Weekend Fun Time - The Appreciation Thread

  1. Cheetosdust
    Starting Point Expert Sep 8, 2019

    Cheetosdust , Sep 8, 2019 :
    Hah, many thank.. waaaait a minute! Cheesy?

    Orangy? Sure. Delicious? Why not, Hannibal, here's some chianti! But cheesy? Cheeeesy? Me? :oops:

    Did I write something like "your heart is like the first page of a new book, always full of wonder about the next chapter"?

    Now, listen, now that would be cheeeeeesy! :cool::rolleyes:

    Oh dear lord what have I done. Maybe that's not entirely true and I was just having a laug.. nope, you know what, that's true, and @superplus also thinks that Spainortugal still uses Pesetas instead of Euros. Classic! :p

    Quick, ask @superplus what color my avatar is and you'll get an alternative world where Pantone is just a myth, hah! :D

  2. Starcommander
    KitKat Sep 8, 2019

    Starcommander , Sep 8, 2019 :
    Nice thread @camohan
    So I will start my appreciation with @Ruby G.
    I really admire and respect her because she is kind, she never looses her cool and she is cool:D. She always appreciates the efforts.
    I remember when I created the
    Tips and Tricks to capture real emotions thread,
    she was the one to appreciate it first. ◉‿◉.
    There has been so many contests going on, whenever someone participates, she never fails to like it. I believe even small likes can be a token of appreciation. I really respect her for that. I wish she gets to hold the global contests :oops:
    My next mention is @Hee H. I read your story and I was truly inspired. I want to show my appreciation to you for inspiring me. :D
    Next is @Wonderwoman13
    You are the only one who makes me feel important.
    @David Y. You are so nice. The best way to explain is that you have incredible listening talent.
    @Impersonal @B.I.T.S. Thanks for encouraging me.

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  3. B.I.T.S.
    Jelly Bean Sep 8, 2019

    B.I.T.S. , Sep 8, 2019 :
    See? Now you are cheesy :cool: (I loved that btw, you know how to make me blush :oops:)

    Tho... I said it cause Cheetos are cheese flavour so you taste cheesy :p

    Pesetas!!!! Oh Lord I miss them. And I miss Portuguese coffee so I wouldn't mind us being the same country. And we have cheaper gas so it'd be a win win.

    @superplus what color is @Cheetosdust avatar? :eek:

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  4. Wonderwoman13
    KitKat Sep 8, 2019

    Wonderwoman13 , Sep 8, 2019 :
    Love you both!! Thankyou guys! <3

  5. Hee H.
    Global Community <3 Sep 8, 2019

    Hee H. , Sep 8, 2019 :
    @Starcommander :blush:Man, you are sweet! And thank you for those sweet words!

  6. Starcommander
    KitKat Sep 8, 2019

  7. Cheetosdust
    Starting Point Expert Sep 8, 2019

    Cheetosdust , Sep 8, 2019 :
    Blushing is just the skin echoing an emotion; to feel something that makes you blush is to know someone appreciates you.

    Now, that's something I would write if I wanted to go from cheesy to cheesiest. :D

    You are absolutely correct, a lot of Portuguese that live near the border drive to Spain to fill their tanks. I mean the tanks on their cars, because Portuguese don't run on petrol, that would be silly.

    Portuguese people, as we all know, run on sorrow :p

  8. B.I.T.S.
    Jelly Bean Sep 8, 2019

    B.I.T.S. , Sep 8, 2019 :
    Awwwww so you appreciate me yummy cheesy dust:oops:. You are the cheesy cheesiest cheesy orangy dust. BTW if you haven't noticed yet I love cheese.

    Wait... In sorrow? I always thought you run in bacalhaus when no one is looking...

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  9. YRJ
    Lollipop Sep 8, 2019

    YRJ , Sep 8, 2019 :
    Turns out I haven't added my appreciation post, yet.
    Where do I start.....
    TBH, everyone I have met on this forum is worthy of appreciation, really.
    When I was young, I was told,

    I can only echo what he said. I am glad to have been a part of these forums and to have met so many wonderful people.
    I can tag a thousand people and I am sure that I will still miss out on many.
    But to everyone who is reading this or will read this, I appreciate y'all.
    Thank you :)

    P.s. I especially appreciate the people who read my threads in its entirety. You are awesome :p
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  10. Cheetosdust
    Starting Point Expert Sep 8, 2019

    Cheetosdust , Sep 8, 2019 :
    Hah, we do like bacalhau (a lot!) We also like listening to everyone saying the word "bacalhau" or any word with "lh" or "nh" in it. :p

    We have a dish that's called "Bolinhos de Bacalhau" and I'm sure we invented it so we can listen to people say its name. :D

    Yeah I do. A person that can write about imaginary butlers with eight fingers and also about Berenice Abbott (I didn't know her, thanks) like that? There's a lot to appreciate. :cool:

    I don't know, the forums have a way of making people connect. It's the whole like-minded people thing, where we are here because of a tech company, but this space is like a digital octopus where each tentacle has its own lighthouse; that makes the individual know there are other individuals, not thinking like him or her, but that thrive on each other's unity.

    For example, when I look up, I see @superplus as a bright lighthouse, a beacon of wisdom and coolness. Unfortunately for me, when superplus looks down, she sees the ocean during a pitch-black night. :p

    That's why each time I post something I also do this. :Do_O

  11. TibiTibi
    Nougat Sep 8, 2019

    TibiTibi , Sep 8, 2019 :
    Thank you for tagging me.
    I appreciate all the members of the forum.
    Especially those which I met in any discussion.
    Thank you for all feedbacks and words.
    I appreciate every interesting content.

  12. B.I.T.S.
    Jelly Bean Sep 8, 2019

    B.I.T.S. , Sep 8, 2019 :
    I love Bolinhos de Bacalhau! Is like the Portuguese version of Spanish croquetas. It's always amusing listening to foreigners say words from our language... My name was quite a struggle for German people to pronounce it right. (Not Bolita, the name that appears in my identity card.)

    I am some sort of Wikipedia of photographers names... (Not actual common super hyper mega fancy cool saturated instagramers, real photographers that have a place in photography history.) I'd be the whole day talking about photography lol. You'd have to stop me if you open that door. Berenice is one of my latest discovers.

    Is that horn useful?

  13. Wonderwoman13
    KitKat Sep 8, 2019

    Wonderwoman13 , Sep 8, 2019 :
    I really believe it's good to appreciate people if you love what they do!
    I'm very bad at expressing but today is the day I show my gratitude. I'm sorry, but it will be long, so please keep up with me:p
    So I'll start off with thanking our very own God @camohan, for creating this lovely thread! :)

    My biggest appreciation is to my Tara @Starcommander , my superawesome talented bestie!
    Thankyou for making my day, almost every day!:p
    (Even in those middle of the nights) :)
    I'll always cherish the poems you write for me:cool:
    Guys, as you all know, how dsmonteiro is to cheetosdust...
    That's how starcommander is to me!
    Themyscira people will always stay by Xander, Tara, I promise:p
    You are my BFFF (Best forum friend forever):cool:
    I can never feel bad and tired even if I spam tag you thousand times:D because you my bestie:cool: (now that you are my friend, you have to 'jhelofy' me):p
    Aaaand its you rather, who makes me feel appreciated:):):)
    Never ever change and stay awesome forever, Estrella;) (thankyou B.I.T.S for this)

    And then there's bitsy @B.I.T.S. , who in such a short span made a huge place in my heart!
    Trust me senorita, no one ever has given me a dedication tag for a DIY! I loved your tissue, and I might need it after I complete writing this post:p
    Gracias for everything! Make me more Spanish than any other Spanish speaking people here:cool:

    @Cheetosdust , thankyou for believing in me!:p
    I'll sure make you more proud some day:cool:
    And trust me Cheetos when I say this, more than you, I myself have been your fan ever since your first post! This is why, I've been following you since my cupcakey days:) I love your posts and I always have looked forward for your posts every time!
    Oh and I can never ever forget your WFT thread, damn, made me forget UPPERCASES for a week!:D
    But it was fun!!:D

    @Impersonal You are awesome, my andrealover! My first female friend here:p (you know it)

    @Hee H. I really felt when you wrote about your problems with being an overweight kid and going through depression. I've gone through the same. I'm getting good now, started to love myself the way I am:) thankyou for sharing your story...pika pikaa:)

    @David Y. I really appreciate that you were kind enough to still keep me in the community and didn't kill me in the WoHo match:p even after I brutally killed you in community night PubG:p thankyou!! You're very kind! :):p please throw a grenade on me next time, i'll be happy:):p

    And I really want to thank all those people behind selection process of SOOP thread! It's indeed difficult to select among those lovely pictures and I really appreciate you guys taking time and selecting the worthy ones. Thankyou!:)

    A special appreciation and shoutout to my fellow WoHo buddies! You guys are my second family! Love each one of you! You guys made me addicted to the forum, thankyou:D

    And thanks to all the staff members, mods and other community members, contributing in making our lovely OPei OP community awesome!

    Sorry for writing this big! And also had a tough time making all tags work:sob:

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  14. B.I.T.S.
    Jelly Bean Sep 8, 2019

    B.I.T.S. , Sep 8, 2019 :
    Awwww, thank you señorita! I'm using one of my tissues at the moment.
    Today's word for you is croqueta. There's nothing more Spanish than croquetas, if someone else tells you anything else they are lying. Is a word you can't translate, is heavenly food. Crunchy outside, creamy inside.

  15. Wonderwoman13
    KitKat Sep 8, 2019

    Wonderwoman13 , Sep 8, 2019 :
    Wait? Did I just hear food:hearteyecat:
    Croqueta....yummm yummm....gracias!!:)

  16. Starcommander
    KitKat Sep 8, 2019

    Starcommander , Sep 8, 2019 :
    You are so sweet :oops:. You are indeed the nicest member I have met so far. :oops:
    Thank you for being my friend :oops::oops::D
    You made me feel special:sob:(๑♡⌓♡๑)

  17. Hee H.
    Global Community <3 Sep 8, 2019

    Hee H. , Sep 8, 2019 :
    A huge hug to @Wonderwoman13~~ And pika pikaa:p:p Keep on loving ourselves!

  18. Wonderwoman13
    KitKat Sep 8, 2019

    Wonderwoman13 , Sep 8, 2019 :
    Tara...you are special by yourself! ◉‿◉
    Why thankyou, thankyou for being my friend ( ꈍᴗꈍ)

  19. Wonderwoman13
    KitKat Sep 8, 2019

    Wonderwoman13 , Sep 8, 2019 :
    Yayay yesss!! Pika pika pikaaa:cool::p

  20. Starcommander
    KitKat Sep 8, 2019

    Starcommander , Sep 8, 2019 :
    (。◕‿‿◕。)(人 •͈ᴗ•͈)