Weekly Update 183: We Get Ready to Launch!

  1. Chris dB Social Media Staff Member Jun 16, 2017

    Chris dB, Jun 16, 2017 :
    It’s about to begin! Most weeks, the Weekly Update features a wide spread of different topics and news stories. But with this week’s update, we’ve got to focus on what matters. And what matters most to all of us at OnePlus is the launch of the OnePlus 5 next week. I haven’t been able to get a moment’s sleep in the past week, with the excitement keeping me awake.

    Focus on What Matters
    On June 20, OnePlus is launching its latest and greatest flagship. The stage is set for an explosive launch event you won’t want to miss! That’s why we’re launching the OnePlus 5 live on our launch page, which you can visit here. You’ll also be able to join the show live on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. What’s going to happen in the show? We’ve gathered a group of fantastic hosts and guests to deliver the OnePlus 5 to you in style, with Emily Ratajkowski and Qualcomm’s Dr. Paul E. Jacobs sure to make this spectacle unmissable (and let’s not forget Una’s star cameo.)

    All caught up on the OnePlus 5 in the keynote? Don’t go anywhere. Later that same day, on June 20, we’ll be popping up at Magnum NYC. Celebrate the launch with us in person, talk tech with @Carl and MKBHD, and pick up your very own OnePlus 5 before anyone else. Can’t make it to New York on the 20th? Not to worry. We’ve got pop-ups lined up around the world, from Berlin to Amsterdam (Chris is coming home), and from Paris to Helsinki. Check out the launch page to find a pop-up near you and join us.

    As we gear up for the launch of the OnePlus 5, we’re keeping our trickle of tea5ers going right through to June 20. Did you get a taste of what’s coming to OxygenOS? Make sure to keep an eye on our social channels for more on the OnePlus 5 coming very, very soon. What features are you anticipating?

    The Lab
    The competition for a spot in the Lab was typically fierce, as we’ve come to expect from our fervent and passionate community. Our final selection blew us away with their submissions, and can rightly be called professors of photography. They’d better be, because the mission of this year’s Lab is to push the OnePlus 5 to its limits. Check out the winners now and keep an eye on the Lab for more coming from our winners soon.

    ShotonOnePlus – Javin Lau
    Can’t make it to the big Apple for our pop-up this Tuesday? Get a taste of New Yorkin our latest Shot on OnePlus adventure featuring photographer-extraordinaire Javin Lau. This talented photographer has been around the block when it comes to OnePlus cameras. His bold rooftop adventures have to be seen to be believed. Check out the adventure now.

    That’ll be all for this week’s update, friends! It’s the final update before the big launch. Can’t wait to learn more about the OnePlus 5 either? Join our official countdown on social media, and let us know what you hope to see in our live launch.

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    Nothing! because I have a OP2 :p

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    Forgot to add this one :cool:


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    Noughty aah:rolleyes:


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    May be Next year....i don't want to see crackers festival in pockets with note8:D.
    Which may cause lose...;)

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    Same here, maybe...
    BTW, Launch Event will host Emily Ratajkowski : still suitable for a young (PG) audience? :rolleyes:

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    oneplus are morons [​IMG]

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    @sfomin something is at stake

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