Weekly Mobile Photography Challenge #1: Black-and-White

  1. aakarpost
    Gingerbread Jun 28, 2019

    aakarpost , Jun 28, 2019 :
    Shot with OnePlus 3. Edited on Snapseed.
    Location: Pashupati Temple, Kathmandu, Nepal

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  2. joshgmustang
    Cupcake Jun 28, 2019

    joshgmustang , Jun 28, 2019 :
    Killing time in the office, might make the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs later idk. Used the Snapseed black-and-white contrast setting.

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  3. script
    Nougat Moderator Jun 28, 2019

    script , Jun 28, 2019 :

    Op6, stock gallery, no other editing.

    Ps. Thats the original photo. I took it on purpose for the contest, as it was almost b/w in real life. Edited with the stock gallery app, just in one click, no fancy editing.

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  4. TheIT_Technician
    Eclair Jun 28, 2019

    TheIT_Technician , Jun 28, 2019 :


    Abu Dhabi: The view from the Eastern Mangroves hotel balcony overlooking the hotel carpark and the E11 highway connecting the city with Dubai, with the sky scrapers of the Al Mushrif district of the city in the background.

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  5. AnilKumar10
    Donut Jun 28, 2019

  6. AnilKumar10
    Donut Jun 28, 2019

  7. Meloc94
    Froyo Jun 28, 2019

    Meloc94 , Jun 28, 2019 :

    OP7pro, Milan railways station.

    where to start, the black and white photographs in the digital age according to my modest opinion, necessarily need to be post produced with graphic manipulation software, as far as the artificial intelligence of a smartphone / reflex can be developed, it will be limited to simply create "gray" photos, not in black and white ... after this premise I would say that I can also begin to explain what I did with these photos!
    Software used: Lightroom mobile
    Smartphone: OP7pro
    after importing the photographs into the lightroom (one taken in pro mode [RAW] the other with the wide angle), I started to check that the exposure of the photos was correct. once that was done, in my idea of B&W photography blacks and whites are dominant, gray should not exist (as far as possible) so, I started to contrast photography and opened the right shadows.
    once that was done, I emphasized the Blacks and the Whites, applied a bit of sharpness ... and here are the results!

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  8. Ake Winther
    Gingerbread Jun 28, 2019

  9. B1561574835140
    Cupcake Jun 28, 2019

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  10. Sick_Of_It_All
    Eclair Jun 28, 2019

  11. Shivam_Murarka
    Froyo Jun 28, 2019

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  12. crp382
    Froyo Jun 28, 2019

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  13. anjichauhan
    Donut Jun 28, 2019

  14. anjichauhan
    Donut Jun 28, 2019

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  15. anjichauhan
    Donut Jun 28, 2019

  16. anjichauhan
    Donut Jun 28, 2019

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  17. mindykittay
    Cupcake Jun 28, 2019

    mindykittay , Jun 28, 2019 :
    As I wander Downtown Los Angeles I am fascinated by all the art and graffiti. I memorialize this on my Facebook page but I thought I would share this one piece of public art that I converted to black and white.


  18. B1acHK0ps
    Donut Jun 28, 2019

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  19. Trueffel
    Eclair Jun 28, 2019

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  20. Z1560156537591
    Cupcake Jun 28, 2019