Weekly Update 193: New Stores, Freedom Sale & SOOPA Lucknow

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    Dibyajyoti Deb, Aug 10, 2018 :
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    Greetings all!

    Hope you all are doing great! We've just come out of a great week of being announced the no. #1 smartphone in India. We are all enthralled, to say the least, and it only encourages to keep working hard to offer the best we can to our users who've made this possible for us. This week has seen some major developments in terms of countrywide expansion, we continued our regular Shot On OnePlus Academy; we are introducing our Freedom Sale and more. Read on...

    Authorized Stores


    In order to reach more users across India, we're launching three new OnePlus stores! It is truly an exciting time for us as we increasingly gain more retail presence across the nation. We've always envisioned OnePlus devices to be easily accessible to more users who love the Android platform packed with high-end hardware. With this motive, this week, we opened our new Authorized Stores in Ahmedabad and Pune and a brand new OnePlus experience store in Chennai! Stay tuned to our social channels to get updates and pictures from our new stores.

    Freedom Sale


    Gearing up for 15th August, Independence Day, we are announcing the Freedom Sale offers to our audiences. And as our own @Joel Jacob aptly mentions and I quote - " As we near our 72nd Independence Day, we'd like to celebrate and remember the history of India. When it comes to changing history using the power of people who work towards the right cause, India is right up there. India has grown and relied on a strong community of like-minded people and we strive to follow suit. To mark this special occasion, we're coming out with new offers for the community who's helped us grow! Let this Independence day be a time of celebration."

    Be sure to check out the offer details here and share with friends & family!

    No. #1 Community Tour


    OnePlus being announced the no. #1 smartphone brand in India is solely because of our community. We truly mean it when we say this wasn't possible without the support and trust you guys have shown towards us. Be it genuinely and enthusiastically participating in every community meetup we've had, to showing up in large numbers for all our events and more than anything, giving us the valuable feedback that helps us improve with every iteration. We owe all our success to you guys!

    Now it's time to celebrate, and we wish to celebrate with only our community, hence the No. #1 community tour! Across 4 cities we invite all our community members to come celebrate with us with an evening full of music, great food, and interactions! Refer here to know more about the events we're hosting.

    SOOPA Lucknow


    We kicked off SOOPA in Lucknow the past week. A city known for its cultural history, food, and picturesque town centers. A perfect center for taking diverse city shots that show off the personality of the town and its people. As always we had an enthusiastic bunch of community members who were all geared up for this adventure. Make sure to check out the photographs taken from Lucknow here.

    For the next iteration of SOOPA, we're heading to Kochi. The quaint old town of Kerala, that's bustling with city noise and scenic views around Fort Kochi. Follow us on Instagram to see images from that day!


    That's all for this weekly update. Hope this brought you up to speed about proceedings from OnePlus! As always we love to hear from you so let us know through comments!

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    Perfect time to visit kochi. You guys just might get swept away! [e]1f602[/e]

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    Mattanchery offers some real beautiful scenery to capture using this beautiful camera. However, beware of the flood situation.

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