Weekly Update 194: We Launch the Chennai Experience Store and Celebrate World Photography Day

  1. Joel Jacob
    Honeycomb Aug 19, 2018

    Joel Jacob , Aug 19, 2018 :

    Greetings everyone!

    This week was packed with activity and on a national level! We celebrated our 72nd Independence Day on Wednesday together as a community. While OnePlus users all over the country built up to the 15th of August with our new offers, we too prepared for the coming week. Our biggest story this week happened right in the heart of Chennai. Read on!

    The second OnePlus Experience Store of India opens in Chennai.
    Special news for our community in Chennai! On Saturday, we officially opened up the Chennai Experience Store in Pondy Bazaar. We know a lot of you have been asking about it for a while, and we’re glad that we were able to put things together in time. We love how the community kept the place buzzing throughout the day. We’ve shared some photos, you can check it out here.

    And if you were at the Store Launch, do share your experience with us.

    Motion photos, productivity and more on the latest pick of the week.
    This week, we reviewed a number of applications from the play store which had different uses. Right from photo editing to news curation. This even included a lot of surprising submissions from community members who use Snapseed. Let us know about the kind of applications you use. All suggestions welcome in this thread!

    Shot on OnePlus Academy goes South!
    Just a day after our store launch, we had the latest edition of #ShotonOnePlusAcademy in Chennai, and right in time to go with World Photography Day. Photography enthusiasts from the community came on board to learn more about the pro mode in the new OnePlus Experience Store. From there, we head to Kapaleeshwar Temple and St.Thomas Basilica cathedral. Stay tuned over here and our official Instagram channel for the best photos of the day.

    Doing World Photography Day the right way!
    This time, to build up and celebrate World Photography Day, we focused on the photographers within our community. To those who made #ShotonOnePlus what it is today. We held a 3 day contest to bring you guys to the forefront. As we explored the themes of Structures, Lines and Reflections we were exposed to so much hidden talent within the community. All our best work is up on our official Pinterest profile, including contest submissions. Check it out!

    That’s all from our side this week! We hope you had a great week too. Updates from our No.1 Community Tour in Mumbai and Gurgaon come soon. Before you leave, be sure to check out the Mystery AMA Game thread to see how the mystery unfolded. This was fun! See you next week!
    P.S this week's featured photo was taken by @mindideas. For similar photos, check out our official Instagram account @oneplus_india

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  10. Joel Jacob
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    Joel Jacob , Aug 22, 2018 :
    Hey we'll be expanding very soon. A lot of community members who came for the meet ups also spoke to me about this. I'll definitely let our store team know about this :)

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    B.yashaswi , Aug 22, 2018 :
    if so would like to meet you and speak to you btw thanks for the reply and also would like to see a community tour happening here in Hyderabad.

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    Sushantpal2430 , Aug 23, 2018 :
    i dont know what they are doing with Oneplus bullet wireless stocks

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    hello ONE +6 awesome phone and worth it. Just want to draw your kind attention that if possible please add "CE" button in calculator.

    thank you

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    i really need an update about font. in one plus 6 need various type of font for customize the phone.
    pls dev team think about this.

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