[Weekly Update: 111]: Hello India. Our very first OnePlus Experience Store has arrived

  1. AshikaDSouza
    Digital Media India Jan 13, 2017

    AshikaDSouza , Jan 13, 2017 :

    Another week has gone by and what a week it has been!

    As most of you know, this week was a momentous one for the entire OnePlus Community, as we launched our very first OnePlus Experience Store and were joined by almost 2000 thrilled fans from across the country.

    The inauguration was a star-studded affair with Pete, Carl, Lady, Vikas and representatives from Amazon and Mobitech. Pete and Carl inaugurated the OnePlus Experience Store along with Vikas, GM-India and Lady, our Managing Director.

    Anusha Dandekar hosted the festivities and also conducted a live Q&A with Carl and Vikas, as a part of the launch-day experience. If you missed out on that, don’t fret. Head over here for the entire interview.

    Our OnePlus All Access winners also made their way to the event and were in the midst of all the action. Siva A., Jai Patel and Sagar Magnani came in from different parts of India, and spent the day at our Experience Store. They met Pete and Carl and asked them questions. You can get a detailed account of their experience, recapping their journeys on their personal blogs.

    download (5)-min.png

    And if you haven’t had a chance to check out the OnePlus Experience Store yet, you can check out some of our shots here.

    A bunch of lucky fans got the chance to buy OnePlus 3T and OnePlus 3 smartphones at the venue. For everyone else who would like to buy our smartphones exclusively from the OnePlus Experience Store, we’re kicking off #OnePlusSaturdays! Come 11AM on January 14th, fans will be able to purchase 64 GB versions of OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T in Gunmetal and Soft Gold, directly from our store for a limited period of time. Just in case you’re not sure how to get here, follow the arrow here.

    Ever been stuck in a tough situation? Our new video shows how you can dash charge your way out of it: http://onepl.us/DashChargeChildsPlay

    Just before we leave, 2016 has been very generous, bringing in accolades and recognition from across the industry. Here’s our year in a nutshell.

    Never Settle

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    Nidhin Raj , Jan 13, 2017 :
    nice, watched most of Anusha's live videos.:) got bored cause she was trying to be cute :D
    and btw are you posting this from hongkong, I can see the map link has google.com.hk, (some map texts were chinese and this got me confused)
    hope to visit there soon.

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