[Weekly Update 155]: Launching the OnePlus 5T

  1. Ritij Khurana
    OnePlus India Team Staff Member Nov 19, 2017

    Ritij Khurana , Nov 19, 2017 :

    As most of you probably know, we launched the OnePlus 5T. What you might not have caught, was the gold that @Zero L., @David Y. and others left in the official behind the scenes thread.

    Personally, I really liked the keynote for this launch. Our team showcased some pretty sweet features of our latest flagship, digging into the core of our philosophy for OxygenOS and how community plays an important role in everything we do. My picks for best lines:

    "For us, when it comes to software, it's why we make sure we test it with users first and early... You guys, our users, I believe personally, are the most knowledgeable and most critical in technology." - @Kyle K.

    "It's a feeling you get when you turn on your new phone for the first time and everything just clicks." - @Brian Yoon

    "It felt like Android brands competed on who could add the most features, but they didn’t care about design or user experience. That’s why we were all using iPhones, and we realized what a great opportunity we had here. What if we could combine the openness of Android with Apple's focus on design, polish and user experience?" - @Carl

    "We could show you a hundred charts showcasing the speed of our phone in different conditions, but you will never be able to understand what it all means unless you try the OnePlus 5T yourself. Once you get used to speed and smoothness of the OnePlus 5T, it’s hard to go back to anything else." - @Szymon K.

    The launch of the OnePlus 5T was a roaring success

    The turnout online and to the offline events were amazing. OnePlus fans gathered in India and New York for one-of-a-kind experiences. (Friends in Europe, your fun is coming with the upcoming pop-ups.) India fans watched the stream in select movie theaters across the country (OnePlus popcorn and soft drinks!), while New York fans played games to win swag and met their favorite tech reviewers (Unbox Therapy had a mile-long line!). Media were also around and gave their opinions on the OnePlus 5T. Pretty sure everyone's jaw dropped when Carl revealed the experience zone hidden behind the stage. Then later, Carl's did and he had to go to the hospital for a dislocated jaw.

    New adventures, new stories, and new Weekly Updates

    Whenever we finish launching a new phone, it feels like ringing in a New Year. It feels like a fresh start. While @Adam Krisko and the product team continue to work tirelessly on device updates etc., those of us on the content side get to brainstorm new fun stuff for you guys to enjoy. #ShotonOnePlus adventures, product deep dives from the team, funny video shorts, offline events, community contests – what would you guys like to see more of?

    Thanks for joining us for the wild ride, folks. Stayed tuned for Open Sales next Tuesday - some launch week surprises are on their way.

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    Alvie , Nov 19, 2017 :
    Dislocated his jaw

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    That would be very shocking! I don't think so though

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    Thanks for the update and fyi on the upcoming surprises .