[Weekly Update 144]: OnePlus completes 1000 days, share your OnePlus Story and more

  1. Ritij Khurana
    OnePlus India Team Staff Member Sep 2, 2017

    Ritij Khurana , Sep 2, 2017 :

    What is up fellas?

    Week No. 144 has gone by and although every week is, but this one was something very special to OnePlus India. Let's find out why.

    OnePlus completes 1000 days in India

    Seems like yesterday but OnePlus has actually completed more than 1000 days in India. It's been a truly amazing journey so far. And we would like to thank each one of you for showing us so much love during our journey. We couldn't have asked for better fans.

    Besides sharing the best technology with you guys, we had a lot of fun the last 1000 days. Here's a small glimpse into the first 1000 days http://onepl.us/1000Days

    Share your OnePlus Story

    Community is the backbone of OnePlus and our community is built by a family of OnePlus fans from all over the world. Fans that are the flag-bearers of everything we believe in. While we take pride in them, other companies can only dream for the kind of support we constantly receive from you.

    Perks of having such an engaged and enthusiastic fan base are that, we get to hear so many stories from all of them. Whether it be on social media, or at a launch, a pop-up or just chatting in our store. Our fans have so much to share and all we have to say is - keep 'em coming!

    Share those stories with us in the comments on this post http://onepl.us/OnePlusStory and the best stories will get featured on our forums and social media channels. The most moving stories will be invited to OnePlus India and will be shot by a professional videographer. And of course, we'll have some secret gifts for you!

    That's all for today fellas. Hope you enjoyed reading this and looking forward to your stories for the OnePlus Stories.

    P.S. Cheers to @iamakarshbalaji from https://www.instagram.com/oneplus_india/ for the beautiful photograph #ShotonOnePlus!

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  2. jai patel
    Froyo Sep 2, 2017

    jai patel , Sep 2, 2017 :
    ▶️My One Plus Journey started in 2014 when one plus one was all set to hit Indian Market.
    Following one plus from the Launch of One plus one in India I took Part in 100 One plus One Giveaway on One Plus forum. Did not Win though
    ▶️Then Come the One Plus X Meetup in Mumbai. After hands on experience with One Plus X I made up my mind to Buy his beauty
    At Present I'm Happy Owner of One Plus X.
    ▶️Been part of every one plus Pop up Meetup in Mumbai. that's not all I some how manged to WIN #OnePlusAllAccess Contest Flying to Banglore from Mumbai Meeting Amazing One Plus Team members & being part of the opening of One Plus Experience Store / HQ in BANGLORE Had great time with Carl Pei & Pete Lau.
    ▶️Dinner with Carl Pei was great!!


  3. sunilr1491
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 3, 2017