. This thread is to take a break and think about someone or group of individuals who have helped you in life, be it someone in the forum giving you that shiny OnePlus One Invite or someone helping you to unbrick the device or someone outside forum who helped you at the required time.

    Margaret Cousins, an Irish-Indian educationist, suffragist and Theosophist once said “Appreciation can make a day - even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary.”

    These very forums have seen lots of great individuals from across the globe sharing their knowledge, helping others, having fun and making new friends. It has now gone beyond just a tech platform and has become part and parcel of daily life of many individuals.

    This thread is dedicated to appreciate the people who have been helpful to you anytime. This is the time to let them know how important or life changing they have been to you. In fact, we would like to know your story about someone outside the forum whom you want to appreciate as well as those about your fellow forum members.

    I would like to kick-off the appreciation thread by thanking

    • India Specific Thread maintainers including @Naman Bhalla @OALEXANDER who helped me in getting the OnePlus One Invite.
    • @Adam Krisko and @David Y. for caring and growing the OnePlus Community Forum to this huge family
    • My fellow moderators - everyone is truly amazing
    Lets start spreading some positive energy in the forum.

    Waiting to hear some amazing stories....!!!

    PS : Does the thread seem very serious? why not add a bit of fun and you let us know your favorite color & why.

  2. femiuex
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 7, 2019

    femiuex , Sep 7, 2019 :
    I think the "Best Answer" button is under-utilized.
    There are a lot of good people on here who are courteous and love to help out.
    They are sought after when things go wrong but forgotten shortly after they have helped resolve issues.
    I can't mention every single one of them for fear of leaving anyone out.
    You know who you are.

  3. camohan
    Marshmallow Moderator Sep 7, 2019

    camohan , Sep 7, 2019 :
    That's the reason of this thread for appreciating the forgotten heros in forum and real life.

  4. usereric1
    Cupcake Sep 7, 2019

    usereric1 , Sep 7, 2019 :
    I've seen a few posts on here that have asked about group sms messaging help and they all have assisted me with my OnePlus 7 Pro.

    From setting up individual messages with group chat to the community asking for names to be next to the sender on the group message thread.

    Thanks for all the help!

  5. femiuex
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 7, 2019

    femiuex , Sep 7, 2019 :
    Camohan, you're one of those unsung heroes.

    And to add, those who write articles and tutorials also deserve kudos.

    Gav_W86, you there?
    Cheetosdust is always courteous and help put smiles on people's faces with witty remarks.

  6. G_plusone
    Marshmallow Sep 7, 2019

    G_plusone , Sep 7, 2019 :
    Thanks and appreciation to all mods, staff members and community members whom I have tagged many times relentlessly.
    Thanks for responding to them and trying your best to help out people in need
    Not tagging anyone now :p
    because there are so many of them

  7. Khansa_Zahed
    Gingerbread Sep 7, 2019

    Khansa_Zahed , Sep 7, 2019 :
    Thanks everyone, the staff, community and mods! I appreciate your efforts for giving community the best always, Thanks for helping.

    And my fav color is purple, coz I feel happy whenever I see something purple [e]1f49c[/e]
    #PurpleLove [e]270c[/e]

  8. SJBoss
    Lollipop Sep 7, 2019

  9. Priyanshu Sharma
    Jelly Bean Sep 7, 2019

    Priyanshu Sharma , Sep 7, 2019 :
    There are many but never talked personally to anyone.. Whosoever they're Community Members, Mods or Staffs. I really appreciate it whatever you guys doing!!

    My favourite color is White and idk why i always buy White Shirts/T Shirts.. It's my favorite color!!
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  10. B_Wrath
    Marshmallow Sep 7, 2019

  11. Impersonal
    Jelly Bean Sep 7, 2019

  12. femiuex
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 7, 2019

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  13. camohan
    Marshmallow Moderator Sep 7, 2019

    camohan , Sep 7, 2019 :
    I do that often.

  14. Moin2200
    KitKat Sep 7, 2019

  15. femiuex
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 7, 2019

    femiuex , Sep 7, 2019 :
    lol. Yeah, we need on this forum.

  16. MaddyC
    Gingerbread Sep 7, 2019

    MaddyC , Sep 7, 2019 :
    I know it might be the most common thing but I really appreciate my parents. Through thick and thin, through every mistake, every achievement I've made, they've supported me.

    I'm still a lost young man trying to find his way, but I am really glad to know that they have my back.

    Yup. Gonna text them that I love them after this. Thanks for the thread.

    P. S. Favorite colour is green, all shades. It just seems peaceful.

  17. Cheetosdust
    Starting Point Expert Sep 7, 2019

    Cheetosdust , Sep 7, 2019 :
    Thank you for the thread, @camohan ;)

    I know you didn't write that you appreciate me, but you wrote that quote in orange and to me that says "@Cheetosdust, I didn't know a person could love a community member this much, that then you showed up. If you were more amazing, you should be banned".

    I see you, boo, appreciating me like a maniac.

    What's this now? You self-appreciate often? Is this...hmm.. is this like, like, hmm, is this self-appreciation like you...hmm, ok, is self-appreciation like, let's say:

    • Like you are enchanting your own snake?
    • Like you are inspecting the salami?
    • Like you are pinching to zoom?
    • Like you are taking macros without a camera?
    • Like you are alone in the cockpit?
    • Like you are having some "camohan time"?
    • Like you are not giving rest to the wicked?
    • Like you are saying "Yes, sex, but just for one, please!"
    • Like you are saying "Nope, little Camocamo, just you and me tonight?"
    • Like you are a guitarist playing a solo?
    • Like you are playing a solo without being a guitarist?
    • Like your pen is alone?
    • Like your pen is friends with Fifi, its five finger companion?
    • Like your pen is saying "pretty sure this is not how reproduction works"?
    • Like your pen is amazed it can talk now and yet its still alone?
    • Like you are trying to set up a house like @B_Wrath but you're the whole construction team?

    My point is: don't "self-appreciate" too much, or:
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  18. Cheetosdust
    Starting Point Expert Sep 7, 2019

    Cheetosdust , Sep 7, 2019 :
    Silly me, forgot to say who I appreciate.

    I appreciate @Carl and @dsmonteiro. The passion they have for the brand knows no boundaries. They work tirelessly to always be there, among the fans. You can see that whenever there's a new product, the excitement is palpable, they don't sleep, they just focus on what's next and what a better product should be, inspired and inspiring.

    I know must of you are waiting for the punchline, but this post is not a joke. I truly mean it.

    And I also know how excited they must be right know, since next Tuesday is such an important day for the brand they all love so much. :cool:

  19. camohan
    Marshmallow Moderator Sep 7, 2019

    camohan , Sep 7, 2019 :
    I'm so touched by your post. To be honest, it is really not common to appreciate parents or come out expressing the appreciation. And I realise this after becoming a parent.

    I am really happy that you are going to text them about your feelings. I was going to mention that in the main post, but removed those words because I wanted reader to feel and act on their own.

    I'm sure your parents would have felt happy.

    And yes parents and teachers are the Gods on earth.

  20. camohan
    Marshmallow Moderator Sep 7, 2019

    camohan , Sep 7, 2019 :
    I think the punchline was you appreciate Carl hahahaha...
    I am missing something about next tuesday???